Aborted – The Necrotic Manifesto

I have been an Aborted fan for the better part of 11 years, since I discovered their immensely influential record Goremageddon: The Saw And The Carnage Is Done, back in 2003.  I remember the very first time I heard “Meticulous Invagination” and I was absolutely floored with how straight-to-the-point and punishing it was; the rest of the album just kept on going with a homicidal vengeance, and to this day remains one of my all-time favorite brutal death metal records.  Sadly, it seems that the lightning in a bottle that was contained on Goremageddon… was not meant to be sustained, because the group then proceeded to release material that ranged from mediocre (The Archaic Abattior) to forgettable (Global Flatline), as well as bad (Slaughter & Apparatus: A Methodical Overture) and unadulterated garbage (Strychnine.213).

Despite the many flops Aborted have put out over the years, one thing they have always managed to do is appeal to a crossover section of fans in between the sub-genres of brutal death metal and deathcore (who all tend to wear the most nauseatingly colored Aborted merchandise), This as a result of their later material being much more accessible and appealing to a wider audience, a trend that they continued in The Necrotic Manifesto.

Before I continue with the review, I need to get something out of the way: I really wanted to enjoy this record;  I really, truly, did. I honestly wished the band the best in my most generous heart of hearts, because when you get down to the nitty-gritty of The Necrotic Manifesto, the song-writing is actually pretty damn good;  Its compositions strung together very well for the most of the time and each musician was able to hold their own.  The album even features the inhuman guttural warbling of Phlegeton, of psychosis-inducing brutal tech-death geniuses Wormed on “Excremental Veracity”, the best track of the album.

After this paragraph of gushing praise, this should be an easily obtainable Gold Star for Aborted to put on their refrigerators, right?

What The Necrotic Manifesto has in good song-writing, it lacks even more in every other facet of producing an enjoyable record.   I can’t even begin to explain the rage that builds within me because of the many things that hit major pet peeves of mine, not only in heavy metal, but also in terms of production and even some recording/musical choices and implementations.

First off, let me explain how the production of this record absolutely murders any chance it has of being a staple of any death metal fans’ collection.  The guitar tone is atrociously weak, even with two guitar tracks being pumped into you at once; this is a quality that is essential for any brutal death metal album, and right out of the gate Aborted have failed at securing the most basic tenet of the sub-genre.

Second, the absolute sloppy nature in which the guitar solos were mixed.  Guitar solos should seamlessly enter into the music and not be as intrusive as a full-on TSA cavity search, correct?  Well, once again Aborted have failed at one of the most basic elements of heavy metal, as the solos come in with the subtlety of a clawhammer to your testicles, as they are far too fucking loud in the mix.  Jesus fucking Christ, how can you screw this up?  This isn’t astrophysics; it’s just making sure your music glides in unison with nary anything to draw attention to the poor splicing of guitar tracks.

Third, out of all the vocalists that are available to do some guest spots, you chose Vincent fucking Benett of the garbage men known as The Acacia Strain to grace us with his appearance?  It’s not just that his vocals sound far too much like Svencho‘s, it’s that he still is terrible, even if he is only on the record for a total of fifteen seconds.  Hey, here’s an idea: why not just go all out and get that meathead cunt Frankie from Emmure on your next album?  Just… fuck you, Aborted.  Fuck you.

Fourth, and the most egregious bullshit of it all: vocalist Sven de Caluwé.  Yes, Sven de Caluwé is the most annoying bastard on this record, which is absolutely mind-boggling.  Although at one point I had considered him to be one of the top brutal death metal vocalists in the land, these days he can no longer cut it; he insists on using some type of shitty payphone filter on his growls that makes them sound slightly lower in the mix,  which takes away the guttural power that they exhibited on previous releases.  While the filter sucks up a lot of potential energy, that’s no match for the absolutely cringe-worthy moments where Sven tries to slow things down a bit and just talk in a deep, haunting voice, as it to try and give this fast-paced death metal some sort of deeper subtext.   This amounts to some of the douchiest moments I can remember in modern death metal, especially considering that you can barely understand what it is that he’s yammering about anyway.  Just shut the fuck up and growl and scream; nobody gives two fucks if you think it adds this great layer of atmosphere to your music, because it just doesn’t work.

