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Greetings fellow metalheads, it’s that time of the year again! Wacken Open Air Festival is nearly upon us.

Although every single edition of Wacken Open Air is, without a doubt, special in its own way, that’s even more the case this year, for 2014 marks a quarter of a century since the first WOA took place.

Every year since 1990, the village of Wacken in Northern Germany has hosted the festival in the outskirts of town. What started as a simple platform for local German bands, quickly expanded to include bigger acts, becoming the most important metal festival in the world. No matter the trends, the styles, or whatever is on MTV, Wacken has remained strong as theplace to be for metalheads, always staying true to the spirit of heavy metal.As more and more “metal” festivals end up submitting themselves to newer trends, Wacken still remains unsoiled by the likes of Fred Durst.

As a true religious pilgrimage, every year the unwashed masses gather to see bands that cover every sub-genre of heavy metal you can imagine. Black metal and death metal, power and speed metal, metalcore, nu-metal, and good old hard rock are all represented. No matter what you’re after, you can bet your ass that you can get your fix at Wacken, and then some. There’s nothing quite like headbanging to your favorite tunes surrounded by thousands of others who are following the same calling.

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Traditionally, Wacken Open Air has featured some of the best metal can offer, and this 25th Anniversary will not be an exception. If anything, the organizers have made sure that this 2014 edition will be something to remember. Your masters of ceremony will be no less than Accept, Motörhead, King Diamond, Slayer, Megadeth, Kreator, Carcass, Five Finger Death Punch, Emperor, Apocalytice, Arch Enemy and many, many more.

Since all the tickets sold out within the first 48 hours, we can only hope that you were one of the fortunate ones who got one. If so, get ready to see tents, RV’s and vans as far as the eye can see.Beer in industrial quantities and more passion than all the World Cup matches combined.

This is heavy metal, This is Wacken, and we will be waiting for you!



J Salmeron
J Salmeron
Lawyer. Civil Libertarian. Published photographer and writer. Passionate about Free Speech, IP, and Heavy Metal. Guilty of thought crimes.
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