ANTIFAS Cancel Marduk… And Some Crazy Stuff

First of all, thank you very much for the overwhelming support that we got on our piece about the ANTIFA and BLM attack against Marduk. We’re really humbled by the very kind words, and for the very thoughtful comments that most of you left. I sincerely hope that you’ll stick around for more.

As some of you probably know by now, the concert in Oakland, California, and which I mentioned was already being targeted by ANTIFA groups, was cancelled at the request of the local police. Based on the same arguments that we debunked in our last article, the local ANTIFA groups were threatening to protest the show in a way that the local police felt could represent a risk to the local community.

In regards to the cancellation, the Oakland Metro Operahouse, the venue where the concert was going to be held, published the following in their now-defunct Facebook page:

Without actually examining the evidence of these threats, and determining exactly how serious they were, it is difficult to know whether the police acted correctly or if they acted over-zealously at the behest of the ANTIFA provocateurs. Of course, if there are credible threats of violence, it is understandable to cancel an event in order to prevent unnecessary loss of life. Sadly, most of the people involved in this cancellation have remained tight-lipped as to what exactly happened, and thus give plenty of room for speculation. We tried repeatedly to get in touch with the Oakland Police Department and the Oakland Metro Operahouse, but obtained no response whatsoever to our enquiries. What’s more, in the case of the venue, they have scrubbed-off all references to the concert from their site, without even leaving a note for unsuspecting attendants that the show was cancelled.

We did get in touch with Numbskull Productions who, through their owner, Eddy Burgos, explained that the only pressures they received were “some disparaging e-mails on social media.” In regards to the accusations against Marduk, they did add the following:

“Our show operation is primarily made up of Jewish, LGBQ , women and people of color. We have been working with Marduk and their camp for years. Based on our relationship we can attest that they most certainly do not subscribe to any Nazi ideology. “

The real question now is whether the police will investigate the people responsible for these threats. After all, if they thought that they were so serious that their protests could represent a threat to public safety, then this criminal behavior has to be tackled, and the parties responsible must be brought to justice.

Even if we accept that there were indeed serious safety reasons to cancel the event, this cancellation is still extremely worrying. It shows that there are people out there who have given themselves the power to violently control other people’s speech, and who have been empowered by the lackluster response that they have received for their crimes. After all, we cannot forget that this event is not happening in a vacuum, as it merely continues a trend of ANTIFA groups using violence in order to silence their opponents.

As the Oakland Police conceded in an email they sent to the venue and the producers (as confirmed to us by Numbskull Productions), their fears come as a result of what happened at the University of California-Berkeley, where ANTIFA groups rioted to oppose a talk by Milo Yiannopoulos. Regardless of what you may think of Yiannopoulos, his opinions, or his rhetoric, the fact remains that him and his supporters were the victims of a coward and illegitimate attack by a group of violent thugs.

Even if you disagree with Yiannopoulos, as I do in regards to many of his views and comments, you have to just marvel at the irony of ANTIFAs violently attacking a flamboyant homosexual of Jewish descent, calling him a Nazi, while shooting fireworks at the building where he is scheduled to give a talk, hurting his supporters, destroying the surrounding area, and chanting, for some reason, “this is what community looks like”.

I sure as hell hope I’m never part of that type community.

Some images have started circulating about some of the people involved in the attacks against Yiannopoulos and Marduk, gloating about what they managed to do thanks to issuing what at this point really amount to terroristic threats: Threatening their opponents with violence unless they all shut up.

Coming full circle, we can see that some of the people involved in the boycott of Disma at the California Deathfest, seem to have taken part in this illegitimate and idiotic attack against Marduk.

Name withheld, since this is an unverified screenshot. Also, that’s a quote by Marx, not Lenin. Read up on your heroes, kid.

It’s amazing to see how the self-appointed guardians of decency, quickly become violent inquisitors. Sadly, the irony is lost on them.

Now for the crazy stuff…

Of all the reactions that we got about our our takedown of the Marduk situation, the most incredible dealt with someone accusing of being some sort of racist puppet-masters, potentially controlling hordes of people in the United States.

A reader sent us a link to a now-hidden post published in the official Facebook Page of the book “What Are You Doing Here? Black Women in Heavy Metal,” where its author, Laina Dawes, throws a number of crazy accusations against us. Chief among them, that we fabricated the link between BLM Austin and the Marduk boycott as a way to create controversy and profit from the increased views on our site.

