The BLM Boycott of Marduk

If you haven’t watched our video on this topic, please do so. You can find all the references and sources for that video in the article below!

Marduk are currently touring North America. This really bothered some Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA organizations, who are calling for a boycott of their tour, labeling them a Nazi band. While some of the calls for  the boycott are endearing, with people asking others to give bad Yelp reviews for the venue, others are calling for all-out violence.

Although the groups involved change all the time (BLM Austin was first promoting this boycott, only to then cowardly remove it once we started asking questions), the reasons that they use are always the same. The apparent author of the stories (which are copy/pasted in every call for a boycott) at least according to BLM Austin, is a Facebook user going by the pseudonym“PuppyMayhem.” We reached out to him, but he refused to answer any questions, opting instead to just block us.

The reasons put forward by BLM and the ANTIFA groups for the boycott are basically the following:

1.    “Frontschwein”

According to those calling for the Boycott, “Frontschwein,” the name of Marduk’s tour, and of their latest album “refers to the nickname given to Nazi field marshal Walther Model because he preferred to lead from the front and was known for his abuse and crudity.

This is just false.

“Frontschwein” was simply a word used to refer to soldiers serving in the frontlines, similar to how English-speaking nations use “grunts” to refer to those serving in combat. The use of this word predates World War II, the Nazis and, of course, Walther Model’s behavior in the War.

2.    References to WWII

Since Marduk often reference WWII in their music, this is seen by some as a clear sign of their Nazism. It’s a non-sequitur, since referencing parts of history does not mean that you approve of any of them, but the regressives pushing for the boycott are not going to let that get in the way. They even demonstrate their absolute ignorance of history, geography, and the band they’re boycotting, by claiming that Marduk’s live album “Warschau,” is named after “the site of a Nazi concentration camp during the Holocaust.” At no point did it occur to them that the album is named after the German-name for Warsaw, the city where that album was recorded.

3.    Varg Vikernes

I was surprised to see that one of the arguments for the boycott is an interview that I did with Morgan Steinmeyer, the bassist and founder of Marduk. We were talking only a few months after Varg Vikernes‘ conviction for hate speech, following his unlawful arrest under trumped-up terrorism accusations. There Morgan gave what anyone else would see as an absolutely milquetoast statement, saying:

“It’s strange that it’s illegal to dislike a religion. I find it really strange that you can’t have certain views.”

This comment, which basically anyone would see as unremarkable, has been construed as some sort of clear sign of Morgan‘s wicked ways. What they also got from my article, even though it’s never mentioned, was that Morgan was Varg’s housemate, and used that (false)  claim as a way to further their point regarding Marduk‘s Nazism. I’m not really sure I follow what they’re trying to say, although I guess they mean that if you have a roommate you immediately share everything they believe in, and are an accomplice to whatever it is they end up doing 30 years after you last shared a roof.

They also go out of their way to point at Varg and repeat some of the propaganda that the French government used against him. It’s atrocious, since it seems to further the points made by a government that used (and continues to use) anti-terrorism legislation and methods to stomp on dissent. Basically the same kind of things ANTIFA and BLM people would criticize if it happened to someone on their side of the political spectrum. Once again, it’s not about principles, it’s about supporters.

4.    Incantation

Not wanting to limit their attacks to Marduk alone, they have also extended their hatred to Incantation, one of the opening bands in this tour. Here they point out that Craig Pillard, the singer of Disma, and alleged white supremacist, used to be in the band. They conveniently omit that Pillar was last involved in Incantation‘s music back in 1994, and that Pillard‘s alleged views are not present in Incantation’s music. 

Clearly, they’re not about to let facts get in the way of the narrative.

5.    Anti-Christianity is just a way to be Antisemitic

Entering squarely into the world of conspiracies,  some have argued that Marduk’s overt anti-Christianity is just a cover-up for their anti-semitism. I’m guessing that antisemitism is what took them on tour to Israel.

Fact: When you see a woman shoving a crucifix up her ass, what you are actually seeing is “I hate the jews”

Without putting forward any evidence, they say that the main theme of the album Panzer-Division Marduk is anti-semitism, and then add some quotes (which they conveniently forget to cite) taken verbatim from the book “Subgenres of the Beast” by Yrgana Kegan, in particular the section where she talks about National Socialist Black Metal. The funny thing is that they somehow missed the fact that only a couple of pages later the author includes Marduk among the bands that have been the victims of false accusations of Nazism and fascism.

As the list above shows, this boycott is completely nonsensical. It’s the result of ignorance about not just the band, but also the world itself. Its idiocy, however, should not merely be a source of amusement for us, but also serve as a clarion call to stand up against the self-appointed regressives who want to be the sole arbiters of the information we receive.

Let’s not give them the chance.

We reached out several times to BLM Austin (via e-mail after they blocked us on Facebook), Come And Take It Productions, Grizzly Hall, and the ANTIFA person singled out by BLM-Austin, but received no responses.

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  • Jack Hammer

    I’m sure all 6 of Marduk’s black fans will be devastated that they can’t go to the show.

  • John Snow

    You guys, on the other side of atlantic, must get some things more serious, because some ARE serious. There is noone here in Europe who could say that the “Warschau” cover depicts “just” the city where the album was recorded. NOONE. That cover has one and only goal. To show who had the upper hand during the war. The message is quite clear. Disrespect to the victims of holocust. Is like you are saying that in the “Fuck Me Jesus” cover, this is not a cross, but just two pieces of wood crossed. Grow up. There is no room, not an inch, for fascism and neo-nazi.

    • Judge_Death

      Talking about war in your lyrics do not make you “fascist” or “nazi”..using the name of a city, explained above why, do not make you a hater or “fascist”..I think you must open your eyes..I think you are part of that antifa scum

      • John Snow

        First of all you like lyrics about war? Are you ok with this? It’s not about the name, is the use of the name, the use of the cover, the use of all these nazi-like things. If can’t recognize them it’s not my problem. If you don’t know the European history is not my problem neither.

        These guys are not Lemmy, who used some “souvenirs” from WWII. They are believing in them, or at least they are aiming in people who are close to those ideas. Stop living in the clouds, there are such bands who support far-right politics.

        By don’t liking this policy doesn’t make an antifa supporter. It makes me a reasonable man who doesn’t want speech of hatred and discrimination of people.

