Maiden UniteD Wacken Interview

If you haven't heard about Maiden UniteD, I guess I can't blame you. Although it's a made up entirely of top-notch musicians, and covering...

Sascha Paeth (Avantasia) Interview @ PPM 2013

"We are traveling the world under good conditions, we play for quite some people, usually the shows are really packed and the response is great. It's just great, what more do you want?"

Kontrust Interview

"Everyone of us has a different style, so everybody brings their own influence"

Benediction Interview

Who are the names that you always think of when it comes to old-school death metal?  Obviously you'll bring up bands like Cannibal Corpse,...

A Ghost in the Moon: An Interview With Tobias Sammet of Avantasia

Few bands create as much buzz as Avantasia. Unlike many of the so-called "super groups" out there, it never felt like a cash grab....

Apex Predators: An Interview with Barney Greenway of Napalm Death

Since the last time I met with Barney, right before the release of Utilitarian, I had been looking forward to an opportunity to do...

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