Soundwave 2015 – Melbourne

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Soundwave is Australia’s greatest annual music festival. It’s held over 2 consecutive weekends in Adelaide and Melbourne (which we covered), Brisbane and Sydney. It features all of your favourite punk, rock and metal bands.

Despite some technical difficulties at the beginning of Nonpoint’s set, the band had the crowd entertained with the favourite “In The Air Tonight” while fixing the issue. Not a single person stood still as they played their latest single “Breaking Skin”. And we will definitely miss the sound check guy (inside joke for the peeps that were there).

Another highlight was Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators. With killer vocals and guitar solos, we loved the Guns n’ Roses classics “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City”. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all that confetti.

No doubt, Slipknot dominated day 1 of the festival with their impressive stage performance. The expectation was such that some fans had been waiting in the front row since midday just to get close to them! Truly the highest point of the day; even if you don’t like their music, their stage show is so amazing that it’s really something you have to see.

Soundwave Slipknot

On the 2nd day of the festival (and a really scorching one!) things kicked off with Melbourne’s very own, King Parrot. They created the first wall of death of the festival… with Matt Young (vocalist) in the middle! Amazingly, things went well for him, but not so much for a fan that ended up with a broken ankle. King Parrot demonstrated their commitment to their fans by, later, paying him a visit at the first aid spot.

To be fair though, the crowd was “pretty fucking shit”, Adelaide were better. Pussies.

Despite the heat, almost everyone at the festival came to the main stage for Steel Panther. Michael Starr gave a flawless performance to a thankful crowd, all of whom repaid him by singing the opening of “Community Property” at the top of their lungs.

By the way, I can confirm that Lexxi Foxx, bassist and the foxiest guy on earth, showed us what no other band can: A hair solo.

Steel Panther's Michael Starr
Steel Panther’s Michael Starr

Although not really my cup of tea, many people flocked to see Gerard Way perform his solo material, perhaps to cover for the fact that they never managed to see My Chemical Romance live. The way in which Gerard interacted with the fans made it a very memorable moment for them.

Gerard Way
Gerard Way

This year’s Soundwave was a success. The new 2 day format minimised clashes of bands and gave us longer sets for everyone to enjoy. Definitely a fantastic start to the year, and we are looking forward to the next.