        • abominationofdesolation

          what the fuck are they supposed to sing about? it’s black metal you idiot
          fuck off if you dont like it
          nobody is forcing you to participate

        • Judge_Death

          If you want to seek and found “nazis” or “nazi memorablia” or “nazi symbols” you will find them even in your own food, in gardens, in the sky…everything who reminds you a svastika, at least a little bit will be for you NAZI…hahaha you make my metal is not for pussies like you..if you want some real nazi black metal listne to some NSBM bands who speak directly

          • John Snow

            “black metal in not for pussies like you”. yeah. you listen to black metal and you are tough guy. I am scared now. I am absolutly familiar with the meaning of symbols and where they step from. as I said is how you use them. and here is pretty clear how that happens. I see that you are familiar with the “real nazi black metal”. ok, I didn’t doubt for a sec why you wanted to justify their actions.

          • Judge_Death

            It seems you are to afraid about black metal..ok its too much for you…So If I wear a SS badge makes me “nazi” how about wear a hezbollah badge? it makes me “enemy of Israel”? how about if I like to collect WWII memorablia? I listen to all kind of extreme metal..what antifa and other “modern world” guys do makes me laugh, think that they could ban anything they disagree makes them more “fascist” or “nazi” than some extreme skinheads movs..anyway black metal had always enemies and is a part of its existance….and also get more supporters..and more bands should appear..and MARDUK is not a nazi band XDD

          • J_MetalBlast

            If you wear an SS badge, you’re PROBABLY a Nazi supporter, the same way that if you wear a Hezbollah emblem you’re PROBABLY a supporter of Hezbollah.
            Of course, you could be just EDGY TROLLING, but it’s understandable if people get that impression.

          • John Snow

            I am afraid of black metal? What there is to afraid of? Literally… what? In this subject you don’t have any idea on what I listening to, and please stay to the point.

            If you wear an SS badge and you are proud of it, yes, that makes you a neo-nazi. If you have a collection from WWII with axis (and allies) things then not. You understand that the SS badge is not as heavy as Hezbollah’s one. You see the difference right? It’s not that obvious?

            By the time you are calling our world “modern world” I assume that you find it difficult to fit in. You are always talking about the “antifa guys” and you are putting me arbitrarily in their group. You can’t even imagine someone being against neo-nazi and don’t be in an antifa group. That’s your biggest mistake in the way of your thinking. If you solve this you may understand what I am saying.


          • GoatForest

            Nah, see man, I’m anti-nazi and anti-fascism. You sound exactly like a member of antifa.

          • GoatForest

            I don’t know if you realize it, but you sound like the guys who ran around looking for “occult symbols” everywhere during the Satanic Panic.

          • hah, this is unfortunately too old to whack that guy with, but actually you ARE more likely to find them there, I mean, Farben and Bayer are household (product) names, aren’t they? ;Þ
            And IBM and Ford, and of course you better never buy a VW or Hugo Boss!

        • Ex Nihilo Nihil

          Yes, I like and support not only lyrics about war but War itself, although I don’t have any kind of politc interest, even though I rather Hitler’s policy than all the pussies nowdays. What do you fucking know about European history? About all the pre-christian and heathen cultures (ironically “destroyed” by this “new” spiritual pest)?
          From the Ashes of all this parasites will resurge a new empire, thus entering a new Aeon. Solve et Coagula.
          Ps: Stay away from Black Metal if you’re a conformist hipster. And by the way I don’t even like/support Marduk.

          • John Snow

            “even though I rather Hitler’s policy than all the pussies nowdays” thank you very much.

        • Bradley Barnes

          If you don’t like lyrics about war, what the hell are you doing on a metal site? Black Sabbath, the band that arguably INVENTED metal wrote songs about war.

          • John Snow

            you can’t see this huge difference? I can’t believe it. Sabbath sings about the war, and mokcs it, they make fun of it. these guys are lusting for blood of minorities. these things are basic logic.

          • J_MetalBlast

            Ah yes, Black Sabbath, the well known comedy band.

          • more beer

            Dude get back on whatever medication you have stopped taking. When you have this many people telling you that you are wrong. You should probably step back and reevaluate your thinking.

    • J_MetalBlast

      I have to disagree with you there. The concert was IN Warsaw; they’re not just pulling the city name for no reason.
      As for there being no room for a certain type of speech, I disagree.

      • John Snow

        so you believe that there is room for hate speech and nazism?
        by the time you accept this kind of ideas I can’t say much. As for the cover… if you can’t recognize the Auschwitz gate it’s not my problem.

        • Arya Stark

          I don’t recognize it as Auschwitz, but as the Warzaw ghetto in 1945. Do some image searches on Google, it is quite clearly from Warzaw.

          • John Snow

            and as we know, Warzaw ghetto was a good place to live back then. pf. sick of it. goodbye.

          • J_MetalBlast

            You can’t just move the goalpost like that, my dude.
            You said it was Auschwitz. Well, it wasn’t, so now it’s about the Warsaw Ghetto (it’s also not the Warsaw Ghetto) which makes it bad.
            Before you get up in arms about something, consider learning what you’re getting up in arms about. It’ll go a long way

          • John Snow

            well, I said Auschwitz because there was a great resemblence with the gate.
            I am not getting in any arms. Exactly the opposite. I want you to be more suspicious on what are you listening to. Don’t be naive, if you clearly disagree with the nazi idea, you don’t even think of using their symbols. If you are using them, just to provoke or “sell” the product, be prepared for the consequences.

          • J_MetalBlast

            There’s no resemblance to the Auschwitz gate. Among other reasons, because there isn’t even a gate visible on the cover of Warschau!
            As for the rest, what symbols? You mean the tank? Because you do know they’re not using Swastikas, right?

          • Tordur Absalonsson Hansen

            Haha you got the Starks against you. This warrants the sentence!

            You know nothing, John Snow!

            Nor do I, tbh, but J’s arguments do seem better in my head.

          • J_MetalBlast

            You’re very kind, thank you for your support.

        • Maciej Nowak

          That’s a picture of Warsaw after it got annihilated in 1945. Over 90% structural damage apparently. Countless people murdered. Anyway, we Poles aren’t some sensitive bitches that need you to protect our feelings. Thanks.

