Phobocosm – Bringer Of Drought


Canada has a pretty rich history of producing some of the heaviest and most innovative bands in death metal, with Gorguts, Kataklysm, and Cryptopsy being notable examples. Phobocosm carry on that proud tradition with this year’s Bringer Of Drought, the second full-length from the band.

Moody, atmospheric, claustrophobic are all applicable when describing Bringer Of Drought. Lying somewhere between the crushing doom of Anhedonist, the dark, crushing heaviness of Dead Congregation, and the chaotic technicality of Gorguts, Phobocosm have crafted some of the moodiest death metal I’ve heard in a while. There are so many moods and textures in each song, ranging from sorrow and despair to blinding, black rage, often at the same time. The epic closing track, “Fallen,” is a great example of this; eerie, disorienting guitar riffs put the listener on edge, before building into a black metal-tinged fury. Phobocosm have a rare gift for creating a tone that can be described as both brooding and brutal at the same time, while maintaining a technical edge. I’m also reminded of Ulcerate, who similarly mix the atmosphere and mood of post-metal and doom with the fury and technical prowess of death metal.

Production is handled by Colin Marston (Dysrhythmia, Krallice), who manages to make Bringer Of Drought even more interesting by allowing each instrument to shine, while not taking off any of the grime in the tone. Excellent songwriting can be rendered useless if the sound isn’t right, but Phobocosm have nailed the perfect balance between atmosphere and technical ability. If you like your death metal menacing, but atmospheric, take a chance on this record!

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