Top 5 Reasons Why Gene Simmons Is A Piece of Shit

I was huge Kiss fan when I was a kid.  If this had happened in the 70s, I’m sure that it would have been an easier thing, but since most of my childhood and my awkward teenage years happened in the 90’s, it wasn’t exactly the most popular thing to like. Still, the idea of a bunch of guys playing heavy metal while covered in weird makeup and blowing shit up was really appealing to my 13 year old mind, and I felt really frustrated when I kept being unable to see them live.

A lot has happened since those days. I’ve seen Kiss live, I started to pay attention to their lyrics and, finally, my former love for the band became a source of embarrassment and frustration. Nowadays the only thing on my mind when I hear anything about Kiss is: “Please, just stop”.

Jewish Grandmother Gene Simmons. Source

Front and center of these has-beens is bassist, singer and anti-Semitic caricature, Gene Simmons, a man whose marketing techniques would make Sharon Osbourne blush. It’s not just that he seems like the kind of person who would do anything for a buck, but that he is such a talentless  piece of shit that I’m surprised a swarm of flies doesn’t follow him around.

Since I’m sure that these words probably make many Kiss fans (you know the type: the mid 50s fat guy with the ill-fitting cut-off jacket who lists his education as “university of life” and brags about the amount of porn he watches) get angry and breathe almost as heavily as when they go up a flight of stairs, let’s just look at the evidence:

1. He is a misogynistic asshole

While misogyny has always existed in metal due to it being a mostly male-dominated genre, Simmons (a supporter of Mitt “binders full of women” Romney) has elevated it to the level of an art.

Back in 2002, Gene Simmons was interviewed by NPR’s Terry Gross. Although Simmons tried to prevent the interview from being published after he realized how much of a piece of shit he had shown to be, everything was eventually released. While you can listen to the full audio of the interview online, or just read the full transcript, here are some of the beautiful nuggets of wisdom from the feminist hero:

In regards to money being the most important thing in life, and what needs to be done to get it:

As a woman of course you have the ability to sell your body, then get the money, and then, with that, get food.

When speaking about why he wears a codpiece:

As a woman of course you have the ability to sell your body, then get the money, and then, with that, get food.

Although Gross called his “comments obnoxious” (and would later describe him as a misogynist and a misanthropeSimmons opted to double down, even asking her if she was “sexier” when she was not on NPR, demonstrating that his level of respect for women is akin to that of Ted Bundy. Which brings us to…

2. He is a creepy fuck

Some time ago, in the Opie and Anthony Show, one of the hosts commented how undercover sexual predator Gene Simmons once harassed his then-girlfriend, Jill Nicoletti. The level of harassment was such that her boss had to get involved to sort of diffuse the situation, since his flirtatious technique of pinning her against a fucking wall were clearly not working well enough.

As a man who brags about having had sex with about 5,000 women (he adds “so far”) Simmons has gone through some legal problems, like being accused of sexually harassing a make-up artist, choking some women who tried to record him and defaming his ex-girlfriend (with whom he settled). Of course, Gene accused them of just going after his money; after all, how could anyone suggest that this man, known for photographing every woman he has fucked, singing about statutory rape and for wanting to fuck his (trailer trash) groupies and their mothers, was not a nice person.

In Gene Simmons’ world,  accusations come from gold-diggers, while the untapped reservoir of vaginas where he claims to live is only the result of his sexual prowess and abilities as a lover. Thanks to the internet, however, we have access to a leaked sex tape of this man, where we see him demonstrating his technique for the best part of 6 minutes: Ladies, get ready to change your panties as you witness the small dick of this sexagenerian sex-tape terrorist going into a “model”, while wearing a t-shirt and keeping his pants and underwear around his ankles and his shoes on. Marvel at his record-breaking 30 seconds on top and the following pleasureless coitus, culminating in his collapse on top of his escort model.

Gene Simmons Facelift
The sexy sexagenerian after his televised facelift. Ladies, please, control your orgasms.

Gene Simmons did, of course, attack those who released this horror into the world; however, the fact that it coincided with the beginning of his cringe-inducing reality show did raise the questions as to whether it was a publicity stunt. After all,

3. He is a greedy cunt who will do anything for a buck

In his NPR interview, discount Bond villain Gene Simmons made it clear: Money is the most important thing in his life. He stressed that for him music was “to get laid and make lots of money”. To put things into perspective, this means that if little Gene here had started his band in the late 90’s then he would have been rapping side by side with moron extraordinaire Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit, since that was the best way to get laid back then. Remember to bring this up whenever any of the mullet-wearing members of the Kiss Army brings up how great they are.

In all fairness, however, in addition to the collection of genital warts that in all likelihood adorn this man’s decrepit and impotent dick, he does have a lot of money. The problem is that, as any trafficked child can attest, it’s not just about making money, but how you make it.

It’s not just that Kiss will sell anything to you, from lycra shorts to Christmas ornaments and even a fucking a casket (demonstrating their incredible taste, Simmons did specify that it could also serve as a beer cooler); It’s that they keep pushing their crap as if their life depended on it, making Shakespeare’s Shylock seem like an exemplary merchant in comparison.

Kiss kasket and Kiss Urn. Keep it classy Gene.
Kiss kasket and Kiss Urn. Keep it classy Gene.

What makes Simmons special as a businessman is that there are no depths he won’t sink to in order to make money. No product is too tacky and no technique is too sleazy. It’s not just that, as he proudly claims, it was never about the music, it’s that it was also never about the fans; how do we know this? Well, when asked about the crisis in the music industry, Gene’s approach towards file sharing was not a change in the industry standards, or offering the fans a better bang for their buck, it was the scorched earth policy of suing the kids that download music into oblivion, taking their houses and wiping them off the face of the earth. Considering that this is a man that charges his fans thousands of dollars for a meet and greet (with the added risk of STDs, bruises and molestation), you’d think he would be a bit less violent in his approach; but no, not Gene.

