Dokk’Em – Heavy Metal over the Netherlands!

While every metalhead worth its salt knows about Wacken, Graspop, Tuska and Hellfest, not so many know about the other great festivals that take place all over Europe in these sunnier days (although, granted, the Netherlands is not known for its sunny days!). This is the case with festivals such as Fortarock, Neurotic Deathfest and, of course, Dokk’em, an open air festival held in Dokkum (Friesland, the Netherlands) since 2002.

Despite its young age, Dokk’em’s reputation has risen considerably over the years. While its first 5 editions took place every two years (02, 04,06, 08, 10) in 2011 it became an annual festival, a clear sign of its growth and popularity. This increase in frequency, however, is hardly the only evidence of its importance, as the names that have graced the stages have also gotten bigger and bigger, with bands such as Primal Fear, ReVamp, Stream of Passion, Trail of Tears, Hammerfall, Vader, Alestorm, Pagan’s Mind and Destruction.


Dokk’em takes place in Dokkum, a small location in Friesland, in the Northeaster part of the Netherlands.
This year it’ll take place on the 29th and 30th of June, with the camping area opening at 2 PM on the 29th.

Now this is what everyone is wondering and the factor that, without a doubt, makes a festival good. Any festival, even those of the size of Wacken or Graspop, will go to hell if they don’t manage to get a good roster of bands.
Also, considering the great names that have blessed this stage in the past, the bar has been set very high. Fans can (and should) only expect the best of the best from Dokk’em and this year they won’t be disappointed. The festival has more than anyone could have hoped for.

Just take a look at this (incomplete!!!) list of bands:

Death Angel, who are one of the longest running innovators of American thrash metal is heading to Dokk’em!  Headlining the stage on Friday, June 29th, the band is looking to crack some skulls with their presence, and they would like nothing more than to see some of the most dedicated fans in all of the music world.  Having released critically-acclaimed albums such as “The Ultra-Violence“, “Act III“, and most recently, “Relentless Retribution“, Death Angel will be taking a thrash metal sledgehammer to the stage.  Be on the look out for Death Angel!

After humble beginnings in the mid-1990s, Arch Enemy has gone on to become one of the premier death metal bands in the world.  Having released many albums over the years and refining their sound, Arch Enemy is now ready to lay waste to their devoted legions of fans when they headline the Dokk’em Festival on Saturday, June 30th.  Known for the impressive live shows and charisma, Arch Enemy is definitely a band that must not be missed.  Who would want to miss the chance to see Michael Amott shred in real time?  Nobody, that’s who.


Heavy metal fans have a soft spot in their hearts for the heavy metal pioneers of Savatage, the outstanding American band started by Jon and Criss Oliva back in ’78. Although Savatage is no more (despite our enduring hopes of a reunion) fans have been able to cope with the pain thanks to, among other side projects,  Jon Oliva’s Pain, which shows the time does not affect the power and musical abilities of the legendary Jon Oliva. With rumors of a new album in the works, fans are definitely excited to see the legend in action!


Hailing from Portugal, Moonspell is a, by now, legendary Heavy/Goth Metal band that promises to rock your socks off in Dokk’Em. Presenting their recently released Alpha/Noir, Omega/White (and which gathered excellent reviews all across the board) the band is ready to show why they are considered one of the most promising actors of the European metal scene. Be sure to check them out when they hit the stage at Dokk’em!


The legendary Floridian death metal band Obituary will show no mercy as they become your “Cause of Death” at Dokk’Em!  This five-piece is a staple in American death metal and has influenced the heavy metal genre for almost 25 years and show absolutely no signs of stopping.  Not only is the band iconic in every sense of the word, but their live performances are that which dreams are made of.  Their vicious and catchy hooks will infest even the most picky of metalheads, and they are just good fun to watch.  If you don’t drop dead from Obituary‘s set on Saturday, June 30th, then you might already be dead and should consult your nearest physician.


Hot off the heels of their latest album, “Disclosure“, The Gathering are looking forward to bringing the Dokk’em crowd some of the best in atmospheric soundscapes and rock ‘n’ roll.  After such a diverse career, The Gathering has made a name for themselves in being one of the premier Dutch metal acts.  Traversing through harsh and depressing doom/death metal to emotionally-charged atmospheric rock, there is always something the band can do to please just about anybody who witnesses them live.  If there is one band you do not want to miss during the festival, it is The Gathering.


Billed as being a ‘super group’ comprised of members from Asphyx, Gorefest, Houwitser, and Thanatos, Hail Of Bullets is melodically charged old-school European death metal attack that focuses on the tribulations and trials on the European front of World War II.  Having release three note-worthy albums, Hail Of Bullets is prepared to call in air strikes of devastation that would make Hiroshima and Nagasaki look like fire crackers hit them.  It is imperative that if you are a fan of death metal at all that you come out on Saturday, June 30th and liberate yourselves from the frustrations that plague your every day lives with Hail Of Bullets.


There is a lot of death metal on the bill of Dokk’em, but what about grindcore?  To represent the blazing rage of grind will be the three-piece known as Wormrot from Singapore.  Having taken cues from legendary bands such as Nasum, Brutal Truth, Nausea, and Insect Warfare, Wormrot is hellbent on creating a vicious environment that is equal to being strapped into a centrifuge.  If you want some ridiculously fast-paced angry music, then look no further than Wormrot.



For the full line up, make sure to check the festival’s website.

Tickets are  only € 50 for both days! (considering that a single concert can be around €40, this is nothing short of a bargain!)

Tickets are sold through the official website, as well as in some selected locations in the Netherlands.