          • John Snow

            I had no intension to protect you. But I guess you are familiar with the incidents that happened in your country. I wonder what feelings emerging from your soul about this atrocity.

          • GoatForest

            You know, I just saw the last Marduk album as an exploration of the horrors of war.

          • Maciej Nowak

            That album fucking rules. Frontschwein is what black metal should be. And yes of course Marduk has for years delved in world war 2 history. Marduk its the real deal

    • betterdeadthanred

      If you’re so concerned about fascism or racism, why don’t you guys attack islamic extremists in europe? March into a no-go zone in Sweden or France if you have any guts.

      • John Snow

        “march”? what do you think is Europe that we are going to march into something? probably you don’t quite understand the meaning of fascism and racism, by proposing such things.

        also, IS didn’t founded by itself, american and european politics helped in creating this extremist parody.

        and about the band (if you want a straitghforward answer), if you want to be extreme be prepared for extreme feedback.

        • abominationofdesolation

          big words coming from someone who probably calls anyone they dont disagree with a fascist…

          • abominationofdesolation

            *dont agree

          • John Snow

            where are the big words? who I called fascist? read more carefully the next time kid.

          • sigh

            So I’d have to assume you’re as equally concerned and angry with the fast growing Black Separatist movements in the states? They are growing at rates faster than “kkk” or neo-nazi movements, or whatever you want to call em’ now.

          • John Snow

            ok boy. back to the basics. you probably don’t know the act and react theory. It’s not my problem. Try to find the reasons why each group is growing in numbers and come back to talk again. Sorry, but i can’t go back in Melcom X era, and why these ideas were bad or good. There are numbers and statistics nowadays that shows the discimination undergoes the black people in your country.

          • J_MetalBlast

            “Melcom X.” I really love how brutally ignorant you are of everything you talk about, and yet continue to double down.

    • Marshall Barnett

      If that’s how YOU interpreted it! You can’t say you know what the cover stands for, you fuckin retarded cum staind

      • John Snow

        Thank you for your kind words. It’s not only the cover. Anyway I wont say more. The answer is all over their “artwork”. Not difficult tof find.

  • Ianzel

    Better go fight your churches and politicians. Leave black metal bands alone. Don’t you have something better to do with your lives? Too close to be labeled as domestic terrorist organizations anyways, so be prepared to be raped in prison, you deserve it.

  • Jaime VG

    Good article. Clearly these antifa groups here in the US are very ignorant when it comes to fascism related issues. Now, I have to agree that a lot of metal bands (black, death etc…) really use a lot of imagery related to WWII, nazism a little bit too much for their own advantage; nothing wrong with that, the problem is that we don´t really know where to draw the line with these issues as we don´t know what the band members really think. Look at Lemmy or Keith Moon…where they racist, fascist scum? I don´t think so, but it sends a negative image towards the general public, especially now that these issues are so current in Europe.

    • Jack Hammer

      The Antifa are ignorant… of everything.

  • I have one rule when it comes to listening to any metal band. I NEVER, repeat, NEVER let my political views prevent me from enjoying the music no matter how opposite they are.

    • John Snow

      “political correctness”. how pity for yourself to don’t know what kind of ideas these people represent…

      • J_MetalBlast

        Who are you even quoting? She didn’t say “political correctness” at all.

        • John Snow

          i don’t quot no one. the “” gives an ironic tone. the same i give to your “article”. you didn’t even took the time to read their lyrics. what other proof are you looking for?

          • J_MetalBlast

            So “article” is being ironic here? So this isn’t an article? Oh boy, life is full of surprises today!
            As for Marduk’s lyrics… I know them (not all of them by heart, of course) but I’m familiar with their shtick.

          • John Snow

            Oh no, it’s a well written article which is trying to justify everything Marduk says, but when someone says that where is smoke there is a fire, you answer “where is the smoke”?

            anyway, obviously you people on the other side of the globe don’t have the same experiences. you don’t know how the far-right movements are growing in countries such as Finland, Austria, France etc. and you don’t pay the same attention. I sincerely understand it. You are away from the problem (as you always were), and you see those things more “romantic”.

            I don’t have the time to argue more.

          • J_MetalBlast

            Seeing that I’m in Europe, I don’t know where I’m supposed to be, or what I’m failing to understand.
            But, you know, you do you.

          • John Snow

            Don’t bother. Everything is fine. Continue your blissful metal life.

          • J_MetalBlast

            Keep on keeping on, my dude. Don’t let facts get in the way. You do you.

          • John Snow

            I keep on your pace. You say nothing I follow. You give arguments, I do too.

          • CJ

            You know nothing, John Snow.

          • Jack

            Ooooooooh look at that. And guess what, could you tell us all the reason that those “far-right” movements are growing up? Try to guess it right this time ;p

          • John Snow

            You want me to explain all the reasons? In one post? If you think that this is a plain matter, that means that you have no idea. But the fact that the far-right movement is growing is undeniable.

          • J_MetalBlast

            After your ragequit, you’re back? Welcome, my dude.
            Listen, you tried, you honestly did. You showed your obvious ignorance by explaining how the cover was Auschwitz, then the Warsaw ghetto, then finally going with “well, IT’S STILL BAD, YOU GUYS!”
            There’s no shame in being wrong. It’s OK, we’ll understand.

          • John Snow

            My ragequit? I am sure you don’t even read what I am writing. People offending me here and I don’t even talking back. You even letting people offending and you do nothing. That’s the status of your site.

            You insist on the cover thing. This is not even the point. You are trying to justify each particle by itself, and you don’t even cross your mind that the existance of so many particles creates the whole picture. I am done.

            I will say for a last time. I don’t care if Marduk are or aren’t neo-nazi. But the use of these emblems, lyrics and ideas to attract fans and to promote (economically) their music, is 100% blameworthy. If you are ok with this, and you start the, but but but arguments, then two things are happening a) you are (at least) ok with their ideas b) you are living in a wonderful pink cloud on the air.

            ps. I wonder if this stance is the official stance of your site, or just yours.

          • HopkinsWFG

            Do you not realize that by falsely targeting bands like Marduk, all you’re accomplishing is pushing away people who may be sympathetic to your cause and making them align with right wingers? How dumb can you be?