Nowadays Simmons can be found promoting LA Kiss, an arena football team that he proudly claims is pure “wholesome family entertainment”. The hypocrisy of a man  known for writing a song about coercing his girlfriend into getting buttfucked, talking about “wholesome family entertainment” is obviously not something that Gene “welcome me with open legs” Simmons cares about; hell, he even went as far as pandering to the American Christian right in order to get exposure for his b-list team, by saying that they would recruit Tim Tebow, who had totally been discriminated against because of his Christian values™.

Having Simmons develop this parasitic relation with the Christian right is, of course, incredible, especially when you consider that

4. He is a racist and ignorant moron

During his run on A&E’s Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels, Gene Simmons told his son that he shouldn’t try to fix his own car, because that’s “what gentiles are for”. In other words, Gene said that goym, the non-Jews, are made for manual labor, to serve the Jewish people. You have to wonder whether while he was kissing the ass of the Christian Right, the chutzpah of which went unnoticed, Gene remembered that he was talking to gentiles.  

Imagine if he had been more specific on his racist remarks, targeting only blacks, instead of all non-jews. Would we be OK with him if he had said “that’s what blacks are for”? What about “that’s what Chinese are for”?

Of course, this is far from being Gene‘s only racist remark; after all, he has gone on the record calling Muslims “a vile culture” (he then backtracked and pretended that he had only meant extremists). Simmons is just so massively ignorant about everything around him (but surrounds himself with enough “yes men” to believe otherwise) that he has expressed his disdain at anybody opposing Israel‘s war crimes in the occupied territories; has praised the siege of the Gaza Strip (called by Richard Falk, UN’s Special Rapporteur a “crime against humanity” and deemed illegal by every human right organization), advocated bombing Iran and attacked both the UN and the Obama administration for not standing behind Israel on everything.

Gene’s remarkably moronic criticisms of Obama, a man I’m not fond of, included that he had no right to “dictate” policies for Israel, because he didn’t live there (also an analogy about the moon that is so incredibly stupid that it needs to be seen to be believed). Of course, neither does Gene, who actually waited a good 51 years before even visiting his country of birth; but that didn’t stop him from claiming that Israel was his home, and that he was always “a stranger in America”. For Gene it’s all about whoever it is that he’s trying to exploit. You know, just like a psychopath

Although from time to time Gene shows his true nature, the fact of the matter is that for a big chunk of his career he didn’t demonstrate how much of a gigantic turd he was. The reasons for this are obvious, after all

5. He is a terrible musician and a horrible songwriter who even wrote a song about fucking a child.

During his visit to Israel, Simmons explained to his audience that if Kiss was to start today, they would be the saviors of music and that they’d be just as popular. What Simmons seems to forget is that what propelled Kiss into fame was not their music, but the make-up and the special effects gimmick, something that nowadays would hardly carry the same shock-value that it had in the 70s.

Aside from the skill of pre-addiction Ace Frehley, at the end of the day Kiss were a band known for simple melodies, choruses that were repeated countless of times, and lyrics so stupid and tacky that they make Ke$ha seem like a Nobel laureate. Although I am certain that comparing the lyrical skills of  Kiss with those of an STD petri dish like  Ke$ha might seem a bit extreme, at least she hasn’t (yet) written lyrics about buttfucking.

Gene 2
If it wasn’t for this gimmick, he’d probably be killing hookers right now. Source

The problem is not that the lyrics are terrible; after all, not every band needs to write complex concept albums or use their songs as social criticisms. The thing is to see that Gene tries to pass those songs as if they were musical masterpieces (as opposed to the unremarkable, yet catchy, tunes they are). It’s not that, as a musician, Gene Simmons pisses on your leg and tells you it’s raining; it’s that he pisses on your leg and charges your for washing your pants.

Although in his songwriting career Gene has made sure to set low standards and then fail to meet them, he reached an undisputed low when he penned the famous “Christeen Sixteen”, a romantic song about statutory rape.

While Simmons pulled no punches after the death of Michael Jackson, a man who was more of a threat to children than whooping cough, and made plenty of comments regarding his love for giving hefty settlements to kids who couldn’t keep a secret, he has had no problem in singing this lovely tune. All of this, of course, despite being a 64 years old man…

A 64 year old misogynistic, misanthropic, creepy, greedy, racist, ignorant and untalented man who really, really, really, wants to fuck a kid.

Fuck you, Gene Simmons.

Fuck You.

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Considered by his mother as the brightest and prettiest boy, J's interest in metal started in his early teens, listening to bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica (coupled with an embarrassing period in which Marilyn Manson "totally represents me, man") eventually moving into the realm of power, black, and death metal. He holds a PhD in law, trains martial arts, practices law, and enjoys coming up with excuses as to why he has to miss work after going to a concert. He also dabbles as a concert photographer, you can see his sub-par work on his instagram.
  • The Alpha and the Omega

    Good article! Well written and I happen to agree with you 100%. Gene Simmons is as disgusting as it gets

    • marie-anna theriault

      omg u are a fucking moron

      • J_MetalBlast

        I like that even though you couldn’t even write a whole sentence properly, you look down on other people as “morons.”

        • MisogynistDick

          The only morons are you fuckin liberals ruining this country. If you like muslims so much maybe you should live in a muslim country.

          • fuckyouignorantcunt

            What the flying fuck has muslims to do with this? Go kill yourself, you’re a hopeless nutcase, LOSER!

          • J_MetalBlast

            What country is that?

        • dmsday

          No, she’s right, you’re a fucking moron. Do you even know what anti-Semitic means? Gene is a Jew. Born in Israel, mother is a holocaust survivor. I stopped reading after that, because you obviously have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about.

