Deconstructing Sequence – Access Code


 Progressive metal has always been about evolving the sound of music and, as such, it is hard to pinpoint what it sounds like exactly, as attempting to recreate the sound of another band ignores the purpose. Deconstructing Sequence manage to bypass this issue by taking inspiration from two very different ends of the sonic spectrum.

Access Code kicks off wearing a guise of death metal, coming in with crushing guitars, lightning fast drum work, and growled vocals that have an almost smoky quality. The sound is much like Nile except for a few oddities, such as radar blips and the faint chants of a choir woven into the music, along with a stutter and burst in the tempo that feels vaguely reminiscent of Zero Hour. All of the elements work together to create a grand feeling of expectation, as if something is approaching, and it is at this point that the band’s other inspiration jumps into the mix. The speed and ferocity that had been the standard suddenly breaks and launches the listener into a slow ambient guitar passage, with double bass still firing off in the background, emulating the post-rock of God Is An Astronaut.

Deconstructing Sequence wield both styles expertly, showing restraint in using the ambient parts to serve their purpose of creating transitions in the sound, and not going overboard and boring the listener. Also, the more complex and technical pieces show a clear direction in the development of the sound, to the point that both styles are used in unison, creating a strong sci-fi feeling. This progression stays strong throughout the 16 minute EP, always letting the music twist, change, and adding new layers to it, making for unique listening experiences from moment to moment.

While not every crossover genre works out, Access Code shows the promise of combining the technical power of death metal with the broad, arching wave of ambiance. With Access Code, Deconstructing Sequence have shown some serious creative chops in how they build off of their sound, guiding their music towards an end goal.

Deconstructing Sequence – Access Code
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