          • John Snow

            How that would ever happen? Plz explain it to me. Even if I am falsely targeting a band, but my idea is clearly an anti-neonazi idea, how a person with the same (or close) anti-neonazi idea could change his mind for the sake of a band? Can’t you see that the anti-violence idea is BIGGER than supporting a band? You guys do excactly the opposite, you support by all means (and cost) the band, you are trying to justify everything. And you don’t even trying to be suspious for a minute. And I saying again, if Marduk doesn’t support these symbols they can a) apologize b) not using them again.

          • J_MetalBlast

            The fact that you didn’t even know what the cover was, even though you
            had very strong feelings about it, showed beyond any doubts that you
            have no idea about what you’re talking about. That’s the biggest issue. How can you just say “It’s Auschwitz,” then pivot to “It’s the ghetto,” then to “well, it doesn’t matter,” as if it was meaningless that you clearly don’t know WHY you are so angry about a band you’re not familiar with?

            Second, Marduk doesn’t have to “apologize” for using the photo of a tank, what are you even talking about? People need to apologize for their actions, not for your nonsensical interpretations of what they may or may not have meant.

            As for this being “the official stance” of my site. What are you even talking about here?

          • John Snow

            It is very strange how you always focus on ONE thing and you leave all the other aside. Maybe I am mistaken about the cover, but the fact that they are using this title, and the tower in the center (which reminds of the main gate of Auschwitz), it’s not coincedence. And I am gonna repeat myself for one last time. It’s not only the cover, it’s the lyrics, the symbols, the close relations with Varg, the whole attitude. If these are telling you nothing it’s not my fault. If you can’t see anything extreme (not the music) in those things maybe you are familiar with it, and even like it…

            I was pretty clear. Is this the official line of the site? Letting other people be offensive. Justifying far-right ideas? I read your article about Blastfest. Even the Napalm Death declined their participation because of Peste Noire’s booking, and you blame the antifa movement. What nonsene. But eventually the fest cancelled. Why? How many times the managers cancelled this fest due to economicall problems? It didn’t cross your mind that they were searching for a reason to do so? Anyway, you probably put metal above all. To tell you something important. Metal itself is not that important in real life. There are more serious things that unite.

            And finally, I am asking you again, is this the official stance of the site (I don’t know if it’s yours)? Because these two articles are the only ones which are against in whatever it’s not right-minded. Other major webzines (I am in one myself) have a more neutral position (which I don’t agree but I respect), you on the other hand you have… what you have.

          • J_MetalBlast

            We do have what we have: A commitment to free speech.

            The cover: Of course it’s relevant. You’re just ignorant about the things that bother you, and refuse to simply accept it. You even say “MAYBE I am mistaken..,” like it’s debatable that the cover is NOT Auschwitz (hint: There were not large towers there (like the massive tower in the cover there) and the gates were, well, gates).
            You keep saying “there’s more!” but provide no evidence. Instead, you just prove, over and over, that you sincerely have no idea about what you’re talking about. Among the many things you ignore, there’s the English language, since I have no idea what sentences like “Because these two articles are the only ones which are against in whatever it’s not right-minded.” It’s just gibberish.
            Keep trying though, it’s a continuous source of amusement to see you grasp at straws.

          • John Snow

            Sorry for my poor english, not all of us do we have a PhD. But I forgot, you decriminize people from where they are. For example you are in favor with free speech, even if this is coming from far-right movents, like Milo Yannopoulos, but you don’t agree if people like muslims have their own free speech and right to pray.

            About the cover, you are trying very hard on this. I recognize that. Even if you know how the main gait of Auschwitz looks like, you posted only the gate. Well look at this: and tell me if there is a tower above the gate.

            I know how the mind of a lawyer works. I won’t follow that path. I am sure you understand what I am trying to say all this time, you even know the facts, but you are still pushing and pushing in order to prove your own thesis. Your real problem is that you ARE in favor of these ideas, but you are afraid of admiting it, firstly to yourself and secondly to all of us. That’s why you are letting others to be offensive on me, but if someone is against you… it’s just nonsense.

            Live your dream.

          • J_MetalBlast

            That’s not a tower dude.
            Where are you even getting this idiotic “you don’t agree if people like muslims have their own free speech and right to pray.” Because, I’ve never made a claim like that. Muslims have the right to practice their religion in peace, enjoying the same freedom of speech as any other.
            These are some things you might want to read, which I’ve written:
   (this one defending the right of a leftist, separatist, Spanish band.

            Do you see what I mean? You just throw accusations without actually know anything about the things you are so mad about.

          • John Snow

            I found it here:, or this is not you? You equalize hate speech with the right to pray, and you imply that someone allows it (especially after 9/11). Like this is not acquired legally all these years. In general, your twitter account is a treasure!

            These three articles says one thing to me. That in any case you find the cause to compare an insident with Varg. You are refering to him as it is a saint, without a far-right background. Anything else is more of the same.

            I am not mad about anything. I just can’t stand when someone present black as it is white… and right 😉

          • J_MetalBlast

            So you’re pointing at a tweet where I said that free speech allows Muslims to practice their religion as a way to show that I do not support their right? Cool.

            You’re really dumber than a floorboard at this point.

          • John Snow

            Yeah yeah yeah, wait ther is more.


            quote: “Everywhere in the world where there is Islam you will find women oppressed, homosexuals murdered, you will find gangbanged, and this does not exist outside the islamic sulture”

            if this phrase is not racism then what it is? that man you are defending. those are you beliefs. you just cover it up with some glitter of neutralism. and if you truly believe these words, you are either absolutely blind, or you are doing it on purpose. of the second is what it is. because if you believe just because this man is homosexual and Jewish doesn’t make him racist and fasict you are totally wrong. It’s the same with Marduk. Just because they haven’t admit that they are neo-nazi or whatelse (just like other bands, Impaled Nazarene, mr. Hellhammer etc) doesn’t mean that they act like those, or at least are using the same vocabulary (in lyrics and artwork).

            this is it. i know you want to have the final word. it’s yours. for goodbye I am sending you a photo from Oslo.
            say hallo to women of Lotta Svard 😉

            ??? ????? ??? ?? ??????????????

