Entrails – An Eternal Time of Decay

Entrails’ seventh album, “An Eternal Time of Decay,” showcases their mastery of the classic Swedish death metal sound. The band sticks to their tried and true formula, delivering a collection of retro Swedeath tunes filled with big, beefy, buzzsawing riffs and pummeling percussion. While they don’t offer drastic stylistic shifts or experimentation, Entrails compensates with quality riffs, bulldozing grooves, and hooky writing that adheres to the classic Stockholm formula.

The album kicks off with the boneheaded blast of “Die to Death,” setting the stage for an expected combination of elements found in Entrails’ discography and the death metal genre in general. The tracks vary in quality, with some feeling like standard Entrails fare, but there are moments where the band sounds revitalized and inspired. Standout tracks like “Slayed to a Pile of Flesh,” “Open Casket Feast,” “Inverted Graveyard,” and “Autopsy” demonstrate Entrails’ heavier wares, memorable hooks, and authoritative groove.

While Entrails’ performance doesn’t offer surprises or flashy musicianship, they sound hungrier than their previous albums, delivering harder-hitting riffs and stronger songs. However, the album also reveals a band past their peak, running low on creative juices. The writing is uneven, and the polished production, while fat and polished, feels slightly sanitized, dulling the serrated, ugly tones crucial to the genre.

Despite these criticisms, “An Eternal Time of Decay” is a modestly entertaining offering that should please fans without necessarily blowing anyone away. Entrails’ dedication to their craft is admirable, and while the album falls short of the addictive gnarlier edge of their earlier works, it represents an improvement over their recent releases. The album is a passable addition to the band’s discography, but Entrails will need to step up their game to match their peers in a crowded scene with strong competition.

With its satisfyingly chunky slow-cook riffage and a considered, calm pace of carnage, “An Eternal Time of Decay” captures the essence of Swedish death metal done right. The album successfully mixes horror movie-themed riffs, dark ambiance, throaty growls, punkish blasting drumming, and down-tuned melodic riffs with technicality and complexity. Each track on the album exudes a relentless and breathtaking spirit, showcasing Entrails’ commitment to preserving the old-school Stockholm sound.

The production of the album is modern, yet not overly polished, and the artwork by Henrik Ă…gren complements the music’s atmosphere. The relentless onslaught of hammering blast beats and chainsaw riffing creates an unrelenting nature throughout the album, solidifying Entrails’ position as one of the leading titans in preserving the genre. Although the album lacks a wide range of emotions, it offers an aggressively scathing and ruthlessly heavy listening experience that remains true to Entrails’ signature style.

“An Eternal Time of Decay” is a superb addition to Entrails’ discography, showcasing their ability to deliver flesh-ripping Swedish death metal with a monolithic production and abundant vicious grooves. The album stays true to the band’s style without dipping in quality, making it an essential pick for fans of the genre. Entrails’ consistent commitment to their sound is commendable, and they continue to be a reliable source of pure metal fun layered with satisfyingly deep underground shenanigans.

Overall, “An Eternal Time of Decay” is a solid slab of Swedish death metal that embodies the classic sound and style. While it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, the album delivers what fans of the genre expect and desire. It’s a well-written, enjoyable, and satisfying offering from Entrails that captures the spirit of old