Ep. #12 – The TPP Agreement, Copyright and Freedom



Recently, the Trans Pacific Partnership, the TPP, was signed by 12 countries. It contains, among others, draconian copyright provisions that threaten our ability to share content and culture. It also has the potential to curtail freedom of speech under the guise of protecting copyright.

Join J and Maira Sutton, member of the international team of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, as they go through why you should oppose this treaty.


EFF’s resources on the TPP

Colombian student risking prison time over sharing an academic paper

Ecuadorian government using copyright for censorship

Gene Simmons on “fans killed rock”

The effects of MP3 Sharing

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Free Speech Unmoored in Copyright’s Safe Harbor: Chilling Effects of the DMCA on the First Amendment”  by Wendy Seltzer


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