Silver Bones – Wild Waves


Subtlety is not a trait that pirate metal bands typically possess. Silver Bones are a prime example of this, as their album name and track listing leave nothing to the imagination. With a motif that bludgeons the audience over the head and a style steeped in 80’s heavy metal, Wild Waves sets sail to make a splash.

While Silver Bones claim to draw inspiration from many prolific 80’s heavy metal acts, I find the best comparison for them is the likes of Orden Ogan, specifically their album To The End. Wild Waves is a monsoon of layered guitar riffs, group vocals, and straightforward percussion. Also coming into play, some scattered acoustics act as effective mood setters.

While many pirate metal acts arrr heavy handed with drama, Silver Bones keep it light. Aside from a few claps of thunder, rushing water, and the occasional creaking ship, the theatrics are sparse. Instead, the tone and tempo carry the pirate theme in an upbeat and energetic fashion.

From a musical standpoint, Wild Waves is solid, but it falls short in lyrical content. Much like country music, pirate metal tends to pigeonhole its lyrics. A song titled “Queen Anne’s Revenge” is a testament to the shallow and drained inspiration the lyrics draw from. I know there won’t be any new pirate lore created anytime soon, but I’m getting seasick of these overused themes.

While the lyrics may be as fresh as a buccaneer’s crusty sock, that shouldn’t deter you from giving Wild Bones a spin. The album’s high energy keeps the performance engaging and Silver Bones’ impressive command over their booty makes it worth coming back to. If you can’t get enough of setting sail on the high sea, this one is for you, matey.

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