Insomnia, Alcohol and Body Odor: Festivals and Me

I hate camping; if it’s up to me, I really rather not have anything to do with setting up a tent, inflating some shitty mattress and boiling inside of...

Satan Save Me From Your Followers: Why I hate Black Metal Fans

I love black metal. From the melodic approach taken by Dissection and Watain, to the downright cacophonic sounds of Burzum, I fucking love it. There is something about the...

Put That Damn Phone Away

You are not a photographer. I know that this might be a shocker to you. After all, your 246 pictures from last week's Slipknot 30-minute concert got about 20 "likes"...

Top 5 Reasons Why Gene Simmons Is A Piece of Shit

Metal Blast does not carry any ads or sponsored posts. If you find this article valuable, please consider making a Paypal Donation through this link. I was huge Kiss fan when...

Reflections on the Arrest of Varg Vikernes

The arrest of Varg Vikernes sets a very dangerous precedent when it comes to "unpopular" opinions.

Iron Maiden, “Why Music Matters” and Chile

Over the last few decades, there have been several attempts to combat piracy, either of movies, software or music. In the 80s, the Record Industry tried to stop home taping...

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