          • J_MetalBlast

            What I take from your otherwise insane message is that you think I called Gene Simmons anti semitic.
            Maybe your mommy should have paid more attention to your education 🙂

          • Eduardo Burato

            Man, I’m brazilian, english is my 2nd language and I had no trouble to read and understand this sentence! Dear lord… by the way, I’ll always choose a full crack head Ace instead of sober shit head Chaim Klein. People like this fat bastard is the reason why people need drugs and booze! ;D

          • Mj

            Simmons IS ANTI SEMTIC cos he e and fellow Ashkenazi Jews are NOT SEMITIC, Semites are olive and tan, they look like Palestinians. Khazarian concert Jews are not Semites, every day zionazi scum kill real Jews they mistake for Palestinians…who btw ARE SEMITIC.

            So the fakers like this creepy sack of wrinkles are the REAL anti Semites for killing Palestinians and Semitic Jews out of pure evil and hate.

            I loved the article, truth will be revealed. Fame doesn’t makethe person, only reveals who they were all along. Write on, right on. ???????

          • Mj

            Do YOU even know what a Semite is?

            A Semitic Jew looks exactly like a Palestinian, tan or olive skin. Zionist scum bags kill REAL Jews every day by mistake cos they think they’re Palestinians… who ARE SEMITIC.

            So the scum running around calling people who detest the war crimes of the state of Israel, not the people so much, anti Semitic are the REAL anti Semitics because THEY MURDER REAL SEMITES, both Palestinian and Jew.

            The the Red Pill and wake up before it’s too late.

  • April Sharp

    well said

  • ToNy

    Very insightful and true. Gene is a douche bag of the highest order.

    • Mj

      And what really bothers me are the who’s of the fake Jews, they refuse to see their own kind can be every bit the assholz any other set of people can be

  • Thot Xavi

    You are a very unhappy man.

    • J_MetalBlast


      • Ojete

        And an interesting one too!

        • J_MetalBlast


  • rkcndy

    You definitely seem pretty angry at the man. Meh, I dislike him too, yet loved the band when I was 8, 9, 10 years old (female here). Imagine my surprise when I got old enough to realize what the lyrics meant, lol. He just doesn’t bug me the way he did when I actually thought he might be someone I should take seriously. But, I don’t, therefore, no biggee. Just like him.

    • J_MetalBlast

      Hi! Thanks for reading.
      Well, keep in mind that it’s a tongue-in-cheek article, so do take it with a grain of salt. Having said that, when he talks about politics or about arresting kid for copyright infringement, I do get pissed off because he’s really a dangerous influence in those realms.
      Again, thanks for stopping by, I’m sure other things in the site might be more attractive to you.
      Have a good one.

  • Anthony Horton

    While I do agree the Gee is a douchepickle of the highest order, a man who just can’t seem the fathom the stench of his own stupid bullshit that comes spewing forth from his mouth..and I did take most of what your wrote with a grain of salt. I don’t agree that all their music was shit, and the fans are mostly over weight mullet wearing retards. That’s a slap in the face to any and all Kiss fans out there, for simply liking a band that yes I’ll admit is passed it’s time but that’s due largely in part because of Gene and because putting both Tommy
    Thayer, Eric Singer in Ace & Peter’s make-up is a fucking joke…YES they
    are great musicians in their own right, and I’ve liked Eric Singer in
    more then a few of the bands he has been with but they
    should have their own make-up same as the late great Eric Carr (much
    missed member of the band) and Vinnie…doing it as Gene and Paul are
    and have been is a slap in the face to us life long die hard fans…The
    other thing I wanted to say…Gene Simmons should learn to shut the fuck up, take a back seat
    and just be what he is supposed to be..The Demon, The Bass player and
    fellow singer song writer of the band…His mouth, attitude and greed
    have done more to hurt the bands image and following over the years then
    anything else..Thayer & Singer in Ace & Peter’s make-up
    included…and Paul !….Paul should check his wife’s purse to try and
    find his ball sack or at the least grow a new pair and take a bit more
    of a rock ‘n’ ROLE in the Dealings of the band then Gene…at the very
    least tell Gene to finally shut up and sit down…and the fans more then
    anything should get the Army’s boots a stomping LOUDLY and tell both
    Gene and Paul they are making a Joke out of the band anymore..and that
    we has the fans…the ones they have always said were the most important
    ARE NOT HAPPY ! m/

    • c00ld00d64

      Couldn’t agree more – it’s depressing to see “the hottest band in the world” (which they were at one point – a title they EARNED) gravitating to “the laughingstock has beens” (which they also EARNED). Basically they’ve become a tribute band – a tribute band to which Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are full time members.

      • Jim Crockett II

        Are you kidding? This is the best line up musically since the Revenge era.

        • c00ld00d64

          No, I’m *NOT* kidding. Eric’s an awesome drummer and is far more solid than Peter, but that’s as far as I go. Ace always had vast influences and it shows on his playing (and writing) – while Tommy Thayer plays recycled Ace Frehley licks; Gene and Paul are satisfied just to play caricatures of their former selves, and they’re BETTER than that…

          • Jim Crockett II

            Peter was an awful drummer and Ace(whom I always loved and still do) is simplistic at best. Blues penatonic scale rehashed over and over and… Tommy plays Ace licks much better than Ace these days and even improvises a bit to put his little touch(not too much because Paul and Gene want it to sound like 70’s Kiss,specifically Ace). Vinnie Vincent and Bruce Kulick are far more technical players and are superior to Ace. The Revenge tour had some of the best renditions of Kiss classics I have ever heard. Even over the creatures era. Now Kiss is pretty much playing in the vein of ALIVE! with a tighter touch due to Tommy and Eric. I’ve seen Kiss six different times from 96 to their farewell tour with the originals and twice with the current line up. With Ace and Peter they were awful sounding from Peter’s incredibly slow pace and Ace’s guitar playing that was so sloppy it was as bad as an amateur. I didn’t like the fact they are still wearing the make up without Ace and Peter. I still don’t
            However musically there is no denying they sound great and are as tight as ever. Of course the vocals aren’t as good as the 70’s or 80’s but with most cases that is part of the aging process and years of wear and tear.

