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Lasciate Ogne Speranza, Voi Ch'Intrate

Sepulcros – Vazio

With their first full length (a previous label sampler notwithstanding) the Portuguese Sepulcros show attentiveness to album-shaping, and a careful approach to the craft....

Alltar – Live at Ceremony of Sludge

Though they only surfaced a little over a year ago with their debut Hallowed, Alltar are keeping their momentum strong. Despite their short career,...

The Inferno Doll – Sacrifice

An entrancing album that should leave us all excited about what the future holds.

Wømb – Here, The World Falls…

Raw black metal from Portugal

Majestica – A Christmas Carol

Christmas Power Metal?!

Misanthropia – Convoy of Sickness

A competent black metal album about crime in the Benelux that, sadly, fails to leave a mark.

Iron Maiden – Nights of the Dead: Legacy of the Beast Live in Mexico City

A good collection of songs, with some significant downsides

Garmarna – Förbundet

A new face of Scandinavian folk in which tradition mixes with modernity