          • J_MetalBlast

            1. Hahaha, wait, you’re saying my link to a Human Rights Watch site is racist? Cool, I’ll let them know.
            2. Milo is both gay and of Jewish ancestry. That doesn’t change what I said, which is that calling him a “nazi” who will make LGBT people unsafe is ridiculous. You should listen to The Intercerpted podcast, where the quote I took issue with comes from.
            3. I’m not responsible for what Milo says in his talks. I don’t really care about them, to be honest.
            4. It’s an OK photo, but I’d frame it from the side, at night, a bit higher. You’d get a better view of the Swastika AND the hammer. It’d improve the effect.

            Read your message again, and see that you’re fighting against things I didn’t say, drawing links that aren’t there.

            As for Islam… like any other religion, it is poison.

          • John Snow

            you want more. probably you don’t have life.

            1. I quoted your ironic comment and not the link. but you got it and you wanted to divert my meaning
            2. No, if you are a racist (and he is) you don’t have the right to speak of it. There have been atrocities in the name o supremacy. Robb Flynn couldn’t say it better.
            3. I didn’t say that you responsible for him. I said that you are ok with it. I don’t care neither for him. But I am not ok with this speech.
            4. You are so predictable arrogant.

          • J_MetalBlast

            I’m not arrogant. I’m actively trying to get you to improve your English, your arguments and your photographic skills. Sadly, you’ve failed at all of those so far, but I’m not giving up.

            You DO have the right to speak of it though 🙁 That’s what regressives like you don’t get 🙁

            I did a nice little takedown of Flynn’s self-fellating video, you can find it here on the site.
            Thanks for always coming back after you leave. I know you miss me

          • Jimmy Calhoun

            You know what? Extreme right-wing movements are indeed on the rise in many parts of Europe, and this is a very worrying (if not frightening) phenomenon. But targeting a band who are manifestly *not* Third Reich supporters does nothing to help the anti-Fascist cause – in fact, it accomplishes quite the opposite in the long run. And opposing extremism is *far* too important a matter to be muddled together with ridiculous bullshit like this.

          • J_MetalBlast

            Just in case you still doubt it:

          • HopkinsWFG

            I cannot believe you’re asking me to explain to you why throwing out false accusations and targeting bands who are not actually NS is damaging to your cause. If you are too dim to understand why you’re driving people away, it’s no wonder you’ve fallen in line to a hive-mind witch hunt.

            ps- I don’t even like Marduk. I think they are boring as hell.

          • HopkinsWFG

            “And I saying again, if Marduk doesn’t support these symbols they can a) apologize b) not using them again.”

            Why should the apologize or stop having themes about WW2? As this article here has shown you (but you are too blind to comprehend, obviously), anyone with even a sliver of historical knowledge can see the the charges against them are false.

            Why don’t you answer this question for me: Why did a supposedly NS black metal band play a tour in Israel?

          • HopkinsWFG

            “How that would ever happen? Plz explain it to me. Even if I am falsely
            targeting a band, but my idea is clearly an anti-neonazi idea, how a
            person with the same (or close) anti-neonazi idea could change his mind
            for the sake of a band?”

            Ever heard the old story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” ? You people care crying wolf so often at targets that aren’t actually wolves, so eventually, when a REAL wolf (nazi band, if you’re too dim to keep up) shows up, no one will listen to you or care in the slightest.

          • GoatForest


          • Shadowstar36

            SJWs trying to infect metal… sad, they tried this with Gaming and did so with Comics… luckily gaming has Gamergate and gamers love their hobby and like to be left the fuck alone, without it being changed by raging authoritarian communists/social justice rejects. We fought back hard, yet were critizied by the mainstream media and their feminazi agenda.

            The new fascists come as anti-fascists… truth! These people are insane! As a metalhead who grew up in the 80s, this shit just boggles my mind. I so miss those halcyon days of yore.

          • GoatForest

            It’s not about the band. It’s about the fact that you guys are so careless with your targets and methods.
            It says that you are not so much noble idealists as raging idiots who care more about feeling correct than being correct.

          • Rurik

            You seem to act the same as the so called “Neo-Nazi” you hate. Same tactics, close-mindedness and blind ideology. Hatred of open society and flow of ideas.

          • GoatForest

            It is, and it should be opposed on all levels, but this is a witch hunt, dude. Marduk simply aren’t nazis. Covering certain historical themes does not equate to being a fascist collaborator. Additionally, the actions taken by antifa at many metal shows are both unethical and ineffective. They are unethical in that they invoke censorship though violence. They are ineffective in that they often target people who aren’t even remotely fascist, thus driving people who are repulsed by antifa’s actions towards the right.

          • more beer

            You know you can’t argue with this guy Goat. Like all in his brethren he is delusional. They see things the way they are going to see them. Not as they are. At this point we just need to treat these individuals the same way we would treat Nazis. Swiftly and with extreme prejudice.

          • Rurik

            Agree they are nothing more then wannabe fascist and neo-Nazi themselves. What better way to spread this kind of ideology then claim to be against it. What reasonable person can hate you and disagree with you if you say your anti-fascist and anti-Nazi while anyone who disagree with you are for it? Quite clever and maybe they not all that delusional but purposely aware.

          • more beer

            Anything is possible. But at the same time. I really don’t want to give them too much credit. For being some sort of evil geniuses. They have shown they are actually cowards. thru their actions. They only attack in groups. Or as the one who punched Richard Spence(this is in no way an endorsement of this guy just an example) ran up and sucker punched him. They posted that video like their finest moment. Personally I thought it was a bitch move. If you have to resort to violence. At least be somewhat honorable about it. Let the person getting punched see it coming. At this point people are getting wise to what they are about. They have had a few small victories. But at some point. They are going to get served up, and get their asses handed to them.

          • GoatForest

            I’m sad to say it, but I think you’re right.

          • Reinhard_Wolff

            Funny how far-right movements grow when you try to make an ethnic group a resented minority in their homeland.

          • John Snow

            If you have studied history, and you saw how the borders have changed in the past 100years, you would understand that they are no minorities, anywhere.

            Of course its ironic to talk about minorities in USA. The land of immigrants from all over the world.

          • George

            you’re a nazi, most likely, given the rune symbol.

          • Matthew P Smith

            Wait a second, so you are saying if someone uses a “rune” they are “automatically” a Nazi?
            Do you evan know how dumb that sounds?