          • Eduardo Burato

            I just want to add my opinion in this “best line up” topic: for me, the Creatures of the night era was the best, not just for the presence of Eric Carr and Vinnie Vincent; they got top quality recording musicians in studio. This recording was so fabulous that it survived the crap remix that killed Carr’s excelent drumming – I could expeculate that this remix caused him the cancer but it’s a over-personal theory! ;D

        • regina faber

          Right on ?

        • He is not kidding, he is just stupid.

  • A White Trash Ghoul

    “Since I’m sure that these words probably make many Kiss fans (you know the type: the mid 50s fat guy with the ill-fitting cut-off jacket who lists his education as “university of life” and brags about the amount of porn he watches) get angry and breathe almost as heavily as when they go up a flight of stairs, let’s just look at the evidence…”
    Eddie Trunk?

    • What are you? Sexually confused gender bender?

      • ?Ghoul?

        I’m a straight woman. What’s your point?

  • Elke Maria Hassell

    See I started to enjoy reading your Blog, but you are another brain washed idiot that is obviously no different than Gene Simmons in your notion about Michael Jackson. Its easy to be just a tabloid junkie and copy and paste what you have been told about MJ. Otherwise you would have known that No. 1 there were no numerous settlements made but 1 and that was made by MJ’s Insurance company against MJ’s will, who insisted of it going to court in 1993, but alas because he was touring the “Industry” did not want to suffer from any financial loss, consequently he was overruled and payment was made by the Insurers. There is an affidavit in the court files signed by Michael Jackson that he did NOT agree with payment being made. (You can google this, its easy to find) 10 years later he again faced another extortionist (and you can find the whole details on this too if you would only google it) he went to court and was found NOT guilty in a court of law!!! Oh yes MJ loved children from the time he was a little kid, there were no secrets there, everybody can tell you this, He supported over 34 charities toward underprivileged people not just kids and gave 300 Million plus toward these charities. There wasn’t a time when he did NOT tell the public how much he loved and cared for children, but Society in their fucked up ways cannot accept an honest man. Unlike this asshole Gene Simmons who I feel fucked underage kids but no one talks about it. So get your facts right and stop slandering a dead man!

  • Lukas Bures

    Well … only his thing what he will do with Kiss … :)The Kiss is HIS, or Demon is HIS …. nevery mind, that you dont like it 🙂

  • Luke

    I was never a fan of Gene Simmons or KISS.
    With that being said, I read his book Me Inc. and gained some business advice.
    Interesting article J.

  • Rob Lee

    i thought aiding and supporting terrorism was illegal in america ? seems not when this vile cunt can rise millions for the idf .saying that the american government have been doing the same for years so maybe he thinks its the patriotic thing to do ..

    • J_MetalBlast

      It’s one of the many hypocrisies.

  • >”comparing the lyrical skills of Kiss with those of an STD petri dish like Ke$ha ”

    Talk about a “misogynistic asshole”….

    • J_MetalBlast

      Well, misogyny involves a hatred towards women in general; I just sincerely think Ke$ha is shit. Big difference.

      • Yes, if you had just mentioned Kesha’s shitty lyrics. You didnt. You mentioned otherwise music unrelated STDs, insinuating about her sexual conduct. Thus making a misogynistic comment.

        • J_MetalBlast

          I don’t think you can just assume misogyny from a single comment, particularly in what is obviously an article written in jest (Gene Simmons is not actually a pile of feces).
          Thanks for reading though

        • STDs are pretty heavily related to the music industry, really.

          About as much as cocaine and heroin.

  • robbins303

    Oh he’s for Israel and the genocide against civilians! That makes total sense. Lol if he feels such a stranger in the US he should move to zionistville. Bye bye Gene. (and Eff yew) xD

  • Neverlikedkiss

    I was indifferent but he forces me to think of him as disgusting. Okay Gene, have it your way. Slob.

  • Hooey Davis

    Easily one of the most outstanding editorial pieces I’ve ever read about anything at anytime, anywhere.

    • You don’t read much, do ya?

      • Hooey Davis

        Sure I do: “War And Peace”, “A Tale Of Two Cities”, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” etc etc, shit like that.

  • Jason King

    Agree, Gene Simmons is def a piece of shit, I mean he recently called Donald Trump “A good man”, but #5 is a little off…..first off you can’t automatically assume someone is a piece of shit over a song. There are many fucked up songs out there by good people. And “wrote a song about fucking a child” Women reach sexual maturity at the age of 16, the age of consent in the majority of the world is 16. And it’s not like he was a greasy old man when he wrote this song, He was only 27 himself when he wrote the song, and again the song isn’t about him, it’s just a song. But yeah other than that fuck him.

    • Eduardo Burato

      That’s something I wasted some time thinking about… if you put together Going’ blind, Christine 16 and Domino, man, he’s not the best person to talk shit against MJ.

  • meangreen1

    Maybe what Gene needs most in life is….. A KICK IN THE NUTS!

  • Your post is about a 1000 words too long and lacks substance on the political side.

    Richard Falk was proven misguided, uniformed and wrong.

    But if it makes you feel good to support terrorism and terrorist go right ahead.

    You do know Hamas received billions of dollars in foreign aid and that the money that wasn’t stolen by their leadership was used to build terror tunnels and commit acts of violence.

    You do know they intentionally fire rockets indiscriminately into Israel with no regard for who or what they target.

    That they use human shields and that their charter is committed to the destruction of Israel and the genocide of Jews.

    It’s not a secret, it’s all stuff you can find online. But if ignoring these points because it’s that important to tar and feather Gene, well ok.

    • J_MetalBlast

      1. Please provide evidence about what you said regarding Richard Falk.
      2. Hamas was democratically elected to rule Gaza. After years of genocidal practices from the Israelis, it’s not surprising the Palestinians turn to a more extreme party, seeing that Israel also failed to negotiate with Fatah.
      3. Israel has committed war crimes against Palestine. Palestinians have defended themselves with bottle rockets.
      4. There’s plenty of evidence about Israel using Palestinians as human shields, but very little about Palestinians using human shields.

