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Herman Li (Dragonforce) Interview

"We're not trying to do that tough-guy kind of image. We just like to have a laugh and have fun."

Never Backing Down: An Interview with Hammerfall

I remember the first time I listened to Hammerfall. It was my first year of college and some classmate kept trying to make me listen to "The Dragon...

Interview with Jaska, from Children of Bodom

Despite being one of the founding members of Children of Bodom, Jaska Raatikainen, the drummer, does not usually give interviews. With a reputation for ...

Bible of the Devil [Nathan Perry] Interview

"I don’t think we’ve ever fit into a scene and I don’t think a scene has ever passed us by on this. We’ve just kind of been existing in this world for a while and people are aware of what we’re doing here and you like it or have no interest in it."

Anaal Nathrakh Interview

"We are our own sternest critics."

Interview with Pär Sundstrom (Sabaton)

"Unfortunately, it's in human nature to be aggressive, destroy each other and make war... I wish this wasn't the case, even though I would have to sacrifice the band." The bassist and founder of the band gives us some insight on the Sabaton army!

Behemoth (Nergal) Interview

"I am happy to be alive and I am happy to be on the road again, kicking ass, and I can’t wait to get on the stage tonight, tomorrow, and the next night to meet all these people and face the Behemoth legion"

The Song that Angels Sing: An Interview with Delain

“Right now we are really free to let whatever happens, happen”

Godslayers: An Interview with 1349

Demonstrating that they refuse to be boxed in by labels and classifications, 1349 can shift their sound and even take a little foray into the world of beer crafting, while still remaining a really black metal band. Seidemann (bass) tells us all about!

Benediction Interview

Who are the names that you always think of when it comes to old-school death metal?  Obviously you'll bring up bands like Cannibal Corpse,...

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