Although we’re used to crazy accusations when we write about topics that collide with politics, this is the first time we are accused of fabricating a story. We have to take it seriously, since the only asset that you have in journalism is your honesty. Just like we would never betray a source (as our work on the Blastfest boycott clearly showed), we are not in the business of making up stories or inflammatory headlines just to generate pageviews. It’s not only that it would be pointless, since we have opted not to carry ads on our site, but also that it goes against our most basic journalistic standards.

The fact is that BLM-Austin did actively participate in the boycott against Marduk, as they themselves created the Facebook event for this, and spread the lies about the band. In fact, the only reason why they ended up deleting the event was because we started asking them some questions about it. It is irrelevant whether they were the first to spread those lies, or whether they simply copied and pasted what someone else told them. The fact remains that they did spread that information, even publishing the contact details for all the people and companies involved.

Laina even suggests that we were harassing BLM-Austin by even asking them questions, or by closing our messages, after being ignored for hours, with the the comment “why do you ignore me? don’t matter?”. It’s not exactly high brow comedy, but it’s hardly a sign of harassment. We tried to contact Laina direcly about these accusations, but she deleted our comments on her page, and then blocked us when we contacted her directly, suggesting our questions were also harassment.

The reason why this issue is significant is because it shows, once again, why narrative is so important for some of these protesters or those who want to defend them. They are willing to just turn their backs on the facts, as long as they are able to stick to their guns and appear “consistent.”

The rest of the accusations thrown at us suggested that our article was racially-motivated, and that we were just some shady Europeans trying to “instigate a racialized confrontation” in Texas. Besides the insane idea that we would have any sort of pull to organize literally anyone to do anything, it is worrying to see that she defaults to an accusation of “racism.” Criticizing a move by the Austin chapter of Black Lives Matter is not a racially-motivated decision; it’s simply a response to a bad move on their part.

It is truly sickening to see that even though everything we wrote was fact-based, and without knowing anything about the racial or cultural makeup of our staff, someone honestly feels entitled to call us “racist instigators,” simply because we criticized her movement of choice.

Facts do not have a conservative bias, a liberal bias, or a racial bias. Deal with it.

Update: A reader, a member of a major European metal band, informed us that he received a message saying that as “a public figure” he should not share posts from our website. He didn’t care.
I guess we’re doing something right!

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  • Marduk is actually the third Black Metal band to be cancelled this week alone (!) due to Antifa hysterics. More info about the two other less-known cases in France and Netherlands here:

    • J_MetalBlast

      Dude, why do you keep reposting the same thing 4 TIMES?

      • The lnik didn’t work before because of the parenthesis symbol

        • J_MetalBlast

          aaah, ok. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  • Rico Sadao

    All implicitly white music is an ‘insult’ to antifa scum.

  • Grizzly

    Oakland, California is NOT a safe place. It is infested with black gangs and has very high rates of violent crime. Whoever arranges shows for Marduk really dropped the ball here.

    “it is difficult to know whether the police acted correctly or if they acted over-zealously at the behest of the ANTIFA provocateurs.”

    If anything, this was (and this is of course speculation, but not unfounded) done to protect the band, their fans, and the general public. These gangs are opportunistic, and they will take advantage of any excuse to engage in violent behavior. If ANTIFA groups are stirring up trouble in cahoots with BLM like they did last time, then the risk is there and the risk is real. The police probably did the right thing. Their number one concern is public safety, and if that means pressuring a venue to cancel a heavy metal show then so-be-it. Berkeley is about a 15-20 minute drive from Oakland, so it is totally reasonable to expect that the same people who rioted there would show up in Oakland.

    “After all, if they thought that they were so serious that their protests could represent a threat to public safety, then this criminal behavior has to be tackled, and the parties responsible must be brought to justice.”

    I agree 100%, but of course the police have to prioritize. In a place such as Oakland, investigating threats to European heavy metal bands will have a much lower priority than the day-to-day policing necessary to keep real-time threats in check. Unfortunately there will probably never be any kind of real investigation due to this reality.

    This is why I like semi-rural Rocky Mountain communities. Sure, you have to drive a ways for a good show, but we know each other and we like our guns, and so our crime is very low.