      Please stop reading propaganda, just review Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch. Thanks!

  • Asoto

    As far as Simmons is concerend, you make pretty convincing arguments here, but the one thing I would take immediate issue with is dragging Ke$ha into your discussion. Now, I am NOT a fan of Kesha, nor do I like her music, so with that being said, I am not protecting this woman nor am I offended that you’ve somehow sullied the name of an artist I adore – this is NOT the case. I simply believe people that have nothng to do with an issue should be left out of that issue. It’s ironic how you mention how Simmons “makes Ke$ha seem like a Nobel laureate,” because she is a member of Mensa (not sure you knew that, but your article would indicate that you didn’t) and she could very well be exactly that if she wanted to walk that path. She had near perfect scores on her SAT’s and she is considered one of the smartest singers around today. So yeah, she actually could be a Nobel laureate and a lot more. The whole “STD petri dish” comment was also uncalled for and not cool, man. Seriously, dude, you can’t sit here and write all this smack about Simmons, his inability to be a decent human and turn around and then say things like this about a person that I am sure you do not know personally. This article might have been better received, at least by me, if your Simmons-bashing was kept to a minimum, stayed with the facts and Kesha was not mentioned at all! Look, man, like I said, you make good points and I am in agreement with much of what you said, it’s just that I enjoy articles where the writers stay away from being “clever” and simply state the facts without hurting anyone else in the process.

    • J_MetalBlast

      1. I also do not know Gene Simmons personally, that clearly didn’t stop me from making a judgment.
      2. The Nobel comment was said in jest. In any case, getting good SATs scores do not mean you’re on your way to getting a Nobel.
      3. Kesha’s music and lyrics are terrible. IF she is smart, she is definitely not showing it.
      4. Please don’t worry about hurting people’s feelings. Those people are adults, they can manage.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • Asoto

        Sure, my friend, I could agree with everything you’re saying except that it’s all subjective anyway. What is “terrible” to you, is gold to others. Obviously it stands to reason because she has made a good living dispensing this so-called “terrible”music. And sure, I get that she might not be heading towards a Nobel Prize, but my point was that you were mocking her lack of intelligence when she is known, outsie of her music, for her intelligence. You also take a position regarding hurting the feelings of others as if you’re somehow appointed to know what’s good for the world and that they can take it because they’re adults. Look, I get it, I am not amfan of Simmons, or Kesha for that matter, but what is subjetcive and what is fact needs to stay pure when addressing issues like the ones you have pointed out here. Otherwise all you have is a Gene Simmomns bashing piece, which is OK, but should be made clear from the onset.

        • J_MetalBlast

          Wait, you read an article that, in its title, refers to Gene Simmons as a piece of shit, and are surprised that it involves bashing?

          • Boomstick

            This is 50% of America right now. Utopian Society police.. Fawn over every comment, whim, or idea, or get scolded.

        • Eduardo Burato

          You got a point… if someone can sell a “not so smart” song and make it to the top parade, this person know something about the nature of the game that we cannot figure out. Or, at, least, she’s smart enough to pay attention to her producers and managers!

  • tommyr

    The article is 100% right on the money. Kiss died for me after Ace & Peter left for the last time. Now they’re just a half a tribute act and Paul can’t sing feces anymore.

  • Dennis

    Maybe you should think about getting a job or something. And actually contribute something to the real world. Sitting in mommy’s basement and spewing hate is pretty pathetic at your age. Get a job and start paying taxes. And most of all, stop being a loser in life.

    • J_MetalBlast

      “When he’s not working at Metal Blast he can be found practicing Krav Maga, working as an attorney and coming up with excuses as to why he has to miss work after going to a concert. He also dabbles as a concert photographer, you can see his sub-par work on his instagram.”

      You should read my bio before you decide to tell me where I live or what I do. Thanks for trying though!

  • N_Disnye

    Was gutted when THE BIG ISSUE carried an interview with him.
    Like all of his greasy ilk, he has the morals of a sewer rat.

    See this…..

  • Gip

    This article is dumb. Did you write one about other jews who use the same gentile jokes? Kiss has a following and he has a right to make a living. His resourcefulness is probably offensive to the ambitionless.

    • J_MetalBlast

      If you point any of them out to me, and they happen to be big musicians, sure, I’ll write one about them. If they’re just “this one jew I know,” then no, I don’t think I’ll write an article. You see, we’re a magazine about music so….
      As for being “ambitionless,” I don’t know where you got that from. In any case, ambition, in and of itself, is neither positive nor negative. To say that Gene has ambition doesn’t mean anything without explaining what his ambitions are. If it’s money, whatever the source may be then, yeah, he can go fuck himself.

      • Gip

        Fair enough. Larry David called people gentiles all the time. Also there is nothing wrong with making money. As long as there are people that will spend their money on Kiss crap then why not make money off of it.

        • J_MetalBlast

          Noted metal musician Larry David, from black metal band Cvrb Yovr Enthvsiasm?
          And it’s not that Gene called people gentiles. Please read that part again.


          • Gip

            Lol. You got me I dont read so well.

          • J_MetalBlast

            Look on the bright side: Thanks to your comment this was brought to my attention

          • Gip

            Ha. Bitchin!

  • G.S.K. herzak

    Sorry late response. But great article. The way he tells trump critics now to shut up while yacking his shameless whacky views – hypocritical asswipe! Well said!

