Dperd – V


Forgive my ignorance, but prior to listening to V I had no idea that there is a genre called dark wave. Described as melancholic dark rock, I stepped into the world of Dperd with an open mind and zero expectations. My naivety was not punished.

While the album is identified as dark wave, I think chill wave would be more suitable title. For most of the album there is a distinct feeling of calm and relaxation. Light percussion patters like rain against a window, the bass thrums with warmth, and the vocals wind out with impeccable smoothness. Occasionally, Dperd break the mould with sections that could belong in Pure Reason Revolution’s The Dark Third with random outbursts of fast tempo and high energy.

I’m not sure where the melancholic part comes in to the music as the tone is mostly upbeat or relaxed. The melancholy may be in the lyrical content, but my ignorance gets the best of me again as the lyrics are entirely in Italian. While it is certainly not the case for everyone, not being able to understand the lyrics adds to the even flow of the music, practically by turning the vocals into an instrument.

Dperd know what they want to accomplish and they do just that. V is not for those looking for pulse-pounding, mind-blowing action; it is for those looking to ponder life in a big comfy chair or have a track to drift off to sleep to. The album is not for everyone, but it will satisfy the intended audience and those looking for something different. Still though, chill wave, it could be the next big thing.

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