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Top 5 Reasons Why Gene Simmons Is A Piece of Shit

I was huge Kiss fan when I was a kid.  If this had happened in the 70s, I’m sure that it would have been an easier thing,...

Twilight Force – Dawn of the Dragonstar

Because of how campy power metal can be, there are many bands who, despite their sound, try to distance themselves from it. They fear...

A Ghost in the Moon: An Interview With Tobias Sammet of Avantasia

Few bands create as much buzz as Avantasia. Unlike many of the so-called "super groups" out there, it never felt like a cash grab....

Wacken 2013 Review

Considered the most important heavy metal celebration in the world, the 2013 edition of Wacken promised to be something truly majestic. Still exhausted from...