Apocalyptica Wacken Interview

I still remember when, over 14 years ago, I saw the video for the Apocalyptica version of "Nothing Else Matters"; although I was surprised, and thought that...

Exclusive Powerwolf Interview

I met Powerwolf in Tolmin, Slovenia, as part of the Metalcamp Festival, where the band performed on Friday (15th of July). Since there had...

Exclusive GWAR Interview with Oderus Urungus

Right before going on stage in Hengelo (the Netherlands), the mighty Oderus Urungus, lead singer and founder of Gwar, mercifully decided not to execute...

Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion) Exclusive Interview

Metal Blast: Hi Marcela; we know that you're probably exhausted from the show, so thanks a lot for the interview. Marcela: It's ok; it's great...

Exclusive Alestorm Interview

We conducted this interview in a very small van (with a door that wouldn't close) where the whole band (plus 2 of us) sat...

Interview with Jaska, from Children of Bodom

Despite being one of the founding members of Children of Bodom, Jaska Raatikainen, the drummer, does not usually give interviews. With a reputation for ...


The Ecstasy of Live Shows in 1986’s Heavy Metal Parking Lot

In 2020, this isn't so much about nostalgia for my first concerts, but instead about nostalgia for any concert at all

Is Classical Music Exclusionary?

"In a nutshell, albeit camouflaged in woke language, what their argument boils down to is that, in the end, straight white men are just better"

The Fall of Jon Schaffer

A investigative report on Jon's radicalization