Machine Head


The Charm The Fury – The Sick, Dumb & Happy

It’s often said experimentation leads to innovation, a notion that is especially true in metal. By trying new tunings and experimenting with different guitar...

About Phil Anselmo Yelling “White Power!”

UPDATE: Phil Anselmo has published an apology. As you probably heard, Phil Anselmo, former singer of Pantera (as well as Down and a bunch of other projects)...

Sepultura – The Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be The Heart.

Sepultura are are up there with the Metallicas and the MachineHeads in terms of career lengths, impact, accessibility and consistency (or lack thereof). Their...

Machine Head – Machine F***ing Head Live

Live albums are a bit of a conundrum: they’re not regular albums, but the experience that they present offer a chance to really be...

Exhumed (Matt Harvey & Wes Caley) Interview

"If we didn’t get into metal then we wouldn’t be sitting here and doing this.  It’s just something that’s part of you and never goes away."


The Dark Side of Business: An Interview with Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex

Scott Ian Lewis on the dangerous state of live music, comics, and Necromanteum

Get Ready for Wacken 2023

Get ready to unleash your metal power because Wacken Open Air is back with a bang for its 2023 edition! Mark your calendars for...