Corpsessed – The Dagger & The Chalice


Corpsessed may have crawled out of their decrepit and maggot infested casket in 2007, but “The Dagger & The Chalice” is the only release I know from the band that has been produced.  Why the hell did it take four years for a label to pick up Corpsessed?  Seriously.  This is absolutely crushing old-school death metal at its finest.  I haven’t heard an album destroy this hard since Funebrarum‘s side of the split they did with Interment back in 2007, “Conjuration Of The Sepulchral.”  This EP reeks of old-school Swedish death metal, but these Fins know how to make it their own; the melodic leads are utterly ghoulish when on top of the deafening and plodding rhythm guitar, unholy growls and tortured screams with the perfect amount of reverb behind them, and an atmosphere that would spook a graveyard.

With six songs that spans almost 23:30, you are in for a devastating ride with Corpsessed.  After a terrifying 3 minute instrumental introduction, the real magic begins, as a thunderous growl and pinched harmonic lead destroy your speakers in “Crypt Infester.”  It is all over after that.  I was down for the count; Corpsessed have pure gold sitting in this EP, as every single track on it has the same perfectly haunting aesthetic that most “dark” bands could only ever dream of achieving.  “Nameless Cult,” “Altar Of Maggots,” “Massgrave,” and “The Dagger & The Chalice” will never leave one feeling underwhelmed when it comes to satisfying their death metal craving.  Corpsessed better be around for a long time, or else I am going to be really, really pissed, because these guys have hit their stride and should keep galloping at full speed.

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