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Unleashing Satan: An Evening with Gaahl

Gaahl like you've never seen him before.

The Greatest Show on Earth – An Interview with Troy Donockley of Nightwish

To look at the history of Nightwish is to look at a history of maturation and change. Although it is true that some of the elements that...

In the Serpent’s Nest – An Interview with Marduk

"We always let loose the energy that comes from within and from other places as well; it’s a general reflection of our beliefs."

Under a Black Sun – An Interview with Marduk

When it comes to Black Metal, a genre in which the market has become increasingly saturated, few bands can claim the influence of Marduk....

Watain Interview

"I  believe in Gods and I've seen them take place, I've seen them possess people, I've seen the Gods at work, and I can't ever close my eyes to that again"

Raise the Blind: An Interview with Floor Jansen

Having followed the career of Nightwish since the release of their 2002 album Century Child, I'm aware of the challenges involved in fronting such...

Breeding Pestilence: An Interview with Nergal

Although we had interviewed him before, this was my first time meeting Nergal, the singer of Behemoth, so I was pretty excited. With him...

Learning about War: An Interview with Pär Sundström of Sabaton

"If you’d ask me five years ago if I thought that it’s important to educate people in history, I probably would have said yes, but that it wasn’t my job to do it. Nowadays I feel that I can actually do this.”

Shining Through: An Interview With Anette Olzon

The former singer of Nightwish has just released her first solo album. She tells us about some of the extremes she had to deal with as part of the popular band, as well as the details of her new effort.

Kill Your iPod: An Interview with Steven Wilson

"The best band you've never heard of". This seems like an appropriate descriptor for Steven Wilson and even for his Porcupine Tree project. Despite...

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