  • abominationofdesolation

    facts dont matter to antifa
    they dont have a cause except crime
    they pull this shit out their ass to justify it
    dont be fooled

    • abominationofdesolation

      to any fan that goes to this show i urge you to bring something to protect yourself if you can
      we need to show antifa that we’re not just going to let them bully us and get away with it
      some lessons need to be taught through pain

      • John Snow

        so you I agree with their hate speech. you want to make it happen.

        • abominationofdesolation

          that’s not what im saying you fucking idiot
          stop putting words in my mouth
          all im saying is what goes around comes around

          • John Snow

            thank you very much for your kindness.

          • abominationofdesolation

            well if you’re gonna be an asshole so am i
            do i really need to repeat myself?
            what goes around comes around

        • Derek Bartlett

          You know nothing John Snow.

        • TheGranulatingDarkSatanicMilfs

          PRO TIP: If you really really want to see nazism/fascism in something, regardless of whether or not is really there, you will see it. The problem is you, not them

      • Marshall Barnett

        I hope i see one of these motherfuckers.

  • Kalmar Ryker

    If you think this isn’t a Nazi band, you’re literally retarded

    • Kalmar Ryker

      “Relentless butchering, tireless killing-spree
      Human vermin in flames – cleansing death meant to be”
      – ‘Thousand-Fold Death’

      “The tanks roll forward in Afrika – Afrika
      Desert fox versus desert rats”

      • J_MetalBlast

        Yes, a song about the war in the African theater. Are you being deliberately dense, or what?

      • Boboy

        The Desert fox and the Desert rat were nicknames given to the companies of Rommel and Montgomery in the run up to the battle of El Alamein you cretin. Rommel wasn’t even a Nazi, he ended up being embroiled in the plot to assassinate Hitler.

        Learn some history.

      • Maciej Nowak

        Steven Spielberg directed Schindler’s List. 1000000% Nazi director! Come on antifa comrades! Assemble the posse! Pitch forks and torches!

    • db

      It’s not a Nazi band and you’ve got no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Marcos Garcia

    Again the Antifas and their shit speech and need to care of something are doing nasty things.
    I usually say to that kind of idiots: METAL is not for you, so get the fuck out.
    That’s the reason I truly HATE political correctness and all those who believe on it.
    Politial correctness is the true hate speech of our time, the new PMRC, trying to put all that don’t know under a censorship state.
    One more tme: if you’re not happy on Metal as it is, you can go and listen other musical styles… We truly don’t need you, Metal does not need you, snowflake boys and girls…

  • Marcio Corrêa

    This is a justificative to SJW, BLM and Antifa to be fascist.

    • Sunwheel Knight

      No, please get it right, they’re Communists. Don’t repeat the nonsense of them being Fascists.

      • Marcio Corrêa

        The communists are the new fascists, my friend…

        • Sunwheel Knight

          Lel, no.

  • Sunwheel Knight

    So what was the outcome of the Grizzly Hall gig?

    • J_MetalBlast

      A handful of masked idiots showed up. They’ve announced similar crap for other cities though.

  • Judge_Death

    Antifa retard children see nazis, svastikas, etc everywhere and use them whenever they need to make trouble..nowdays Black MEtal is targeted..surely as fashion or because their little minds have no more ideas..I wonder why dont they listen some NSBM bands..their message is more directly but also they will receive a direct punch more fast haha

    • Rurik

      What better way promote fascism then to say your anti-fascist. I mean who can hate anti-fascism right?

  • rondertaker

    jesus christ metalheads are so fucking easy to troll.

  • Napalm

    Don’t read the comments don’t read the comments…..

    • J_MetalBlast

      A wise decision.

  • db

    Honestly, I would never listen to a band that blasphemes Christ, which I think is far more offensive than Nazi imagery, though there is nothing Nazi at all about Marduk. Only people who know nothing about NSBM would say that. It’s laughable.

    • J_MetalBlast

      And that-s fine. If you’re a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, or anything, and feel offended by a given band or piece of art, it’s absolutely OK to simply not support them.
      The case of Marduk is particularly bad not only because of the attempt at “private censorship” by the BLM and ANTIFA crowd, but also because their very arguments (as I showed above) are simply mistaken.
      In any case, there’s plenty of metal that stays away from religious stuff (I can think of bands like Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Trick or Treat, or even harder bands like Children of Bodom), so give them a shot too.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this.

  • Commies and antifa must screw themselves. Fuck off leftist retards! Die Scum!

  • Reinhard_Wolff

    Let’s be clear about something.

    The Left has made it very clear that anyone to the right of Frank Luntz is a NADTZEE.

    And according to Leftists, NADZTEES *must* be physically attacked, silenced, and shut down.

    Further disturbing is that the Left has the support of the mainstream media, allowing it to get away with unthinkable acts of political violence.

    Where do you think this is heading?

  • Welp, this is a perfect time to quit the internet completely.
    If folks can’t differentiate between DISCUSSING topics and SUPPORTING topics, we’re all fucked. Was Iron Maiden a Satanic band when they wrote “The Number of the Beast”? Hell no, they were just telling a story.
    The human race is beyond saving. Great article though!

    • J_MetalBlast

      Fun Fact: Iron Maiden did get called a “satanist band” because of their artwork and stuff like “The Number of the Beast.” it’s great to see the far left acting the same way the CHristian right was acting only a few years ago.

      • Ha! People just love complaining about something. What’s crazy is that getting along is so easy! If folks gave it a shot, they might find they enjoyed it!

  • Fuck nazis and idiots

    Jebus…this is fucking stupid. m/
    Just wait until they hear of Laibach xD

    /antifa from sweden

  • Zach Shaw

    Does BLM even know of how many black metalheads were at the Marduk show in Ft Worth?? There were more than a few and those fools were having a BLAST! I know because i was there.. plenty of pictures circling around social media to prove my point too!! AND NOBODY GOT HARASSED OR STEREOTYPED, not one incident the entire night, nothing but support and fun for everyone in attendance.

    • J_MetalBlast

      They almost certainly don’t know. They don’t care.

  • Stevesie A Kiyabu

    peeps gearing up for war and clearly don’t know the meaning of the word “boycott” smh

    • J_MetalBlast

      Would you like to try again, with a clearer sentence?

      • Stevesie A Kiyabu

        excuse me. peeps ARE gearing up for war, and clearly don’t know the meaning of the word “boycott”.