As I said before, I really did want to enjoy The Necrotic Manifesto.  Unfortunately, what came about instead is one of the laziest produced records I have had the displeasure of hearing in this millennium.  The composed music had potential, but it was absolutely beaten back by some of the worst production decisions I’ve ever seen. Still, the fault can’t be laid squarely at the engineers’ feet, since every single person that was involved with this album not only dropped the ball repeatedly, but kept throwing interceptions that would be returned for touch downs by the opposing team.  If you go ahead and combine that with the incredibly weak and lackluster sound, then it means that Aborted should not even be considered brutal death metal anymore, but just flat out bland-as-fuck modern death metal.

The band obviously think that their fans are fucking simpletons that will buy anything that has their name on it, since otherwise they would have never put out this hunk of shit for human consumption.  After once again being disappointed by them, it is time to do some Quality Control™ and stop giving them chances time-and-time-again to win me over.

You assholes have been fucking up for eleven years, and there is no doubt in my mind that you’ll continue fucking up for at least the next twenty-two years.  I’m done waiting for you to get your shit together, and so should the rest of your fan base.

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Having grown up in the vast industrial wasteland known as Detroit, my sister subjected me to multiple albums by bands such as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Exodus, I quickly became immersed in the world of heavy metal for life. Even with my love of the tradition styles of metal, I always found myself craving something louder and heavier, thus bringing me to the much more extreme side of this genre of music. With classic bands such as Dismember, Autopsy, and Napalm Death always dominating my stereo system, I felt content to dig as deep as possible into the depths of ghastly heavy metal, and all these years later I still haven’t hit the bottom.
  • jon burkan’s a gigantic faggot

    let me start by saying, you are a faggot. plain and simple. they didnt write this music for you, so dont seem all entitled. also, your writing fucking sucks. another thing, if you hate emmure so much why dont you just not talk about them, any press is good press for them, so just shut the fuck up. go much a dick you cum guzzling penis leech

    • J_MetalBlast

      Thank you for your very well-worded reply.
      We’ll be sure to pass your message to Jon, who will certainly keep it in mind for future pieces.

    • Hey, thanks for reading this wonderful review!

      It’s not so much that I feel that I’m “entitled”, as you say, but after giving them well over a decade to release something I deem to be worth my time, I think it is reasonable to stop following them all together. They will never capture the magic that was “Goremageddon”, and it appears that since you can’t handle another persons opinion on an album, then this newer sissy version of them is perfect for you.

      Thanks again for reading!

  • Steve

    I reckon you must’ve picked up the wrong album you fuckin elitist prick. My jaw is sitting on the floor after reading this shit you call a review. They record a cd that doesn’t appeal to you (opposite for me but that’s beside the point) and you carry on like they raped your fuckin mother. You’re a joke mate. Cunts like you are everything I hate about the music I love.

    • Thanks for reading the review, Steve!

      I just checked the promo I got from Century Media about a month ago to ensure that they did indeed send me the right album, and they certainly did. I’m just glad that I didn’t have to spend any hard earned money on this musical drink coaster since that’s all it is really good for, but hey, you go ahead and keep on ragin’ against my well-reasoned and “elitist” opinion.

  • truth

    I think someone in the band fucked the reviewers girlfriend and he got all upset, cause this is clearly something personal. Especially seeing the same reviewer gave global flatline 4.5 out of 5 and loved the production, this production being similar and now calling that album forgettable shows someone having a grudge for some reason, but hey, hate is also good promotion for the band so good going there!

    • Thanks for reading!

      I have actually thought about that very issue that you bring up with my score for “Global Flatline” being quite high, and at the time I really enjoyed it for what it was. However, as time went on it just did not hold up to repeated listening sessions for me, and that is why I mention it as forgettable. I think that album actually had slightly better production on it than this one does, since it seems like they really doubled down on making things far more “plastic”.

