Death of Kings – Death Comes to Life


There are so many thrash bands out there, that it’s really hard to find one that really gets your attention. The genre has been around for so long, and so many famous bands populate it, that it’s often hard to create something memorable. This is why Death of Kings really took me by surprise.

From the very opening of “Hell Comes to Life,” and through every hit of the drums, and every time the picks hit the strings, I was absolutely connected. Despite being made up only two songs, this EP packs more energy than many seasoned bands are able to pack in a double album, and it is truly relentless in its ferocity.

With vocals that hit a higher register than most thrash performances (they even reminded me of the wails of Huntress’ Jill Janus, or Cryonic Temple‘s Glen Metal), and melodies that really seem to be made to create chaos in the moshpit, Death of Kings have created a truly amazing piece of music. Heavily influenced by Kreator (particularly the Enemy of God era), and even with some minor hints of power metal (“Hell Patrol” really reminded me of Cryonic Temple, even beyond the vocals), this is the kind of thing thrash fans should not miss.

Death of Kings – Death Comes to Life
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