Spankraght – Thou Shalt Drown in the Blood of Thy Children

Spankraght made an album that will make great introduction to industrial metal for those who aren't sure about whether or not they like that sort of thing.

Black Mirrors – Funky Queen

Following up on their self-titled and self-released EP from 2014, Black Mirrors are back with another one, holding over their song “The Mess” from...

Iron Mask – Diabolica

The band wastes no time getting into action, with first track “I Don't Forget I Don't Forgive” immediately leaping into high-speed drum-work and twitchy...

Evil Invaders – Pulses of Pleasure

To me, and I'm definitely showing my biases here, the best metal never forgets its roots in the gleaming circuitry of Judas Priest and...

Gamma Ray Interview @ PPM 2013

It's just the fun thing of putting us all on the stage and making a heavy metal big-band.

Aborted – Global Flatline

The year of 2003 was of great importance to me.  It was the year that I first discovered Aborted through their legendary album "Goremageddon:...


The Dark Side of Business: An Interview with Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex

Scott Ian Lewis on the dangerous state of live music, comics, and Necromanteum

Belphegor – The Devils

Belphegor's twelfth studio album, "The Devils," is a dark and intense offering that showcases the band's signature blackened death metal sound. From the opening...