  • Sil Donati

    This review reads like the reviewer has a personal problem with the band more than anything else. Checked some older reviews by the same guy and they never have that much of a personal note to them. Was surprised to find so many other reviews that praise the album and single out their love for the production, performances and even the guest performances and now to find this piece here. Hard to take it seriously with the way it’s worded though.

    • It really seems like that people seem to forget or are glossing over the fact that I mention one of their albums being a favorite of mine, and I even like the albums that even predate that one. I don’t have any personal issues with the band, but once again, I find their choices on how this album sounds to be very counter-productive to what I was hoping for.

      I have always had an issue for production values like this, and when I see a band like Aborted trip over their own feet time and time again I’m going to say something about my displeasure of them putting out bad albums for 10 years. Is that really so hard to believe?

      Also, go check out my review for the last Bonded by Blood or Rage Nucleaire albums, because I shit on those just as badly.

      • Esteban

        The problem here is that you haven’t liked anything by the band in the last 11 years, so maybe you’re not the right person to review the new album, or any album for that matter, since your review is neither subjective nor well written. It reads like a ‘I hate this band now’ post written by a death core hating kid on amazon.com reviewing the new suicide silence. You’re even obviously trying to gather ‘scene points’ by only liking Phlegeton’s guest performance. Even after praising the songwriting and performances there is just no way you can get to the score that you gave this album. And how you can hate this production is beyond me. Oh wait. You listen to Dismember and Autopsy……..bands known for their great productions.

        • Actually that isn’t the problem at all. There have been times where I haven’t liked anything from a band for a period of time, and then one day they actually put out an album that I rather enjoyed (i.e. the last Cattle Decapitation album; http://www.metalblast.net/music-review/cattle-decapitation-monolith-of-inhumanity/). I guess that means you’ve never been curious to see how a band has progressed after years of not paying attention to them, and therefore should negate my ability to review something by a band that put out a genius record over a decade ago, hoping that one day (and against my better judgement) that they might be able to hook me as a fan again?

          Now here’s where your comment goes off the rails where you say that I only care about “scene points”, which is absolutely laughable. If I gave two shits about “scene points” then I would have licked this albums ass just like every other person who lauds it as the next coming of the Jesus Christ of Death Metal. But, I guess because I think a guest vocalist did an excellent job makes me some sort of scene kid. Go figure.

          Let’s get to your next point that argues about the score, which I do agree can, and should be, discussed by fans, as all of this is subjective to begin with. However, my choices of how I rated the three categories actually parses out the score automatically. I’ve already explained my position to death, so if you still happen to disagree with it, then that’s just too damn bad, so feel free to read this review over and over again until this point sticks in your brain: “it is normal that there are things that I like that other people won’t like.”

          Also, mentioning Dismember and Autopsy as if they fit into the same musical category as Aborted is hilarious. Do me a favor and let me know when Aborted makes an album that sounds identical to “Like An Ever Flowing Stream” or “Severed Survival”, then we’ll talk about the validity of your conclusion. Or did I just somehow miss the inclusion of the Boss HM-2 pedal in every single riff?

  • Dusty

    I couldn’t repeat the phrase “cum-guzzling penis leech” enough. I’ll give you that this may not have been the best album. Hell, I’ll even admit that this sounded like it was recorded in mono inside of a steel garbage can. However, just because it sucks you can’t just call this album a pile of shit and hurt my feelers (and not just mine, but of countless other fans judging by the other comments). I hope you drown in our tears. Literally. Suffocate. And. Drown.

    You call us fans simpletons, but you fail to understand the true genius of Aborted’s latest album. They have already given you the most brutal album ever with Goremageddon. Musically, where are they supposed to go from there? You’ve already told us: production that “murders any chance it has of being a staple…”, “sloppy” guitar solos, and horrid vocals. If you listened to Sven’s haunting voiceovers, which you deemed some of the “douchiest moments”, you’d understand that they did add a layer of depth to this album by giving you the most brutal emotion ever: pure fucking disappointment.

    If you’ve already made the most brutal music imaginable, the only logical way to go is making music that makes the listener feel the most brutal feelings imaginable. Who’s the simpleton now, you cum guzzling penis leech?