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Hearts Are Falling – An Interview With Katatonia’s Jonas Renkse

Katatonia's music is dark. Placing a lot of emphasis in the ambience created by their music, these Swedes have always put darkness as their main objective. With lyrics dealing with...

Under a Black Sun – An Interview with Marduk

When it comes to Black Metal, a genre in which the market has become increasingly saturated, few bands can claim the influence of Marduk....

A Love Letter to Planet Earth: An Interview with Floor Jansen & Tuomas Holopainen

"There are no certain facts in art, like there are in science. That's the beautify of it."

Creating a Metal Paradise: An Interview with Thomas Jensen, Co-Founder of Wacken Open Air

We can choose the kind of world where we want to live, and work towards it. For metal fans, meeting Thomas Jensen is a bit like meeting Walt...

Persevering: An Interview with Hatebreed

Though hardcore has always had an aggressive edge akin to its cousin heavy metal, the crossover between genres hasn’t always existed. The classic 1998...

Rotting Christ Interview

"This is why we came here: To say that all religions are rotten."

Enter Ratkind: An Interview With Marco Hietala

Marco Hietala's entrance into Nightwish, before the release of their critically acclaimed 2002 album Century Child, was a turning point for the band. His...

Breeding Pestilence: An Interview with Nergal

Although we had interviewed him before, this was my first time meeting Nergal, the singer of Behemoth, so I was pretty excited. With him...

Exclusive Powerwolf Interview

I met Powerwolf in Tolmin, Slovenia, as part of the Metalcamp Festival, where the band performed on Friday (15th of July). Since there had...

Ihsahn Interview

"Black metal, in essence, is about doing your own thing, what you yourself feel is right. But it’s quickly turned into conformity and rules about what you should and should not do."

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