Ethical Policy

As part of our commitment with providing our readers with a comprehensive and objective coverage, we stand by the following guidelines:


We do not carry any advertisement for any labels or bands, nor do we sell any of the promotional material that we receive for review. We do not receive any incentives, economic or otherwise, for our coverage.

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Conflicts of Interest

All of our reviews and critical assessments are made from an objective point of view. None of our writers are allowed to review or wrote about the work of any person or entity with which he or she might have a personal or financial relation.

Any verifiable breach of this obligation on the part of our writers will be met with their immediate dismissal.

Privacy Policy and Protection of Sources

The identity of our sources will remain completely anonymous, unless they expressly wish to be named.

Furthermore, Metal Blast will not share, sell, nor trade any private information provided by our readers, including their names, e-mail addresses or social media accounts.

Copyright Policy

Although we always try to ensure that any copyrighted work is properly attributed, if we have made a mistake please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please bear in mind that although we will always be happy to fix any errors that might have existed in sourcing the material, as a news organization Metal Blast’s use of copyrighted material (properly attributed, of course) may fall under fair use. Please consult with an attorney specialized in copyright law if you wish to request the takedown of any material.

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