    “you have to just marvel at the irony of ANTIFAs violently attacking a flamboyant homosexual of Jewish descent”

    Who dates homosexual black men.

    • J_MetalBlast

      Thank you so much for your comment and for adding some context to the story. We really appreciate it.

      • Grizzly

        You’re welcome and thank you! Its nice to have a metal site where the writer actually thinks seriously about what he writes instead of just farting out whatever comes to mind.

      • Grizzly

        This just in: Milo appears to be on the edge of advocating for homosexual relationships between men and teenage boys. He doesn’t come straight out and say it, but it is a little too close for comfort.

        • nn

          Well yes, it’s pretty disturbing. Maybe I’m wrong, but to me it looks like his own personal experience written all over it.

          • nn
          • J_MetalBlast

            His 2nd statement basically sounds like what Lena Dunham said when she was criticized for the episode with her sister. First saying “oh, this is just about politics, whatever,” and then, after people do tell her she fucked up, making a more groveling apology.
            In any case, Milo having shit opinions and ideas isn’t really something new to me. I’d dare say that his jump to more established media, with those comments, is now dead.

          • nn

            It’s a bit strange. Compare his 2015 article:


            It’s pretty different of what he said in compromising podcast.

          • The Wolf

            Seems nn mistook a “centrist” and non-biased site for a right wing safe space, which unfortunately seems to happen whenever a centrist or moderate critiques the far left. All of sudden some weirdos show up asking if we want to join their red pill cult.

          • nn

            Just two months to come up with an answer? Not bad.

          • Butt Face

            Nope. He’s not far right or far left. He’s someone who saw his country invaded and witnessed genocide and fought against all that. He’s seen shit we can only imagine. Any apparent far-right views stem from experiencing that extremism.

            The discussion between J and him wasn’t the best in the world on both sides but it’s what it is. Both make good points, both make errors.

            Yes, I know. This post is four months late. 😉

          • nn

            And to wrap it up:

          • J_MetalBlast

            What a remarkably pathetic little man.

          • nn

            “What a remarkably pathetic little man.”

            But he is very right when he talks about fredom of speech in America and few other topics. Btw, if Milo is left-wing and if you said this anywhere close to “liberal” media, I guess you know what would happen to you? They would defend him no matter what, and you’d be labeled homophobic bigot.

          • J_MetalBlast

            I completely agree with you in regards to the hypocrisy of the left. Even worse than that, they are attacking him for his COMMENTS, while they defended Lena Dunham’s boasts about her ACTIONS. There is no question about it. Hell, a video of George Takei was recently unearthed where he makes similar comments in regards to his own experience as a 13 year old with an adult camp counselor. It would be good to know if the left will also eat him.

            There are many things that he says with which I disagree, and about which he downright lies, but his press conference was pathetic for a whole different set of reasons. His words demonstrate that he is only coming here to apologize because he finally said something (even if it happened years ago) that he knows even his base will find repulsive. I found, for example, that this section was particularly bad:

            “But I understand that my usual blend of British sarcasm, provocation and gallows humor might have come across as flippancy, a lack of care for other victims or, worse, “advocacy.””

            Well, he has joked about rape before. It’s definitely his right to do so, and he should be able to make as many stupid jokes about that topic (or the holocaust, or child abuse, or whatever EDGY shit he wants to say) as he wants, but it obviously demonstrates that his change of heart is not motivated by a sudden interest in victims’ feelings, but instead by an interest in the money and relevancy that was being afforded to him by the so-called “Alt-right.”

            This isn’t the first time that Milo has an opportunistic change of heart. He used to deride video games and “gamers,” until he saw that he could ride that wave as part of his Breitbart culture war. He definitely shed light on some bad situations, and he said some right things, but it always smelled of opportunism.

            Having said all of that (and there’s plenty more to say) what the left is doing since this thing happened is quite pathetic. Some are looking at this event as somehow justifying the actions at Berkeley, even though that’s insane. In fact, Milo could have been given a talk about how he thinks age of consent laws should be lowered to 13 years of age, and that still wouldn’t justify the riots outside of his talk. That is simply not how you oppose speech.

            I hope this clarifies my view on this topic, although I’m happy to go on and on about it if you’d like.
            I want you to know that I really appreciate that you stay engaged and share your thoughts here. That’s really all we hope to do by writing these pieces or creating the videos. It’s not to create an echo chamber or a circle-jerk where we all get to agree; instead, it’s to allow for dialogue, so thank you very much for being part of it.