  • Kevin Shire

    I’ve Met him…he was nice to our band when we opened up for them….The Band I managed was a fantastic band called “The Feens”. I was surprised, but when we met him he said …The Feens, you guys are great” we were….I think too great….never opened again…we could have used his help, but I think he was afraid of bands that were great opening up for Kiss…most I have heard really suck and I think he likes it that way…..I was a huge Kiss fan…

  • Chas

    I happen to agree with you one hundred percent… Gene Simmons has always been a mediocre musician at best and a hypocrite as well recently referring to Trump as an animal when he has made a career looking and acting like an animal with his outlandish stage act, dress and ridiculous makeup to cover up his inadequacies as a musician and a vocalist. I can totally see why he supports Clinton… birds of a feather… phony bullshit, greed
    cover up, and yes even hypocrisy. I hope you burn in hell you cunt..

  • Guy Rosling

    Duuuh…erybody know dat…gotdamn boy. I was first exposed to gene simmons (notice that I did not capitalize his name – that was on purpose) when I was ten years old. And even at ten years old I thought to myself, “What an asshole.” But my older brother liked them so I gave them a chance. I thought that kiss was either absolutely brilliant or just total fucking scum artists…I mean scam artists. Scummy scam artists sounds about right. Anyway…your first intuition is generally the one to listen to, but I believe people and things deserve a good chance. You can’t just hate something blindly, you have to understand it before you can even begin to tear it down. But…their songs continued to make me envy the deaf and their ridiculous shtick made me wonder if you really did have to sell your soul to become a rock star. Were their songs catchy? Sure, they were. But “Mary Had a Little Lamb” is catchy…that doesn’t mean I’m gonna own the record or even fucking sing along. And the face paint was never scary or intimidating to me, though I’m sure gene likes to think of himself as an intimidating man. There’s nothing intimidating about a man with a face like refried beans and a haircut like a medieval jester. (And face paint is only scary if you’re a Native American Indian who makes the paint out of blood. That’s the only kind of man who’s allowed to wear face paint.) Then I kept seeing all the shit that they kept slapping the ‘kiss’ name on and I thought: “Ok…so here’s a bunch of clowns with guitars and makeup and they’re also trying to sell toys with their name on it. This is all starting to sound like some really lame Saturday morning kids TV show band with a stupid gimmick.” Bottom line…when I first saw kiss I thought that they were just a bunch of clowns posing as rock stars. I thought it was a joke…a running gag…I didn’t think it was a real band. And it turns out that I was right. kiss was started as a business, not a band. gene simmons is a corrupt businessman, not a talented musician. On a list of people to be admired, gene simmons is no where near this list.

  • john tuss

    Simmons is a douc bag piece of shit and a embarrassment to all Jewish people .I hope he has a good excuse when he meets the king of the Jews . cause I think Christ is gonna remind him what a douc bag he is and that he is not God

    • “I hope he has a good excuse when he meets the king of the Jews” – do you people reallly, I mean REALLy believe this crazy BS?!? xDDD

  • Joe Donato

    Why do you have my picture in your bio? 1st Sgt. J.D.

    • J_MetalBlast

      Well that’s awkward.
      It’s just a photo that I used as an avatar for years, and sort of stuck.
      Got it from some news site, I think.

    • J_MetalBlast

      Well that’s awkward.
      It’s just a photo that I used as an avatar for years, and sort of stuck.
      Got it from some news site, I think.
      Having said that, I find no trace of that being the name of the person in the photo. Could you provide some evidence?

  • Oberst

    What a filthy fuck!

  • I almost got mad when I read this because I’m actually a KISS fan of all eras of the band but when I read your replies and you said it was tongue-in-cheek I backed down immediately from saying anything nasty. So, yeah I just wanted to say that yeah I recognize a lot of people hate Gene as a person, which is why I only like him as a musician. Personally, I still think he’s a solid singer and bass player, some of my all time favourite KISS songs are by him. My favourite classic KISS record is Destroyer and the self-titled debut. For their more recent stuff I like Revenge and Monster the most. I know a lot of people care about the lineup, but to me the music is what’s more important. If it sounds good to me I like it.

    However, I do agree with some of your standpoints on why Gene can be a dick as a person. Like, the bragging about sleeping with 5,000 girls eventually got on my nerves, especially when I read his autobiography from years ago. I do not agree with his political views at all. I think he’s a smart businessman but also over-markets KISS, like I don’t think we really need caskets or condoms do we? (well, I suppose condoms are not that bad because hey that’s supporting safe sex) and the greed, yeah that’s a bad thing too. He charges 10 grand for one-on-one backstage M&G with him and not to mention the regular M&Gs with KISS are roughly around twelve hundred dollars. To me I eventually saw the true colors of what he craves in money when I saw this sterling silver necklace of his Axe bass on a site of his merchandise. I almost bought it but changed my mind, it was a whopping $300. Sterling silver jewelry NEVER costs that much, that’s the price of a 14K gold necklace!

    And yeah he’s got a big mouth but instead of bashing him I try to interpret what he means and take it in. If I disagree with it I prefer to be constructive instead of talking shit and calling him names. Anyway, I’m probably gonna receive backlash from incoming commentors who read this in the future due to the fact that I’m a younger KISS fan who likes Gene in a musical way but oh well..I would rather tell the truth about what I think.

    • Thesoz2

      Don’t feel guilty for being a fan of KISS. That’s what this tool is trying to do with this article. Get people to think his way. F this writer. This guy is a loser and a racist himself. I’d bet he’d take advantage of the situation if he were in the same shoes. He says he’s an attorney so he’s probably a scum bag. I doubt this guy has a halo over his head.

      • regina faber

        Yeah!!!!!! Well said, kiss army lives ????

        • Dan

          You guys are literally retarded, the author even predicted you would do this.

          • Thesoz2

            Hey F Face. You are the REH TARD! “the author even predicted you would do this” wow what a revelation Einstein. The sky is blue. More fucking morons dropping in here.

