Kluster Fuck – Crazymaker


I love the absurdity found in underground grindcore (as if there was any other kind of grindcore) almost as much as I do the music. There’s the constant onslaught of noise, unintelligible vocals, hilariously short songs, and some of the most creative names in heavy music. Copenhagen’s Kluster Fuck, for example, may have one of the most appropriate (oh the irony) names in the history of grindcore, particularly since it describes their sound so perfectly.

Kluster Fuck’s debut full-length, Crazymaker, is full of fast, brutal bursts of audio violence similar to Insect Warfare, Cloud Rat, and Wormrot. The songs are short, brutal, ridiculously fast, and yet leave a lasting impression; I seriously checked myself for mosh pit injuries after listening to this album. Kluster Fuck manage to change up the pace enough that Crazymaker avoids monotony, especially evident in the one-two punch of the final two tracks, aptly named “Fast as Fuck,” and “Agonizingly Slow.” The former is indeed “fast as fuck,” full of blasts and shrill screams, while the latter slows things down to an almost doom-like pace in comparison, and clocks in at a whopping two minutes.

Although there are a lot of cymbals in the mix, something fairly typical of this genre, it doesn’t distort the rest of the sound too badly, since you can still pick out each instrument with little difficulty. There’s plenty of overdriven bass as well, mixing nicely with the heavy guitar riffs, and high-pitched vocals that cut right through. Vocally, I’m reminded of the higher-pitched shrieks from Wormrot, both in terms of pitch and ferocity.

With Crazymaker, Kluster Fuck are poised to make some serious waves in the underground heavy music scene, and will certainly earn themselves an army of fans, of which I now gladly consider myself a member.

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