          • nn

            Well okay, you probably know him alot better than me following American media for just a few months, since presidental election.

            I don’t take Milo too serious, he admits he is a troll, an entertainer, a big mouth clown; but being conservative homosexual automatically puts him into problematic position where left-wing establishment hate him beyond belief, and right-wing elite are equally suspicious. That compromising footage is like one year old and it suddenly emerges right before he was to give that CPAC speech? Right-wing dismissed him so fast, in a split second.

            Yeah that shit Milo said was really disturbing, but afaik there is no evidence he was, or is, a pedophile, and I bet you know there are several high ranked college professors around the world more or less openly advocating lowering age of consent to a deranged, monstrous levels like 6; for instance Theo Sandfort and Gert Hekma. Instead being thrown into fucking jail for good, they attend conferences and give lectures, and I don’t see any hypocrite media being so angry about it. Only when Milo fucks up…

          • J_MetalBlast

            Why would you expect people like Hekma and Sandfort to be thrown in jail? They have to right to say crazy shit, that’s the whole point of freedom of speech. IN any case, since you’re making a specific claim, regarding that they advocate lowering it to 6 years of age, you’re going to have to provide a link for that.

            To be honest, it’s irrelevant how the tape came up. He did make those comments. He’s just a shitty person that managed to exploit uninformed useful idiots.

            EDIT: As for him being a troll… well, he says bad shit to get a reaction. He got one.

          • nn

            Theo Sandfort was notorious for his ties with NAMBLA and writting for Dutch openly pedophile paper “Paidika”. No ned to prove it, just google it. Gert Hekma openly advocated it in an interview 2013 for Croatian site T-portal:


            But after shitload of negative reactions reference about sex with children was edited and site issued an apology:


            I ran later through Google translate for you to get the basic context:

            “On this occasion tportal published an interview with Gert Hekma, in which he talked about the relationship between the left and the LGBT movement, but also about his controversial views on sexual relations between adults and children. On the publication of the interview with disapproval reacted part of our readers and therefore tportal apologizes to everyone that has upset the contents of the interview, stressing that the views expressed in the above interview, do not represent the views tportal.”

            Freedom of speech really can be a bich sometimes, huh? 🙂

          • J_MetalBlast

            I don’t get the snarky closing of your message, considering I’m the one who said they have the right to say those things, while you’re the one who wants to send them in prison for saying them.

            Anyway, once again, you made a claim regarding 6 years of age. If you say it’s definitely out there on google, but the best you could come up with was a Croatian article that doesn’t actually have the interview there, that hardly proves your point. You made a specific claim (i.e. these two characters advocate for an age of consent of 6 years of age). That claim can either be true or false, and so far you haven’t proven that it’s true.

            As for free speech. Why do you think they should be in prison for saying those things?

            How does any of this relate to Milo though? You are greatly overestimating the influence of two Dutch sociologists if you believe the American left is all about sex with small children.

          • nn

            “Snarky closing” was just a small joke attempt. If you don’t want to spend few minutes googling these 2 pedophile fucktards, that’s your choice.

            Why they should go to jail? Because they propagate, induce and justify criminal acts of having sex with small children. How does this relate to Milo? He is crucified for one stupid statement, talking from his own sad perspective about the age of consent to be 13, and that is his problem, okay. But these two Sadfort and Hekma are still “honorable” professors, untouched, freely continuing to do what they do for decades.

            American left? As far as I can tell, they are bunch of hypocrite neostalinistic morons who succesfully stole the term “liberal” and have overwhelming influence on American politics, mass media and educational system. Like SSSR, Eastern Bloc and communistic tyranny never happened.

          • J_MetalBlast

            Kid, you are the one mentioning these people. If you say it’s so easy to find that they want to lower the age of consent to 6 years of age (they might, I don’t know), then please do post that easily-found factoid.

            They shouldn’t go to jail for having a stupid, disgusting idea. The fact that you want to send them to jail shows you don’t believe in freedom of expression, you just like it for the people who you agree with.
            Nobody is sending Milo to jail. A book publisher decided that they didn’t want to carry his book, seeing that he finds pedophilia so funny. He is still free to go to colleges and be an asshole there, like he has been doing for years. This is a video which shows Milo saying some other things about Pedophilia, if you’re curious: (note that this video also mentions Pizzagate, which is an idiotic, crazy conspiracy theory, but it doesn’t affect the content of Milo’s own words).

