Blast Radius – January, 2012

Greetings to our readers!  Welcome to our second installment of the Blast Radius column, January 2012 edition!  Guess what we’ll be focusing on today?  You guessed it… lots of brutal death metal and grindcore!  Big surprise, right?  I didn’t think so.  I’m going to shut up now and get to the goods that I know you all are waiting.

 Artist: Carnivorous Voracity
Label: Amputated Vein Records
Release Date: November 7th, 2011

Debasement Incarnated

Do you want fast U.S.-styled brutal death metal with intermittent slams?  If so, then “Debasement Incarnated” by Carnivorous Voracity is for you.  This Spanish four-piece has made sure to listen to a lot of Deeds Of Flesh, Defeated Sanity and Guttural Secrete as they continuously bring and pummel you with unrelenting brutal death metal.  While the music itself may not exactly be things you haven’t heard before, they take do their chosen craft very well, making sure to let the listener know that they are perfectly capable of being spoken in the same circles as the aforementioned bands.

On three of the five given tracks, Carnivorous Voracity set out with a large array of talent and perfect executed three-way brutal death metal vocals to make sure you know that “Debasement Incarnated” packs one hell of a punch to the jaw as those razor sharp riffs come forth to reek all kinds of auditory havoc.  Again, while this isn’t anything we haven’t not already heard, these guys know how to put brutal death metal in a very appealing package and make you want to hear much more from them.  “Debasement Incarnated” really only has three tracks that contain actual composed songs, but they are damn good, with “Anthropophagous Infanticide” being the clear winner on this EP.

Artist: Dead In The Dirt
Label: Southern Lord Recordings
Release Date: September 16th, 2011


Fear” is a ridiculously powerful ten-track EP by Georgia new-comers, Dead In The Dirt.  Their brand of dirty and crushing d-beat/grindcore is definitely a combination that will make you get up and smash your face into the wall repeatedly.  They take more cues from Nasum, Rotten Sound, and Trap Them than anything else, coming at us with the break-neck and pissed style of grindcore and mixing it perfectly with mid-paced and sludge-induced hardcore/d-beat action.  Their vocal style incredibly reminiscent of old-school Nasum (growls and screams), Dead In The Dirt make very sure that while “Fear” only clocks in just under 12 minutes, it leaves you with a thunderous concussion, questioning whether you’re ready for a new group to immediately make their mark in the grindcore scene.

There is no filler to what Dead In The Dirt can do.  “The Screaming Wind” is the perfect track to open up on, giving us a heavily distorted sound from the entire group, it wouldn’t be too long until the entire foursome erupted in pure grinding chaos, finding that the rest of “Fear” is just as important and skull-shatteringly heavy.  Making sure to use each style equally, we are given socially conscious grindcore at its finest.  Can you handle it?  Go ahead and purchase “Fear” and find out while being repeatedly kicked in the teeth by these Atlanta natives.

Artist: Viraemia
Label: Self-released
Release Date: February 20th, 2009


Fretboard acrobatics.  That is the first thought that comes to mind to describe the generally frantic pace of the Phoenix-based technical brutal death metal band Viraemia.  There is absolutely no doubt that these guys know their way around their instruments, as they are sweeping, plucking, sliding, scaling, blasting, and growling their asses off.  Their self-titled and self-released EP, “Viraemia“, is filled with almost 19 minutes of pure technical carnage, most of all looking to get their infected hooks into fans of Origin, Anomalous, The Faceless, and Necrophagist as the majority of music tends to reside right in the overly-technical and ridiculous, even bordering on pointless guitar wankery.  There are pieces of the five tracks where what the band is playing absolutely fits with everything perfectly, but every once in a while I’ll find that I’m beginning to tire of the intense mockery of normal physical implications that a human being is capable of.

While these musicians are no-doubt talented, it seems that some of the nearly-flawless and technical guitar work gets to be a bit much, and sometimes seems like they didn’t pay attention to some aspects of the song-writing or pacing other than to continuously build something around tapping scales.  Not to take anything away from the band, as what they play seems to be very difficult to arrange and play.  I believe that if Viraemia continue to not only work on their musical techniques, but also their abilities at being capable song-writers, then we will no doubt see them succeeding in the future while shredding their fingers to blisters.

 Artist: Cordectomy
Label: Unsigned
Release Date: 2010

The Decrypted Epoch

In the recent interview I did with Mike O’Hara, he explained to me that the first instrument he learned was to play the drums, and while Splattered Entrails uses a drum machine, he decided to use his drumming chops in one of his more recent projects, Cordectomy.  While we still get music that is very much brutal death metal on “The Decrypted Epoch,” the tempo has been turned down to a mid-paced bulldozing sound that still likes to crush everything in his path, as it is a purely barebones project; guitar, drums, and his voice box.  It is definitely an interesting project to hear him due, especially if you’re used to his usual style of relentless and fast-paced brutal death metal.

All of the tracks fit very well together on “The Decrypted Epoch,” as each one have all the same elements, but are used in different manners.  Tracks such as “The Dissolution,” “The Infinite Spiral,” and “The Vestication” show that his groovy style and thunderous growls compliment the slower sound very well and making sure that his drumming is tight and on-point to boot, while tracks like “The Paradox,” “The Great Misfortune,” “The Despondency Of Misery,” and “The Procreated Infection” show off his faster-yet-chugging style.  I think it lends Cordectomy a great deal to not go full balls to the wall on the faster portions, or else we may wonder why these aren’t just Splattered Entrails tracks, so it definitely gives “The Decrypted Epoch” a very good identity of its own.  I very much look forward to hearing more Cordectomy tracks in the near future.

Artist: Splattered Entrails
Label: Blast Head Records
Release Date: January 12th, 2012

2012 EP

Just over five months ago we saw Splattered Entrails release my second favorite album of 2011, “Nauseate.”  It was an album that had a lot of very interesting ideas combined with wickedly catchy and razor sharp riffs that were unrelenting in their quest for domination.  Taking those with Mike O’Hara’s deep growl and blood-curdling screams, it is easily a must-listen for any fan of brutal death metal.  Now, Mike has been so gracious as to give us a brand new 7-track EP in this brand new year for only $5, and I couldn’t have been happier.  The music is nothing less than what I would expect on a Splattered Entrails release, being chock full of intense brutal death metal with it keeping the original flare that Mike has given it.

Musically, it is very much a younger brother to “Nauseate,” which if you are one who enjoyed that album as much as I did, then you will feel perfectly welcome to what is on these 7 tracks.  Tracks such as “Vanity of Perversion,” “Magnum Rivet,” “Screams of Distant Terror,” and “Subject Delta” are easily the stars of this EP as everything inside them feels as fresh as Joe Paterno’s corpse.  One thing that a lot of people never seem to comment on in brutal death metal music is the atmosphere it is capable of creating.  Everything has a very “hopeless” edge to it, as this is the soundtrack we hear as an all-consuming asteroid heads directly for Earth.  Everything you could want from a brutal death metal album is shoved into this 23 minutes EP, and every second of it is pure agonizing (and orgasmic) torture.  Mike O’Hara is continuing to make his impressive stamp in the world of brutal death metal, and this EP is just one more gore-covered cog in the restless cannibalizing machine that is Splattered Entrails.  A very fitting coup de grâce for this months Blast Radius.

That does it for the January edition of Blast Radius!  I’ll see you guys next month!


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