      • Emi

        Oh no, I have absolutely no guilt being a KISS fan. I said what I said because I thought that I was going to be the only KISS fan that might see this (clearly not anymore!). At the end of the day as jerky this article is, he is entitled to his opinion after all. It’s a shitty opinion but yeah. We all have shitty opinions. The best thing to do is not take it personally and focus on enjoying the band ourselves. I just wanted to say my take on how Gene is. 🙂

      • Don Horvat

        dude I totally understand what you’re saying I know you’re a kiss fan but the truth of the matter is Paul Stanley Ace Frehley they say the same thing about Gene he really is a no-good dude I do like Paul I do like Ace I do like Peter but Gene is a piece of dogshit slime and I can guarantee you he doesn’t give a crap about you my friend or any other kiss fan he just wants money a typical Jew

        • Thesoz2

          What do you understand? sounds like you don’t understand shit. You NEGLECTED to mention that Peter and Ace had alcohol and drug addiction issues during their time as members of KISS. Read a fucking book or ten about the band’s history before you foam at the mouth with your racist, anti semitic issues. There have been many books written by various unbiased writers regarding KISS. Have you ever been involved with a person that is a drug addict or alchy? even worse is to have a business partner that is an addict. I’ve read that these two were given many chances to change their behavior. Paul and Gene were very patient with them. They never did. Maybe you are the dumbshit that enables people, friends, relatives and business partners to ruin themselves and take you down with them. So Paul and Gene realized they weren’t going enable them and ruin what they have created. Easy for a racist asshole like you to narrow it down to what you really are… a bigot, hater, anti semitic scumbag. Just like the author. Gene Simmons isn’t trying to split the atom or rewrite the constitution. He’s a guy that came from nothing and made something of himself. Gene Simmons has done more in one week than you will ever do in your entire lifetime. Choke on that you racist F!

          • Eduardo Burato

            I bet 90% of our must beloved songs were written under the influence of drugs and alcohol. At least, the best of them. Get over it. If drugs never enhanced anyones musical prowess, sobriety didn’t operated any miracle on mr. Simmons behalf, either!

          • Thesoz2

            Hey Idiot…I didn’t say or do I think there is anything wrong with artists creating music under the influence. You missed the point of the whole article and comment. You DS!

          • Eduardo Burato

            Nice. Well, there’s one thing I really missed what “DS” means? ;D

          • Dumb Shit. Shoe fits, wear it well DS.

  • Andy

    he is a Zionist, micro-dicked cuntyballs! well done mate!

  • MisogynistDick

    Lol you libtards are such a triggered little bunch. Fuck feminism and fuck muslims. MAGA! TRUMP 2020

    • Don’t forget 2024 and 2028 too!

    • J_MetalBlast

      “libtard”, “triggered.” It’s like you’re reading from a moron’s playbook (no wonder you like Trump) 🙂

  • stan broniszewski

    What pisses me off about this has been is the fact that he thinks he knows everything. When in fact he studies one topic, and thinks he becomes an expert at it. So Gene blames the fans using the internet for the death of Rock N Roll? While he’s on the subject, why doesn’t he blame the internet for the demise of the X-Rated Movie Theater Industry? Hey Gene, wipe your ass, your breath stinks.

  • Nick

    This article is such a bunch of bullshit. You could say the same thing for so many rockers / performers in the industry. Who isn’t misogynistic? It comes with the territory in this industry. So typical and trendy to pick out the rich guy and do a character assasination on the guy to make a name for yourself. Your over the top judgmental attack makes you sound like a jealous pussy. It’s so obvious what you’ve done here. Pick out an easy target, Gene Simmons, how original! Pick out a Jew, how original! Pick out a rich person, how original! Rip on KISS fans, how original! You got a lot of people excited with your article. You accomplished what you set out to do. Bring attention to yourself. I bet you jerk off every night reading this article. You are fucking clueless with your criticism of the music of KISS. I have the experience of being at the Cow Palace in 1978 seeing them play live. You can talk out your ass all you want but you haven’t lived that experience. You see this band in 78 play Parasite live and you’d never write this bullshit ripping their music. Your true self comes out in this article clear as day. You are a miserable, angry, jealous narcissistic wuss. You don’t know jack shit about what you wrote in this fraud article. Hey poser….you can fool some people some of the time but not all. Stick to whatever it is you do well because it isn’t writing articles. Nobody gives a shit about your personal rants. My take from reading this crap is that you are the racist and used this platform to spew your ugly ass bullshit. FU!

  • Thesoz2

    This article is such a bunch of bullshit. You could say the same thing for so many rockers / performers in the industry. Who isn’t misogynistic? It comes with the territory in this industry. So typical and trendy to pick out the rich guy and do a character assasination on the guy to make a name for yourself. Your over the top judgmental attack makes you sound like a jealous pussy. It’s so obvious what you’ve done here. Pick out an easy target, Gene Simmons, how original! Pick out a Jew, how original! Pick out a rich person, how original! Rip on KISS fans, how original! You got a lot of people excited with your article. You accomplished what you set out to do. Bring attention to yourself. I bet you jerk off every night reading this article. You are fucking clueless with your criticism of the music of KISS. I have the experience of being at the Cow Palace in 1978 seeing them play live. You can talk out your ass all you want but you haven’t lived that experience. You see this band in 78 play Parasite live and you’d never write this bullshit ripping their music. Your true self comes out in this article clear as day. You are a miserable, angry, jealous narcissistic wuss. You don’t know jack shit about what you wrote in this fraud article. Hey poser….you can fool some people some of the time but not all. Stick to whatever it is you do well because it isn’t writing articles. Nobody gives a shit about your personal rants. My take from reading this crap is that you are the racist and used this platform to spew your ugly ass bullshit. FU!

  • James Hyatt

    Hmm Kiss, I was i big fan for about 6 months when i was 15 in the 70’s then it was over pretty strange can’t explain it. I had Alive, Destroyer, Rock and roll over and Love Gun. that was it. didn’t follow them after that. i did finally see them in 2009 just to say i seen them. I wouldn’t go see them again to me it’s one of those things you do once. To me they are just a show band all flash zero substance and that’s the way they planned it from the beginning. If your going to have one Kiss album it’s Kiss Alive if anything. and yes Gene is a Asshole and he’s proud of it.

