Milking the Goatmachine – Nach uns die Grindflut

Milking the Goatmachine, the German-born duo of Goatleeb Udder and Goatfreed Udder, have returned with their ninth full-length album, Nach uns die Grindflut. These cloven-hoofed heathens have managed to carve a unique niche for themselves in the deathgrind genre, embodying the spirit of heavy metal with their galvanized riffs and goat-themed humor. While their latest offering may not be the epitome of complexity, it delivers a solid dose of brutish death metal with a punky flair.

The album kicks off with “Piccolo im Streichelzoo,” a track that showcases the band’s penchant for aggressive riffs and massive screams. The intensity continues with “Kackeball,” where the rhythmic assault is coupled with a touch of wit. Throughout Nach uns die Grindflut, Milking the Goatmachine maintains a focus on pure efficiency, infusing their music with elements of grind, death, crust, and punk. Tracks like “Rettet den Wald… esst mehr Biber” and “Stallhalla” demonstrate their ability to blend catchy hooks with chaotic dissonance, while “Ist der Huf erst ruiniert” introduces more technical and heady elements.

The vocal prowess of Goatleeb Udder, who also handles the drumming duties, remains high on impact and low on interpretation. His utterances, ranging from deep growls to high-pitched screams, add to the overall aggression of the album. Goatfreed Udder, on guitar and bass, provides a satisfying foundation with his thick bass tone and hefty guitar work. The production of Nach uns die Grindflut maintains a raw quality, benefiting the overall sound and allowing the band’s energy to shine through.

While the album delivers some standout moments like “Raus mit die Viecher” and “Ist der Huf erst ruiniert,” there are instances where the groovy retreads don’t hit as hard as others. Nevertheless, Milking the Goatmachine’s consistency and commitment to their unique style are commendable. They may not be at the forefront of today’s diverse death metal scene, but they continue to carve their own path with conviction.

Nach uns die Grindflut showcases Milking the Goatmachine’s ability to deliver a heavy dose of aggression and straightforward brutality. It may not offer groundbreaking innovation, and some tracks may sound familiar to previous albums, but fans of the band will find plenty to enjoy. If you’re in the mood for an unrelenting and unapologetic onslaught of heavy music, Milking the Goatmachine is here to fulfill that desire.