Coprophiliac – Whining Bitch Treatment


“This is without a doubt one of the most repulsive things I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m not a prude and I understand the importance of freedom of expression, but the imagery on this cover and the sentiment it expresses is just beyond vile.” 

-An Irate and Offended Citizen

That quote more than likely represents a large percentage of people who do not take kindly to such disgusting portrayals of scatological indulgence that leads to sexual gratification.  The above message was sent to Mario Di Giambattista (guitar, vocals, drum programming; Vulvectomy) of Coprophiliac in response to the cover of their debut full-length, “Whining Bitch Treatment.”  This is what a lot of brutal death metal is: ugly, visceral, disturbing, and sickening.  Coprophiliac makes sure to include all of those elements in their punishing style of brutal death metal.  Even though I am positive that this album will satisfy my need for horrific and ghastly imagery, will the music itself be able to keep my interest?

As soon as I begin ‘Cunt Facial Vomitous’ the band has made sure to keep in line with the subject matter by overlaying sounds of women engaging in carnal lust on top of what is a man puking his guts out.  Normally I would rail against this type of introduction, but Coprophiliac felt the need to keep it only 35 seconds long before launching into their destructive onslaught of brutal death metal.  There is no mincing words when it comes to the type of music that Mario and David “Deadskin” Cetorelli (vocals, bass; Rex Vermium) have composed for us.  Filled to the brim with vicious riffs and a clear abuse of the drum machine, it is their goal to give us bludgeoning and catchy brutal death metal.

Much like the aforementioned track, the rest of “Whining Bitch Treatment” follows in a very similar vein of memorable crushing groove and sexual deviancy.  What I find to be the most engaging factor as to how Coprophiliac administers their brand of brutal death metal is even though they follow a lot of the same parameters that their predecessors helped create, they are able to sustain an aura that is all their own.  As “Whining Bitch Treatment” barrels onward I don’t feel like I’ve heard the music done in this exact same way before.  Literally every single track is able to show this off perfectly, but I think my favorite tracks have to be ‘Stump Fucked Piss Flaps,’ ‘Menstrual Muck Pancake,’ ‘Ball-Gag Punishment’ and ‘Licking A Treacly Ass.’  I could keep naming off songs that I enjoy, but at this point I would just be listing every song on this album.

The way that Mario and David both spar with each other in terms of their shared vocal duties really helps to give the music a lot of extra brutality, particularly in the cadences themselves.  Ranging from high and low vocals, both of the men do an excellent job in helping to show why they are among the best in Italian brutal death metal.  I will say that I do get some Syphilic vibes here and there, but as I mentioned above, Coprophiliac are easily able to make this disgusting display of brutal death metal their own.  Some of you may be thinking that this could be in a very similar vein to Vulvectomy and I wouldn’t fault any of you one bit for having that assumption.  However, Coprophiliac is different in the way they apply their groove and are much faster than Vulvectomy.  In fact, I think I prefer Coprophiliac‘s speedy no-holds-bowel  porcelain destruction over the slam-oriented clitoral flaying that Vulvectomy is known for.

The production on “Whining Bitch Treatment” is as minimalist as it gets.  It’s just a couple microphones, bass, guitar, amps, drum machine, and a few audio samples.  That’s it.  I am absolutely in love with Mario’s guitar tone, as it’s nice and thick but not at the expense of everything else.  David’s bass is amazingly audible, where you are able to distinguish that low-end to the music and nodding along with the nice ‘crunch’ that he is able to provide.  Even the drum machine with the monotonous snare sample sounds good because of the way the riffs are translated.  Typically I would complain about the way the drum machine sounds, but it really does fit the overall sound that Coprophiliac tries to accomplish.  Everything is in such a pristine fashion, but it fits the archaic and chaotic brutality so well.

In all honesty, this album should not be as good as it is.  “Whining Bitch Treatment” is incredibly catchy and well-thought out, even when you dissect it and look at all of the individual elements that complete it and realize that all of them have been used ad nauseum.  But Coprophiliac are able to take those ideas and apply them in their own fecal-splattering ways.  Plus, this album is just good ol’ fashion fun to listen to.  If you don’t tap your feet or bang your head in the slightest then you hate well-done brutal death metal. I can see the music being a bit too one-dimensional for some people, but this seasoned brutal death metal veteran is here to tell you to forget the reservations you may have and give Coprophiliac a chance.  Mario Di Giambattista and David “Deadskin” Cetorelli should be very proud of what they created on “Whining Bitch Treatment” because I will certainly be eagerly waiting for their second release.