Doom Metal


Conclave – Dawn of Days

An enjoyable and well-executed doom metal album that dares to add elements from other genres, for a great result.

Wheel – Preserved In Time

A high-quality traditional doom metal release, and bound to be one of the finest albums in that category to be heard this year.

Hellhookah – The Curse

The Curse’ is a big dense serving of traditional gloom and doom packaged very efficiently.

Holden – Ursa Minor

Better and more focused writing would have made this a better, more profound debut album.

Blessed Black – Beyond the Crimson Throne

Doom metal has always been a celebration of traditional heavy metal. Though the biggest influence for genre is Black Sabbath, proto-metal bands like Blue...

Façade – The Eternal Dance

A thoughtful and intriguing work, with a well-executed mix of brutalism and hope

Avatarium – The Fire I Long For

Avatarium's own brand of doom/psychedelic metal continues to deliver a great punch. At the same time, in this, their first post-Edling album, the band also tries to explore new sounds, with mixed results.

Saint Vitus – Saint Vitus

Few bands in the American doom metal scene, can claim as much influence and longevity as Los Angeles’ Saint Vitus. Part of an unholy...

Lord Vicar – The Black Powder

It's a pretty  ambitious move to open an album with a 17-minute track but, then again, this latest release by Lord Vicar is full...

Zaum – Divination

There are albums that, despite nominally belonging to a certain genre, can nevertheless be enjoyed by "outsiders." Albums in which the music contains elements...


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