An Evening With Knives – Sense of Gravity

Some great genre-blurring rock, and a very satisfying show of a band coming into its own on their sophomore release

Spankraght – Thou Shalt Drown in the Blood of Thy Children

Spankraght made an album that will make great introduction to industrial metal for those who aren't sure about whether or not they like that sort of thing.

Demons & Wizards – III

After 15 years, Demons and Wizards return with a pretty damn good album

Blessed Black – Beyond the Crimson Throne

Doom metal has always been a celebration of traditional heavy metal. Though the biggest influence for genre is Black Sabbath, proto-metal bands like Blue...

Rat King – Vicious Inhumanity

There’s something about bands from Seattle, Washington, that really sets them apart from the rest of the pack. Being from Seattle carries some weight,...

Schattenfall – Das Verderben

Coming to us from Germany, this black metal release is sort of a concept EP, with its lyrics formed entirely from the works of...

GIÖBIA – Plasmatic Idol

If you're willing to pay attention, this album can really take you places.

Necrowretch – To Ones From Hell

Respectable death metal with a blackened crust, this should tide you over if you've been hungering for that very thing.

Unbounded Terror – Faith In Chaos

Spain has given us some great death metal bands over the years, such as Teitanblood, Wormed, and Avulsed. Another band that helped found that...

Izthmi – The Arrows of Our Ways

An excellent and impressive debut effort, and already a strong contender for best of the year, despite such an early arrival

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