200% Energy – An Interview with Truckfighters

I met with the always energetic guys from Truckfighters, singer and bassist Ozo, and axeman Dango to discuss the power of their shows, V,...

Herman Li (Dragonforce) Interview

"We're not trying to do that tough-guy kind of image. We just like to have a laugh and have fun."

Breeding Pestilence: An Interview with Nergal

Although we had interviewed him before, this was my first time meeting Nergal, the singer of Behemoth, so I was pretty excited. With him...

A Twisted Mind: An Interview with Tobias Sammet of Avantasia and Edguy

I was really excited to finally meet with Tobias Sammet. I had tried (a lot ) to get an interview with him several times before, but the label...

Smiling Back at Death: An Interview with Grave Digger

In the early to mid 1980’s Germany was a hotbed for power/speed metal, producing such notable acts as Running Wild, Helloween, and Blind Guardian....

Kraanium Interview

"We took our time with this one, making sure not to stress too much about it.  We knew that our sound would naturally progress to what came out on the record."

Barrett Amiss II (Sevared Records) Interview

Ever since death metal was first created in the 1980s it has been a sound that has been met with visceral backlash from a...

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