No Kerry King, Terrorists Don’t Hate Your Freedom

Kerry King (Photo by Suelen Pessoa)

In a recent interview, Kerry King, guitar player of Slayer and bearded manbaby, joined the collection of imbeciles focusing on the fact that the recent Paris attacks targeted a concert. For him, as well as for a number of other idiots, the fact that a concert was targeted seems to make matters worse (queue a number of “OMG IT COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO MEEEEE!). Forget about the fact that a restaurant and a football stadium were also the target of the attacks. One thing is terrorism; another one is terrorism against a concert.

There is, of course, a hint of self-promotion here. It’s about the heroism of the likes of Slayer (who, he makes sure to highlight, continued playing even after Dimebag Darrel got shot, and even flew on planes after 9-11) who are at the forefront of the rebellion against terrorism. Although at first he fell short of saying the annoying cliché that if he didn’t play “then the terrorists win,” eventually he did get around to say it. Clearly the ISIS leadership is still wondering what on earth they have to do to keep Slayer from performing. I mean, that’s their goal.

In any case, Kerry then went on to add the well-known 9/11 Bush mantra of “the terrorists hate our freedom.” By extension, they also hate rock and metal. In his words (which I’m sure are bound to be added to some monument one day):

“I am surprised that it took the terrorists this long to target a rock concert. Because they hate rock music. They hate our lifestyle. They hate our freedom and they hate that we enjoy ourselves. And, of course, it sucks. What happened makes everybody think twice about risking their lives to see a band play. But if you stop going to concerts or stop playing at them, you just do what the terrorists want you to do.”

Apparently Kerry lives so comfortably deep inside of his own asshole that  it was only a matter of time before a rock concert got hit, because they are the object of ISIS‘ hatred. In his mind, people living in caves in Afghanistan and Syria can’t fall asleep thinking about how much they hate rock. Basically, Kerry King‘s  ISIS is mostly made up of people resembling the stereotypical “80’s dad” that was featured in Twisted Sister music videos..

Allahu Akbhar!

As much as I love heavy metal, and as much as I hate religious zealots like those of ISISKerry‘s words are so brutally stupid that it’s hard to just let them slide.

Although his credentials on geopolitics are obviously lacking, Kerry’s position as a famous musician somehow give relevance to his words. People, mistakenly, pay attention to him, and grant him some sort of authority that, in reality, he does not deserve. While most of the time this might be harmless, when it deals with issues such as terrorism, with all of its consequences, the situation changes.

Besides stupidly focusing his attention on the fact that ISIS targeted a concert, Kerry is also rehashing some of the mythology about Islamic terrorism. In his mind, Mohammed Atta flew himself into the World Trade Center simply because he hates our liberties. The people who immolated themselves in Paris did so simply because they can’t stand the fact that French people have premarital sex, women have cleavages, and homosexuals are not stoned to death.

It’s a simple myth, of course, and I can understand why it’s so attractive. It offers us a possibility of looking at the world from a naive perspective in which everything we do is righteous, while everything they do is wicked. It’s a narrative with the moral complexity of your average Disney film. It frees us from the burden of looking into our foreign policies, and places us as shining example of kindness, stoically standing against the forces of evil.

The problem is that by repeating the mantra of “terrorists hate our freedom” what Kerry is doing is to perpetuate a poisonous propaganda. There is no such thing as “blowback”, no errors in the West’s behaviors in the Middle East (down to almost directly creating ISIS), no problems with our support of tyrannical, backwards regimes that support and fund the terrorists. It’s just that those cave-dwelling, camel-riding, goat-fucking idiots hate our miniskirts, iPods and MTV. You know, our freedoms.

I think David Cross said it best:

I don’t think Osama bin Laden sent those planes to attack us because he hated our freedom. I think he did it because of our support for Israel, our ties with the Saudi family and our military bases in Saudi Arabia. You know why I think that? Because that’s what he fucking said! Are we a nation of 6-year-olds? Answer: yes.

Clearly, Kerry belongs to that same 6 year-old school of thought. With his words he demonstrates the kind of intellectual depth that you’d expect from someone hiding under a blanket.

Ultimately, the people who committed the atrocities in Paris are the only ones to blame for what happened. They are the ones who chose to murder innocent civilians. Looking at their actions as mere freedom-hating deeds, however, does not help us to understand, prevent or combat the kind of fundamentalism that created these murderers.What is more, it also gives fuel to the kind of politicians and leaders who want to convince an ignorant population (of the likes of Kerry King) that we can continue stomping the faces of a large number of people, without ever seeing any bloodshed ourselves.

Photo credit of Kerry King: Suelen Pessoa
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8 years ago

I feel that even though i love this site and this article like big majority of them are really well written, that what Kerry, Mustaine etc say isnt really article-worthy. It’s not worth reading from first hand and neither is it from second hand, no matter how well-written.

That being said, continue making good articles on things that are worth reading about 🙂

8 years ago
Reply to  Djordje

Hi Djorde, thank you very much for the kind words.
Although I agree with you, the reason why I wrote it is because MANY magazines quoted his words. When your audience is made up of young people, it’s irresponsible to just quote an idiot as if his word was gospel. So, our duty was to just show how stupid it was.
I absolutely get your point though. 🙂

Ernest Hickman
Ernest Hickman
8 years ago

I k is this is. Not related but I have a question how do you feel about odnist like me. And again I know unrelated and if you want to email me your answer my email is [email protected]. P.s. I lobe your articles

8 years ago
Reply to  Ernest Hickman

Hi Ernest!
Happy new year and thank you for the interest.
I think everybody should be free to have whatever religion they want, or to simply not believe in anything. If you’re an Odinist and you feel it makes you a better person, it helps your own life, and you are not hurting others, then nobody should mess with your own beliefs (or lack thereof).
Thanks a lot for the kind words, they mean a lot 🙂

7 years ago

Not that I disagree entirely with this piece, but why wouldn’t authoritarian religious ideologists “hate our freedoms”, too? I find King’s assessment woefully incomplete, but not entirely off the mark. Given that many of these terrorists originate and are funded by Saudi Arabia, an authoritarian theocratic shithole where the Wahhabist branch of Islam is the order of the day, it’s not unreasonable to factor that in.