Conjonctive – In The Mouth Of The Devil






In the early-to-mid 2000s, a new strain of metalcore began to emerge (particularly in North America) that incorporated elements of hardcore, black metal, and death metal, into a new, brutal sound. Led by bands like Whitechapel and Suicide Silence, this genre caught on like wildfire, with labels scrambling to pick up the next big name. Swiss deathcore outfit, Conjonctive, formed in the latter part of the era, back in 2007, and released their debut Until The Whole World Dies, which earned them much acclaim in the Swiss metal scene. Eager to follow that success, Conjonctive have now unleashed their sophomore effort, In The Mouth Of The Devil, released through Tenacity Records.

Conjonctive have a unique approach to the deathcore genre, in that they have two lead vocalists, male and female. The layered high-pitched shrieks and guttural death growls give the crunchy, breakdown-oriented tunes an extra layer of heaviness on tracks like “You’re Next” and “Down Into The Abyss.” Also notable is a black metal edge that really shines on tracks like “Let Blow The Grim Wind,” which has some of the fastest speed-picking on the record, and features some of the pig-squeal vocals that are so famous in the deathcore genre. There are plenty of moments of brilliant technicality throughout the record but these, unfortunately, get weighed down at times by an over reliance on breakdowns, with some tracks sounding slightly like filler punctuated by brutal breakdowns. Still, if you’re into a really good breakdown in your heavy music, there are plenty of them here to choose from.

The mixing and mastering on In The Mouth The Devil is fantastic, with plenty of guitar, drums, and vocals in the mix, with the vocals in particular being a focus. That two vocalists can be screaming at the same time and not sound too busy showcases both the skill of the producer and the tightness of the band. If you’re into Whitechapel and Oceano, In The Mouth Of The Devil should be a welcome addition to your collection, and Conjonctive are well on their way to being a big name in the deathcore genre.

Conjonctive – In The Mouth Of The Devil
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