Time Traveling with Arjen Lucassen

Arjen Lucassen is a Dutch multi-instrumentalist who, since 1980, has been an unstoppable creative force. As if it wasn’t enough to have completely redefined our understanding of  what a rock/metal opera ought to to be, thanks to his revolutionary work in Ayreon, he has contributed to over 50 albums, and has been involved in several bands.

And when you meet Arjen, it all makes sense. He has an irresistible desire to create and to challenge himself to do more with his art. Though he quickly rejects any claims that he is a “genius” or a “virtuoso”, he admits that creation is a compulsion for him. It’s not about whether he wants to create. It’s that he has to.

Nowadays Arjen can be found focusing on Star One, a progressive metal supergroup featuring the likes of Russell Allen, Damian Wilson, Floor Jansen, Roy Khan, Marcela Bovio, and many more. And although this was supposed to be the topic Arjen and I would discuss in our interview, we went well beyond that.

You can check my full conversation with Arjen Lucassen in the video below!

J Salmeron
J Salmeron
Lawyer. Civil Libertarian. Published photographer and writer. Passionate about Free Speech, IP, and Heavy Metal. Guilty of thought crimes.

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