Belphegor – The Devils

Belphegor's twelfth studio album, "The Devils," is a dark and intense offering that showcases the band's signature blackened death metal sound. From the opening...

Khold – Svartsyn

Khold's album "Svartsyn" has been long-awaited, with an eight-year gap since their previous release. The band's signature steely groove and downtuned guitars continue to...

Milking the Goatmachine – Nach uns die Grindflut

Milking the Goatmachine, the German-born duo of Goatleeb Udder and Goatfreed Udder, have returned with their ninth full-length album, Nach uns die Grindflut. These...

Entrails – An Eternal Time of Decay

Entrails' seventh album, "An Eternal Time of Decay," showcases their mastery of the classic Swedish death metal sound. The band sticks to their tried...

Kreator – Hate Uber Alles

Hate Über Alles, the 15th studio record from German thrash metal veterans Kreator, is an album that elicits mixed reactions. On one hand, it...

Gwar – The New Dark Ages

"The New Dark Ages" by GWAR marks a triumphant return for these outrageous Virginian shock-rockers. Often overshadowed by their mesmerizing live shows, the band...

Trick or Treat – Creepy Symphonies

I didn't think I'd like a power ballad about a ninja turtle in love with April O'Neill, but here we are.

Gaahl’s Wyrd – The Humming Mountain

Gaahl is a multifaceted artists. This is evident in his artistic output, which ranges from raw black metal in Trelldom and Gorgoroth, to hypnotic Nordic...

Helloween – Helloween

The best Helloween album in over a decade


Misogyny and Racism: The Gloryhammer & Alestorm Drama

"We are all a bunch of complete cunts"

On Cuties and Moral Panics

"I did what any thinking person should do before making a judgment: I watched the goddamn movie."

The BLM Boycott of Marduk

If you haven't watched our video on this topic, please do so. You can find all the references and sources for that video in...