        • J_MetalBlast

          You’re getting close to making sense, but you’re not quite there yet.
          Take a deep breath, think about the point you’re trying to make, and write it down.

          • Stevesie A Kiyabu

            it’s quite clear. you don’t have to pretend you don’t know what internet abbreviations are.


            smh=shaking my head

            boycott=a punitive ban that forbids relations with certain groups, cooperation with a policy, or the handling of goods.

            in this case I am trying convey that the word “boycott” in no way insinuates that people (peeps) should be gearing up for war. since they ARE gearing up for war, it makes me shake my head in disapproval (smh).

          • J_MetalBlast

            OOOOH. See? I got it backwards. I thought you were saying
            “This metalhead assholes are gearing up for war, because they don’t even know what a boycott is”
            when in reality you were saying “ANTIFA say they wanna boycott, but they’re getting ready for a fight instead.”

            You’re alright Steve.

          • Stevesie A Kiyabu

            both sides actually lmao

  • George

    You used a movie showing black face and you go down the same ableist path most nazi symapthizers use. You also strawman many arguments. Bad video.

    • J_MetalBlast

      Tropic Thunder? You have an issue with Tropic Thunder? K.

      As for the rest, please elaborate on the “ableist” and “strawman” arguments.
      Thanks! 🙂

  • Grizzly

    “this is seen by some as a clear sign of their Nazism. It’s a non-sequitur, since referencing parts of history does not mean that you approve of any of them”

    Absolutely. If referencing history meant you approve of atrocities, then you would have to simultaneously shut down huge parts of the movie and publishing industries.

    “ignorance about not just the band, but also the world itself”

    That second part about the world really hits it. If BLM and their supporters had any real idea about the world they would be up in arms over gangster rap, which constantly references the mass violence and atrocities that are actually happening right now in black neighborhoods all over the US. On Saturday the 13th in Chicago two black girls, one 11 and the other 12, were shot in the head in separate shootings, probably by gangbangers looking for other gangbangers. Of course there isn’t a single word about that on the BLM Chicago website, and I couldn’t locate any BLM statements at all. Instead they would rather hyperventilate about supposedly “Neo-Nazi” bands who in the bigger world of the music industry don’t really have a big following.

    Great writing by the way, I found your site after someone posted a link to this article on a MetalSucks article about Obituary.

    • J_MetalBlast

      Hi! Thank you so much for the very kind words, and for your very thoughtful comment.

      The problem is that you notice that these groups had no interest in accuracy or the truth. Once they made up their minds, truth was secondary. It’s pretty obvious they are also fond of “alternative facts”

      As for MetalSucks, it’s always nice to hear somebody links our stuff there. At some point they went full clickbait, so it’s just a joke magazine by now.

      Once again, thank you very much for the support!

  • CuntCream

    I’m sure Jon Rosenthal will be there in full effect.

  • Rgb

    The fact that you have to write an article explaining how this band isnt a bunch nazis is fucking ridiculous. These left-wing, ultra-libs are the real nazis of our day. Fuck this getting out of hand. It’s the same babies that got a venue in Austin to cancel Black Pussy because of their name!!

  • Bloop

    Antifa is an anarcho-communist group.

    Communists killed more people that Nazis over a much longer period of time, more suffering.

    Antifa are worse than the Nazis.
    To them, anyone outside their cult is a “Nazi” or “fascist”.

    They are a terrorist group, on their own idiotic brand of political jihad.
    They should be labeled a terrorist group officially.

    My father escaped communism to find a better life in the US, I’d like to see one of those idiots talk to him about the benefits of life under communism or Marxism. They would be on the floor in seconds.

  • MissMisantropi

    I thought she was shoving it up her cunt. That is what’s most disturbing to me. Is it sure thing it’s shoved up her ass? There are different angles you know.. I’m really bothered about this. I choose to believe it’s her pussy.

    • J_MetalBlast

      It is a mystery!

  • My comments

    I don’t understand, what about this ? ”

    In 1927, Hitler said: “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s
    capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically
    weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human
    being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and
    performance, and we are determined to destroy this system under all

    Maybe he said that, maybe not, can’t believe everything I find online.

    But forget all that left vs right politics, WTF are you Antifa people doing starting shyt with a metal band instead of the real fascist things out there like for example the “war on drugs” (war on people), the real cause of fascist police state crap in our world ??

    I think you Anti Facist “Antifa” people need to rethink it and join the liberty movement, you can still bash fascism, oppression and be all f authority and all that.

    All this shyt is divide and conquer anyway, F off and don’t tread on me.

  • Voidkom

    So Americans are stupid, what else is new? This hardly has anything to do with antifa.

    • J_MetalBlast

      You’re right, if we ignore the fact that this was organized by both ANTIFA groups, together with BLM, it has nothing to do with ANTIFA.

      • Voidkom

        Anyone can call themselves antifa and anyone can make up or compile weak arguments against a band. Big whoop.
        People are mad as fuck. Fact checking seems to be secondary to joining against an enemy. Fascists are as good a target as any, but I don’t see the point in weird conspiracy theories about popular metal bands.

        • J_MetalBlast

          I agree with you on the issue of fact-checking. That mostly deals with how our brains work. Confirmation bias is a bitch.
          If you want to be really frustrated, google “the Backfire Effect,” which explains that not only are we bad at believing contradicting evidence, but that it also makes us double down even more.

  • Jimmy Calhoun

    An example of how simple misinformation can blow up into something much worse. Why don’t these guys go after *real* Nazi bands and leave the rest of us alone? Sheesh…

    • For the same reason PeTA never goes after bikers for wearing leather. They fight back ;Þ

  • nunyabusiness

    The show in Oakland was shut down because of this shit. You should do a follow up article.


    J Metal Blast. The only problem I have with your article is the Title, it should say, some BLM, and some ANTIFA. Lifelong antifa here, and I can assure you that these problems are absolutely not unique to Marduk. Last year, our good friends in Scotland’s Oi Polloi were banned from a club in Berlin by very much the same over-reaching, uneducated, and absolutely reactionary young “antifas”. If you know anything about Oi Polloi, they are about as OG anarchist antifa as it gets. The ridiculousness of that whole episode highlighted some very serious problems with the blanketing of all antifa with the same blanket. Anarchism by its very nature is autonomous, which means it is highly individualistic while at the same time working t’wards a common goal. Trust me, most of us that have been in the trenches for more than 30 years have much bigger fish to fry at this point in history. Great article, keep up the good work, cheers.

