Making the Festival of the Century

"A crowning achievement"

Unkillable Soldiers – An interview with Sabaton’s Chris Rörland

Post Excerpt  "We hadn't been able to give everything we wanted to give with The Great War... so we said: Let's write another album"

Singing From Evil’s Perspective

As the western world comes to terms with some of its foundational horrors, should we give up on those stories?

“But What Was France Wearing?” Victim-Blaming and Religious Terrorism

How well-intentioned efforts in favor of immigrant communities end up working in favor of religious totalitarianism

Necrowretch – To Ones From Hell

Respectable death metal with a blackened crust, this should tide you over if you've been hungering for that very thing.

Hammer King – Poseidon Will Carry Us Home

Kicking off with a short shuffle of percussion into the lead guitar riff, the title track of Poseidon Will Carry Us Home opens the...

Decline of the I – Escape

Keeping up the three-year spacing trend they've followed since debuting with their 2012 album Inhibition, the French group Decline of the I have returned with...

Dirge – Alma | Baltica

Having been around for over two decades, France's Dirge have a fair amount of experience under their belt, complemented by recognizing the need to experiment...

Lòdz – Time Doesn’t Heal Anything

With this sophomore LP, the French band of Lòdz have assembled nearly an hour's worth of music, aiming for sizable tracks with twists through...

Svart Crown – Abreaction

Almost half a decade after their last album, Svart Crown are back, under a new label (Century Media), and with a new drummer and...


The Dark Side of Business: An Interview with Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex

Scott Ian Lewis on the dangerous state of live music, comics, and Necromanteum

Get Ready for Wacken 2023

Get ready to unleash your metal power because Wacken Open Air is back with a bang for its 2023 edition! Mark your calendars for...