Slomatic – Kalceanna


If you’re a fan of the fuzzed-out, amplifier-worship type of doom metal, chances are you’ve heard of Slomatics. If that’s the case,  you’re wondering why are we just now reviewing Kalceanna. Well, in an exciting bit of news for fans of the band, Slomatics have signed with Black Bow Records, who are reissuing the band’s first two albums, so if you missed out the first go-around, here’s your chance to see what all the fuss has been about!

Despite only having three members, Slomatics manage to fill up a lot of sonic space on Kalceanna, with monolithic riffs, thunderous drums, and rumbling bass. “By Thor” truly sounds like the kind of tune you’d play if you were trying to summon the God of Thunder (the Norse God, not that asshole from Kiss). Sludgy, colossal riffs similar to what you’d hear on a Conan or Bongripper album abound in this piece of modern doom history, and will certain gain Slomatics a new legion of followers. Vocals are pretty sparse in the album, wiuth the band instead choosing to let the riffs speak for themselves; when the vocals are present, though, they’re usually of the gruff, guttural yelling variety. The production is on par with what you’d expect from this genre; loads of fuzz, and a slightly psychedelic-sounding atmosphere, which sounds like I’m describing Dopesmoker by Sleep, an apt comparison. None of the instruments lose definition in the mix, though, which is a big plus, as there have been many albums in this genre that could have sounded so much better, were it not for the muddy quality of the production.

There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how massive and heavy Kalceanna is, you really have to experience this album for yourself. Fans will enjoy this trip down memory lane, probably accompanied by “herbal supplements,” and will piss all their neighbours off since the only way to listen to this album is as loud as possible.

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