            I think that you are greatly misrepresenting people to the left of you if you believe they are all “neo stalinists.” If you live your political life fighting cartoon opponents, you won’t get very far.

          • nn

            Kid? I’m probably older than you, but whatever. You should know the difference between having ideas and inducing crime.

            No, your left are not all neostalinists. Just the ones in media, in colleges and in power for last 8 years.

          • J_MetalBlast

            1. Kid, come on, don’t dodge the question. Where are your links?
            2. “Difference between having ideas and inducing crime.” Yes, there is a difference. It’s known as the “fighting words” test. Saying that you believe the age of consent should be lowered doesn’t fit within that test.
            It’s a free speech issue. Milo, like those people you mentioned, are clearly pretty shitty. That’s not enough reason to punish their idiotic speech.
            3. The last 8 years? You mean Obama? And you mean the people in the press? You’re calling Obama and MSNBC Neo-Stalinist? LOL, ok. Sure, fuck it, if we’re just going to just make up the meaning of words here, sure.

            If you can trace a link between Stalin and how CNN or MSNBC run their business, we’re all waiting to see it.

          • nn

            Meh. You are waste of time.

          • J_MetalBlast

            You sure showed me, kid.

          • nn

            Yeah I saw this prob before in comments section here. Writing about politics you are uncomparable better than Metalsucks “liberal” morons; your articles tend to be serious and well-argumented. But your discussion skills in comments section are often weak. You are lazy and tend to repeat mistakes Metalsuckers do in nearly every politically charged article; for instance, projecting cliches and retorting with infantile “insults” without any reason.

            Both Sandfort and Hekma (and some of their peers) are world wide notorious pedophilia advocates; freedom of speech isn’t unlimited; neostalinism is *not* about sending people to Gulag anymore. But an clever, modern age attempt to establish and maintain orwellian state controlling everything – politics, media, education, science, religion, everyday life, even *language* itself – under hypocritical disguises of “liberalism”, “political corectness”, “fight for human rights”, “against discrimination of minorities” and such. I lived under Iron Curtain for 23 years, and now I am witnessing nearly the same political and behavioural patterns, where? In the heart of goddamn western democracy. “Political corectness”? Pff big deal, we in the South Eastern Europe had “political suitability” to rule and control our miserable lives since the end of WW2.

            Now, as educated liberal – real liberal, not Metalsucks “liberal” – I guess you should know and understand that. If you don’t, well. May be better to stick to music.

          • J_MetalBlast

            Asking you to source a statement isn’t that complex. In fact, if finding it was as easy as you said it was, you would have found it several times over in the time you used to write that diatribe there.

            And yes, freedom of speech is virtually unlimited. There is the fighting words exception, of course, but none of the things you mentioned actually fit within it.

            As for neo-Stalinist, you seem to be using a term that you yourself coined, with a definition that you yourself came up with. If Neo-Stalinist involves basically none of the things that Stalin did, we might as well say Neo-Nazis are all rabbis.

          • nn

            Freedom of speech unlimited? For someone claiming to practice law, you know very little about it. And how did you figure neostalinists do “basically none of the things Stalin did”? As everybody can see, I stated quite the opposite – only difference is no dead bodies, so far.

          • J_MetalBlast

            I don’t “claim” to practice law but, sure, OK.
            Again, there is the “fighting words” exception, but that’s pretty much it (there are some individual exceptions, like broadcasting child pornography, but they don’t extend to opinions). Of course, other countries have bigger exceptions (Germany, for example, makes it illegal to deny genocides, to support nazism, etc.) but the US is the one we’re discussing at the moment. Even in those cases, however, I strongly disagree with those restrictions.
            You keep moving the goalpost, so I’m happy to just take you back to these issues.
            1. Where are your sources for the claims regarding those two sociologists?
            2. Where are the attempts by Obama and the media to “control everything”? Far be it from me to defend his administration or the mainstream media, but using big scary words isn’t going to help you.

            Unless you are actually willing to simply provide the sources for your claims (which may or may not be true, don’t get me wrong), I really don’t think there’s any need to continue this. Thanks!

