All Pigs Must Die


All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature

With a name like All Pigs Must Die, you expect greatness right off the bat. I mean come on, how much more instantly confrontational can your...

The Secret – Agnus Dei

There's no shortage of good deathgrind on Southern Lord produced by Converge's own Kurt Ballou. It's not exactly a small market, but for the most...

Struck By Lightning – True Predation

Are we able to agree on a name for this new wave of deathgrind yet? I've been calling it Entombed-core, since every band in...


The Dark Side of Business: An Interview with Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex

Scott Ian Lewis on the dangerous state of live music, comics, and Necromanteum

Belphegor – The Devils

Belphegor's twelfth studio album, "The Devils," is a dark and intense offering that showcases the band's signature blackened death metal sound. From the opening...