    • Shane Roddrick

      The name association for Antifa is almost as bad as it is for Nazis for probably close to a third of Americans. I would, as a politically expedient and wise move, detach myself from any label that may be associated with violent extremism. That’s just an opinion from a random guy on the internet though… I still think it’s solid advice 😉 .

      • PUNKMAR77

        99% of Americans didn’t know Antifa existed until Trump took office, not really interested in what 1/3 of them think they know about me at this point. Thank you for the advice, but I will continue to oppose fascism for as long as I exist regardless of what some noobies are getting wrong. Salud!

        • Shane Roddrick

          Fair enough. Take care.

  • magg5821

    Well – if talking about WWII means you are a Nazi – what does it mean when all you talk about or rather SPEW is racism and hatred? 🙂 I don’t know your music but luckily this is a FREE FUCKING COUNTRY and nobody has the right to shut you down.

  • Jonathan Hudon

    Angel of Death by Slayer anyone?

  • Gadfly156

    Antifa is worthless garbage. I’m fed up with their bullshit censorship and pretense at moral policing everyone when they are too stupid to pull their own heads out of their anal cavities long enough to crack a book, look up a word or do any actual research to obtain any actual facts to go with their constantly-expanding list of assertions.

  • David Downs
    • David Downs

      in case it gets deleted, here is the full text that they used:

      Heads up: On Monday, February 13th, Grizzly Hall in Austin, Texas is scheduled to host Marduk, a black metal band from Sweden with known white supremacist ties that profits off of glorifying Nazi imagery and songs about Nazi SS officers and anti-semitism:

      Marduk has just kicked off a tour in the U.S. called Frontschwein North America 2017 tour. ‘Frontschwein’ is the name of their latest album which is entirely about the Third Reich. The term ‘Frontschwein’ (meaning Frontline Pig) refers to the nickname given to Nazi field marshal Walther Model because he preferred to lead from the front and was known for his abuse and crudity.

      One of Marduk’s album is called ‘Panzer Division Marduk’ (referring to the Nazi armored tank division in WWII). Another Marduk album, ‘Warschau’ (the site of a Nazi concentration camp during the Holocaust), uses photos of Nazi tanks rolling through the rubble of Poland as cover and booklet artwork. The album sleeve of ‘Iron Dawn’ and album cover of ‘Here’s No Peace’ also show pictures of Nazi tanks. The title on the cover of “Here’s No Peace’ is arranged in such fashion as to resemble an honorific cuff band, a type of distinction badge which the German Wehrmacht allowed individuals who were serving (or had served) in some elite units (Grossdeutschland division, named Waffen-SS divisions) or who took part of renowned campaigns to wear (North African campaign, assault on Crete).

      Marduk’s entire discography is full of songs like “The Hangman of Prague”, “Night of the Long Knives”, “Deathmarch”, “To the Death’s Head True”…etc. The song “The Hangman of Prague” is about Reinhard Heydrich, a high-ranking SS officer and Holocaust architect (“The Hangman of Prague” was a moniker of Reinhard Heydrich – second in command of the SS – in his capacity as the de-facto Reichsprotektor of Bohemia and Moravia). They also have a song called “The Blonde Beast” which is also a reference to Reinhard Heydrich, the infamous Hangman of Prague. The term “Blond Beast” is often implied as referring to the Aryan Race stemming from the intentional misreading of Nietzsche instantiated by the Nazis. Their song “Afrika” is about a high-ranking Nazi general Erwin Rommel aka “the Desert Fox” who was in charge of the Afrika Korps.

      Morgan Steinmeyer, the guitarist and founder of Marduk, who is a former housemate of Varg Vikernes (the white supremacist murderer and hate crime convict behind Burzum), had this to say about Vikernes having been convicted of hate speech against Jews and Muslims in France in 2014: “It’s strange that it’s illegal to dislike a religion. I find it really strange that you can’t have certain views.” (Vikernes originally drew the attention of French authorities after receiving the manifesto of Anders Breivik, the Norwegian man who killed 77 people in a bombing and shooting rampage in 2011. Vikernes wrote a blog post about how he agreed with much of Breivik’s views, but suspected that the mass murderer was actually working on behalf of a vast Jewish conspiracy. Soon after that, Vikernes’ wife Marie Cachet purchased four rifles, which led the police to arrest the couple as a pre-emptive measure before they could carry out any attacks.)

      It’s worth mentioning that Incantation, another band on the bill as part of this tour, has a previous association with white supremacists. Incantation previously featured a neo-Nazi vocalist Craig Pillard whose projects include Sturmführer (a play on the word “obersturmführer,” a military rank in the Nazi party) who releases their albums on Elegy Records, a National Socialist Black Metal record label based in Clifton, New Jersey that was started by two former members of the neo-Nazi National Alliance, Robert DiSienna and Greg Pillard. One of Craig Pillard’s bands Disma (also based out of Clifton, New Jersey), has been banned from Maryland Deathfest, California Deathfest, Netherlands Deathfest, and Chaos in Tejas fest for Pillard’s neo-Nazi, anti-semitic associations.

      In these times of “alt-right” white supremacists attacking artist spaces, white nationalist Richard Spencer being given a platform of legitimacy by the media, and Breitbart’s neo-Nazi troll Milo Yiannopoulos now having launched campaign against sanctuary campuses targeting undocumented and trans students with the blessing of the Trump regime, it would be a huge insult for all affected communities to allow a “crypto”-Nazi band like Marduk with known white supremacist ties to come to town and profit off of their glorification of Nazis. We ask everyone at this time to demand all venues to cancel the show and in the event that the venue refuses, come together as a community to shut it down.

      • David Downs

        see this is all there, think the user deleted the post after I made this and a comment on it lol. I wish I would have copied the response to the post, it was equally as hilarious lol.

  • dirtysteve

    Antifa groups are terrorists, plain and simple.

  • Draych

    Whenever Black Lives Matter gets involved, it never, ever ends well. This is what happens when you can’t comprehend facts, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Bruce Slajvic

    Well, Marduk sucks.