Exclusive Crimson Glory Interview (Video)

The  place: Zoetermeer, the Netherlands.
When: April 28th, 2011

As part of their 25th Anniversary Tour, legendary Metal band Crimson Glory landed in Zoetermeer, a city near The Hague, to play their second concert in this tour, having kicked it off the night before in Eindhoven.

After singer Midnight’s death, the band  found a replacement in the unknown, yet very talented, Todd LaTorre. Though he happens to have a voice very similar to that of Midnight, he shouldn’t be seen by the fans as a mere replacement for him, or as someone who’s just imitating his style. On the contrary, even if Todd sounds similar to Midnight, something that fans will appreciate, he also has his own  style, and is able to perform classic songs such as “Dragon Lady” in a very powerful and unique way.

Todd LaTorre, together with Jon Drenning, guitar player and founder of the band, gave us a quick TourBus interview.

Regarding the band’s longevity, Jon was quick to say that “You can do that just by writing great songs”.

With rumors about an upcoming new album, Todd said

It’s primarily inspired by Midnight’s life, death and transcendence… It’s going to be a concept record, with Midnight as the catalyst…

[…]It gives me an opportunity to kind of put my stamp musically with the band […] and though  I’m trying to emulate Midnight, it’s a great platform to show what I sound like

Check out the full interview below