  • Justin Graziano

    CONservaturds and Rethuglicans should stay the hell out of the entertainment industry, no one likes them.

  • regina faber

    Fuck you to, it’s very clear you don’t have any human insight, sucha pity you are the asshole here, and don’t understand a fuck about kiss,, KISS ARMY RULES

    • J_MetalBlast

      It’s sad to see you’re so wrong.

  • regina faber

    Well fuck you to, to me this article is bs, and actually not worthy of my time
    Don’t judge a man ’til you’ve been standin’ in his shoes
    You know that we’re all so quick to look away
    ‘Cause it’s the easy thing to do, I was at a KISS concert 6 days ago, it was truly unbelievable and awesome ? Kiss army 4-ever, I love you guys Rock On ? ? ?

  • Hey there, don’t drop by often so never ran across this before…
    But that’s a pretty good summation of why during the late 90s I switched over to their Japanese counterpart instead. It’s not just autos and computers they steal from us and improve!
    Demon Kogure > The Demon.
    The funny thing is, they even have the same outlook on a lot of things. Seikima II is just about as schlocky and goofy in their choice of merchandising and trademark lending (like once having a line of diapers with their faces distorted in various ways, both bands have had licensed dildos, both share numerous movie, tv show, game, and cartoon cameos, etc.) but there’s an earnestness that he brings that Gene (probably) never had. He treats the ‘performance art’ bit of the band’s character as just as important as the money side of things. There’s a bit of a wink and a nudge element to when he’s jerky, and he never really turns away kids that want to speak with him or get his autograph. It’s amazing what almost the same person but with a little added humility would look like.

    And yes, that improves the songwriting just as much. I get the feeling Gene is a literal dictator in the recording studio, so it isn’t that much of a “band” feel, with allowing Ace a few songs to write for putting up with his shit for so many years but nitpicking others pretty hard. With Kogure (now Kakka in recent years), it wasn’t just a gimmick, he stays in character 24/7 (enough that he’s been made a co-starring monster in some sentai films and basically played himself), so you’re not even sure if he’s authentically a jerk or not, and receives input from the others as a ‘king’ receiving input from his ‘subjects’ so it’s all a lot more theatrical from creation to delivery, meanwhile KISS becomes more cheesy and hamfisted and even sometimes just plain “dadrock.” And like most Japanese ‘monsters,’ weird soft spot for kids, while Gene seems to view them as an annoyance. (and not a reliable source of money I bet)

    In comparing the two, Gene basically takes the wrong side of himself too seriously, and the side people appreciated not enough. (seems like it didn’t take very long before he viewed the gimmick as equivalent to a 9-5 at McDonalds) Kogure took the same motif and did it right.
    Especially the politics, since, as he IS in character 24/7, comes off more as a fun cartoon villain (like mailing the Iraq embassy an invoice for Japan’s participation in the invasion) than an insincere prejudiced jackass. It’s about on the tier of the kinds of ‘offense’ Laibach gets up to, where you’re not really sure if they’re supporting something terrible or decrying it, except he’s never broken character while they do for more serious interviews, so you actually do know where Laibach stands if you keep up with them. Soooo, yeah, all that said, it was an easy conversion to make.

  • EQOAnostalgia

    I was with you until you went full SJW libtard.

  • Montresor

    Wow, that was tough to read even in my drunken state. Kiss were my favorites back in the 70’s. You’re always a bit sentimental to the champions of your youth. I’ll admit that Gene is greedy, but like Gordon Gecko said “greed is good.” And the age of 18 is an arbitrary cut-off deemed by who? All the rest is basically hearsay and rabble rousing. Gene is not the greatest guy in the world and far from the worst; ditto for Kiss (the band). I will still go to the Kiss concert when they’re in town.

  • Eduardo Burato

    Just loved your article! Much fun reading some comments, also! It would be great to have a beer with you all! ;D

  • MoreMurder

    I Googled why Gene Simmons is full of shit after reading his book and this came up. I junked the book where it can’t hurt anyone anymore.

  • Mj

    Real Hebrews were Black, brown, and tan/olive like actual Semitic Jews…who are indistinguishable from Palestinians. 90% of Jews today are of Khazarian Turkic descent including this now revealed psychopath.

    So the jerks like this clown in costume calling those against the war crimes of Israel anti Semitic are the REAL anti Semitics for killing Palestinians and Semitic Jews. Every day real Jews see murdered by Zionist Satanists because they mistook them for Palestinians.

    A Gentile is a NON believer in GOD, not a non Jew as parasites like this creepy guy would have us think. A non religious Jew odd an oxymoron. Calling yourself a Jew and doing none of the things that make one a Jew (it’s a religion not a species) is a ridiculous ad me calming myself an astronaut and believing that it actually makes me an astronaut.

    Truth will always be revealed, that’s for the truth about this guy. Money and fame don’t create you, they REVEAL who you really were all along.

  • Will

    Well,,I had to stop reading once,I saw the statement, about being racist,against Muslims… Its a religion, not a race. Cant tell you how you discredit yourself not knowing that.

  • Hey, written by a jealous piece of crap. I know a thing or two about you.

  • I think he’s a psychopath: Shallow, pretentious, mysogynist, narcissist, racist, changes what he says or who he is for personal gain without any ethical boundaries. Can’t stand him.

  • Kpax45

    KISS is CRAP and Gene Simmons is a total JERK

  • Leonardo Magnelli

    Thanks for the article, funny (sad?) and precise. Straight to the point, what we all already knew but packed in a punch… Good job J Salmeron

  • SMartelli

    Gene Simmons is such an undesirable asshole, that Paul Stanley refused to invite him to his wedding. “…Gene had been very, very vocal about not only dismissing the idea of marriage, but really have a very disrespectful and demeaning attitude towards people who did.”

  • SMartelli