Swallow Your Pride – Samsara


Whenever I read “metalcore” in an album description I cringe. I tend to associate it with shitty music aimed at the kind of moronic, mouth-breathing teenagers that hang out at malls. You know, the Hot Topic music that is not aimed at self-mutilating teens. Either that or generic mallcore plagued with breakdown after breakdown, with the ocassional electronic beat thrown into.

Despite the metalcore label,  Swallow Your Pride, showcase a sound that, if anything, is very reminiscent of melodic death metal, even if it includes the occasional breakdown. The vocals bring memories of Scar Symmetry, particularly of their Pitch Black Progress album, and even of Amon Amarth. Hell, if it wasn’t for the breakdowns (and the unnecessary fade out instead of a proper ending for the song), “Behemoth” could have passed as an odd Amon Amarth b-side.

The production of this EP is really magnificent, and they’ve made sure to highlight the quality of each individual performer. The mix doesn’t allow any instrument overpower the others, and allows for a cohesive result to blast you in full force. Sure, the vocals don’t show that much range, and the bass isn’t really all that present in the mix, but that doesn’t change the fact that these guys make it work.I honestly look forward to hear what these guys will come up with next.

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