Blackened Death metal


Misanthropia – Convoy of Sickness

A competent black metal album about crime in the Benelux that, sadly, fails to leave a mark.

Necrowretch – To Ones From Hell

Respectable death metal with a blackened crust, this should tide you over if you've been hungering for that very thing.

Izthmi – The Arrows of Our Ways

An excellent and impressive debut effort, and already a strong contender for best of the year, despite such an early arrival

Trench Warfare – Hatred Prayer

With just over half an hour split between twelve tracks, the Texas-based group of Trench Warfare keep things running fast and hard on their...

Behemoth – Messe Noire

As they rapidly approach the thirty-year mark as a band, Poland’s Behemoth have established themselves as trailblazers in the extreme metal scene. Frontman Adam...

Blood of the Wolf – II: Campaign of Extermination

It's pretty ballsy for a band to release their debut album with its number right in the title. After all, there's no guarantee that...

Lecherous Nocturne – Occultaclysmic

Many of the early Scandinavian black metal bands had their roots in death metal; Mayhem’s infamous Deathcrush EP is more of a death metal...

Throne of Heresy – Decameron

The world being what it is these days, the field seems pretty ripe for music focusing on the domains of the four horsemen of...

Sarke – Viige Urh

With this fifth album, the Norwegian group Sarke are focusing on the passing of time, featuring artwork focused on old artifacts, growth, and a...

Septicflesh – Titan

Septicflesh are a band who have strived to push boundaries over the years; having flirted with death, doom, black, and gothic metal, they have...


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Scott Ian Lewis on the dangerous state of live music, comics, and Necromanteum

Get Ready for Wacken 2023

Get ready to unleash your metal power because Wacken Open Air is back with a bang for its 2023 edition! Mark your calendars for...