          • nn

            Going back to music? Clever move.

          • J_MetalBlast

            I know you’re desperately trying to get the last word there but you’re not really proving your point by not showing the evidence you so often claimed existed.
            But, please, do go on.

          • Butt Face

            Six months on. Difficult to find stuff but these may be useful. I didn’t look into the papers cited as I find the whole thing very disturbing, so I’m not sure if it has anything relating to the accusations in them, although the title of the second paper below seems to be self-explanatory.

            Bauserman, R. (1991). Objectivity and ideology: Criticism of Theo Sandfort’s research on man-boy sexual relations. Journal of Homosexuality, 20(1/2), 297-312.

            Sandfort, T. (1983). Pedophile relationships in the Netherlands: Alternative lifestyle for children? Alternative Lifestyles, 5(3), 164-183.

            Sandfort, T. G. M. (1984). Sex in pedophiliac relationships: An empirical investigation among a nonrepresentative group of boys. The Journal of Sex Research, 20(2),123-142.



            (you’ll have to do a ‘find’ Gert Hekma on that one, the reference to him appears about half way down and deals with other things such as racism, etc.). Not sure if what is said is relevant.

            Two Croatian websites have this and perhaps what NN saw but other references may have been removed from the internet. These are…



            …and this may be useful…


            From what little I read they were basically saying that paedophilia was, in some cases, not harmful to children so should therefore be considered legal (or words to that effect). A deeper read may make this interpretation invalid.

            While it was apparently scientific research many have questioned the validity of the scientific method employed as well as the motives behind the authors.

        • J_MetalBlast

          Why did any of these mouthbreathers think their hot take on consent was needed?
          Then they go into the whole “well, it’s NOT pedophilia, it’s hephebophilia” , which is just a distinction without a difference, at least in the eyes of the law.
          As I mentioned in the article, I dislike many things about Milo, and this video just added one more to that list. It doesn’t change the fact that the attack against him was illegitimate, of course.

    • Joe

      @Grizzly “Oakland, California is NOT a safe place. It is infested with black gangs and has very high rates of violent crime. Whoever arranges shows for Marduk really dropped the ball here.”
      First off, have you been to the Oakland Metro Opera House? Its pretty much in a industrial zone (it itself is basically an old warehouse) along the water front. So while it is in Scary Oakland, its not really.

      Second, I don’t know where you live, but in US and especially California, business usually don’t rent out halls/venues to Punk/Metal Promoters, so those Promoters rely on places that will allow their shows to go on. Often times they take place in seedy locations that. That is just how it has always been out here. There have been punk/metal shows at the Oakland Metro Opera House for YEARS now and never any issue with “gangsters”.

      I mean, do you think that CBGS’s was in a great neighborhood? Its since been gentrified and softened but at the time the club was relevant it was most certainly not a good area. You mentioned Berkley as a positive substitute, but did you ever go to 924 Gilman St. in the 80’s (which is 8 miles away from the Opera House)? that place was seedy as F$%^ and shows were just fine there too.

      I’ve been to shows in South Central Los Angeles, Watts, Crenshaw, Boyle Heights, Guadalupe, Echo Park, Oxnard…all places that on the surface should be “scary” but all those shows were great. And you know the best part? When the “scary” kids come check out what is going on…sure most of them laugh and gawk and get bored and leave…but every now and then a kid “gets it” and their lives are changed forever.
      The worst shows I’ve been too, where there was fear of outside forces and their violence, have all been “normal” clubs. The Whisky, The Palace, The Palladium, etc…All in “Safe” areas.
      I get that you are really directing your fear towards this idea of a specific group of rabble rousers, but labeling all of Oakland (or other seedy places) as dangerous is just silly and maybe you should look at why you are so afraid of these places. And its ok to be afraid and just not go to certain shows…and in the process miss out on something amazing.

  • nn

    “Facts do not have a conservative bias, a liberal bias, or a racial bias. Deal with it.”

    But that’s the core of their problem: they can’t deal with it. They choose to live parallel reality in which anything different from their narrative is automatically fascist, racist, homophobic, misogynic… and so on.

    Hell, the very labeling of themselves as “antifascist” living in USA over 70 yrs after WW2 is indicative. Because if you think about it, it’s basically just another attempt to win and end any possible discussion before it even started: if you disagree with antifascists, you are fascist. End of story.

