Eshtadur – Cornered at the Earth

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Eshtadur are a band from Colombia that play melodic black metal, a genre populated most famously by Scandinavian acts, though there have been notable acts from other countries, such as Italy and England. Still, it’s not every day you hear Dimmu Borgir-esque riffs being played by a band from South America. With a pair of full-lengths, an ep, demo, and a single to their name, Eshtadur have stayed pretty active since their inception in 2005. Cornered at the Earth is the band’s latest single, and it is one hell of an introduction to the music of Eshtadur.

The riffs on Cornered at the Earth, as I mentioned before, sound like the newer material from Dimmu Borgir, which have almost as much in common with melodic death metal as they do standard black metal. With the use of keyboards and synthesizers, Cornered at the Earth manages to capture that epic feel that is pretty much mandatory in any melodic black metal release that’s worth a damn. The vocals don’t ever get into the high-pitched shrieks you typically hear, but are intense none-the-less, with death growls and mid-ranged screaming (often layered in together). The production is top-notch, with plenty of each instrument in the mix. With heavy riffs, brutal vocals, and a synthesizer that adds plenty of atmosphere (without overpowering the tune), Cornered at the Earth is a great track from Eshtadur, and will make an excellent addition to any metalhead’s collection.

Eshtadur – Cornered at the Earth
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