Behemoth (Nergal) Interview

"I am happy to be alive and I am happy to be on the road again, kicking ass, and I can’t wait to get on the stage tonight, tomorrow, and the next night to meet all these people and face the Behemoth legion"

Emilie Autumn Interview

"When you come to this show, it’s a place of complete acceptance."

Deafheaven Interview

"We're still a really young band, and I think that we have a lot of room to grow - and grow we will."

Illustrators: Ingo Römling Interview

"I say "f*** yeah" and write an e-mail"

Anaal Nathrakh Interview

"We are our own sternest critics."

Legion of the Damned Interview

"Twan was a person who really wanted to stand in the spotlight, but he never really got to experience the full Legion of the Damned"

Cerebral Bore Interview

"We only wanted to be better...All we care about is being brutal, catchy, groovy, and having good songs. Everything else is just a bonus."

Putrid Pile Interview

"I sing about these topics because I don’t have shit to say. I don’t care about anything, I don’t care about lyrics… I care about vocal patterns, but that’s about it, my heart is in the music."

Cannibal Corpse Interview

"Those who hate Metal and want it to go away can, basically, fuck off… it ain’t going nowhere!"

Interview with Martin van Drunen (Asphyx, Hail Of Bullets)

"It's a very special album for us, not because we think it's very good, but because of all these small little coincidences that are there. "

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