Grand Magus


Dynamo Metalfest 2019 is coming!

Dynamo Metal Fest is an amazing part of the Dutch heavy metal scene, having had amazing performers grace their stages already. This time around,...

Grand Magus – Sword Songs

Judas Priest playing Black Sabbath covers dressed as Vikings. That's how I would describe Grand Magus to people curious about their record at my...

Gorilla Monsoon – Firegod – Feeding the Beast

In the world of heavy metal there is always an underlying dick measuring contest among bands whose only desire is to create a sound...

The Order Of Israfel – Wisdom

My ears always perk up when I hear about a new doom metal band coming out of Sweden; the track record has been pretty...

Grand Magus – Triumph and Power

"For the triumph and the power/Spoils of war/For the hunger and desire/A blood red throne/I ascend to the sky/By the dawn's early light/Fight for...

Grand Magus Interview

"It's our heritage, and we believe that it is important."


The Dark Side of Business: An Interview with Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex

Scott Ian Lewis on the dangerous state of live music, comics, and Necromanteum

Get Ready for Wacken 2023

Get ready to unleash your metal power because Wacken Open Air is back with a bang for its 2023 edition! Mark your calendars for...