Necrowretch – Even Death May Die


You wanna know how utterly shitty I am? Necrowretch‘s new EP Even Death May Die is made up of 2 songs. TWO fucking songs, and yet I’m extremely late with my review. I won’t waste either of our times trying to come up with an excuse for this.

Despite the usual categorization of Necrowretch as a death metal band, the truth is that I cannot listen to title track “Even Death May Die” and just put them on the same category as Death, Obituary or At the Gates. If anything, what this song shows is that categories in metal are so inherently malleable that it is foolish to really try to stick to them as a one-size-fits-all thing. I challenge anyone to listen to this song and call it anything but black metal. It has all the elements of a black metal tune, from the mad drumming to the kind of shrieks that would not be out of place in any release of the genre. In the black metal spectrum it seems more at home with the more melodic side, and makes sure you appreciate it by producing the instruments masterfully.

An interesting (and the only) addition to this EP is a cover of Slayer’s Black Magic”. It is really remarkable to see how despite speeding up and “black metalizing” the track, they were still able to  convey the spirit of Slayer from the very first chords. Since I’m not much of a fan of Tom Araya‘s singing (I really doubt anybody is), I feel that the track really gained something with Vlad‘s take on it, and became even more powerful.

As most 7” EPs, this is the kind of release that only collectors will appreciate. Although it’s technically and musically sound, it’s hard to justify shelling out the price of the record for just 2 tracks…. not that it matters anyway, since most of the copies of this very limited edition are already gone.

Although musically and technically great, only collectors will want to pay the price for 2 tracks.
Powerful and rabid black metal.
Just two tracks.
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