    • Maciej Nowak

      Antifa aren’t sophisticated enough to have any valid arguments. It much easier to yell, break windows and attack garbage cans.

  • GoatForest

    These ANTIFA vermin are accomplishing nothing but the delegitimisation of the progressive cause, which is pussing me off. As I said, earlier: they don’t care if they’re actually correct, as long as they feel correct.

    • nn

      Now you probably understand how I feel when confronted with shit some of my fellow Catholics say or do… 🙂

      • GoatForest

        Of course.

  • Paula A. Ramirez

    The person behind of Marduk cancel is [NAME REMOVED]. Stop hiding her name.

    • J_MetalBlast

      The only evidence for that is the screenshot we posted. Nothing on that screenshot (which is unverified) says she is the one “behind of Marduk cancel.” It says she’s happy that it happened, not that she organized it. Is it possible? Sure, but we don’t run on possibilities, we run on evidence.
      If you have any credible evidence, you are free to show it, but we cannot blame someone without having all the facts.

      • GoatForest

        That automatically gives you more integrity than the folks who got the show cancelled.

      • Crabwalkingblackmetal

        I was one of the people who took one of the screenshots floating around simply by searching her name on Facebook. I can verify that it was real before she got scared and locked down her profile.

  • Marcos Garcia

    I’m following everything from Brazil about this question.
    That’s the reason I hate to the very depths of my soul antifas and political correctness: they steal our freedom of speech and of thinking with our own minds.
    Dear J Salmeron, count me on!

    • Maciej Nowak

      Do you have those idiots over in Brazil?

      • Uplan Uplanoso Uplanado®

        The entire lefty here is funded in “muh human rights” and “muh gun control” so they can’t chimp out like that.

      • Marcos Garcia

        Sorry for taking too long to answer.
        Yes, we have some idiots, but they’re in low number by now, so they only cry, not make any action…

  • Hagen

    I thought your original article was great and I think it is disgusting how antifa fabricated a bunch of nonsense regarding Marduk and trying to make Incantation look like Nazis because of the Craig Pillard association ages ago (which has nothing to do with anything anyway). One thing anybody can say with certainty is that Marduk and Incantation are not Nazi bands. However, in this case, would it matter if Marduk were a Nazi band or if one or multiple members had some sort of Nazi belief? If a venue wants to book a band voluntarily and fans want to pay to see it voluntarily, then that should be the end of it. Groups like antifa would absolutely have the right, like anyone else, to protest such an event. However, antifa uses terrorism and the threat of violence/terrorism to achieve their goals. That is the point that I think is lost behind this controversy. It shouldn’t matter what Marduk believes and promotes as a band or what the individual members may or may not believe, it comes down to using the threat of terrorism and violence to shut something down. If it is okay to use these tactics against those whom one disagrees with, then it will soon spread to other bands who are just deemed “problematic” due to poor research or other such nonsense (and remember, black metal is going to always be “problematic” for somebody). It is a very slippery slope to say who is allowed to perform and who isn’t. Using terrorism/violence to shut down speech should be scare everybody, regardless of political belief. I’m not saying you or anybody else has said anything like that, but I haven’t seen this part of the controversy discussed yet or this point be made. Thanks for your insight and articles!

  • Maciej Nowak

    Marduk should stick with South America. No Antifa idiots over there.

  • Uplan Uplanoso Uplanado®

    What a bunch of pucis, has no more spooky metalhead as the old ones.

  • Butt Face

    Thanks J for another intelligent and well written piece. Good to know there are rational and erudite people still roaming the planet.

    …now I must get back to Metalsucks to troll their less than rational diatribe.

  • ActaNonVerba

    Everyone should know that ANTIFA like every other post modernist marxist do not believe in facts or truth. The very foundational pillar of post modernist intersectional cultural marxism is the view that facts/truth is itself a tool of “oppression”. This is why ANTIFA, Blac Bloc and every other marxist drone always lie, cheat, play the victim, use violence and threats of violence, etc to push their agenda/narratives, etc. It is even why they deny science and scientific facts when those facts are overriding their ideological political narrative. So don’t expect any fairness or honesty from these ideological cult worshipers. You would have a easier time having a honest and meaningful debate with a Scientologist with the topic of whether or not L.Ron Hubbard was a fraud. Seriously.