Noise Trail Immersion – Womb


I’ve always thought black metal and mathcore would make an interesting combination, since both genres can be pretty chaotic and unsettling. There’s actually more sonic common ground between the two genres than you’d expect, especially if you listen to some of the darker tunes by Gaza alongside bands like Deathspell Omega. Still, there hasn’t been much in the way of crossover between the two genres. That’s what Turin, Italy’s Noise Trail Immersion hope to do with Womb, their latest release.

An atmospheric nightmare of a record, Womb is both haunting and unsettling, and indeed blurs the lines between the chaotic mathcore of bands like Coalesce and Gaza with extreme metal. There’s a palpable sense of rage present on much of the record, particularly on tracks like “Somnis” and “Placenta,” which are full of clashing notes, quick time signature-changes, and guttural yells. There are hints of melody amidst the chaos, however, which reminds me of Deathspell Omega, particularly their Chaining The Katechon EP. There are a number of instrumental soundscapes that add an extra layer of eeriness and atmosphere, the title track, “Womb,” being a great example. My particular favorite track is “Birth,” which is a moody, melodic piece that almost reminds me of a slightly heavier Earth.

Black metal fans might find Womb to be a bit heavy on the mathcore side of things, and light on the metal side of things. If you’re into the mathy, chaotic side of Deathspell Omega, however, Noise Trail Immersion might be a good fit for you. If Behold The Arctopus and Gaza joined forces to create a blackened noise project, this is exactly what it would sound like. Fierce, technical, and brutal, Womb is a solid record that defies true categorization, having elements of drone, noise, black metal, and even chaotic/metallic hardcore.

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