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Put That Damn Phone Away

You are not a photographer. I know that this might be a shocker to you. After all, your 246 pictures from last week's Slipknot 30-minute...

On Marketing and the Commercialization of Metal

If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably familiar with sports stars being little more than walking billboards. They are often parties to extremely lucrative...

Viva la Filesharing – We are NOT Killing Rock

In his constant struggle to remain on the wrong side of history, moron extraordinaire Gene Simmons said that file sharing killed rock. Nowadays, he...

The Gentrification of Music Festivals

Music festivals, often seen as places of liberty and rebellion, are becoming a place for glamour and VIP experiences

Music Can Still Get You Arrested in 2014

I’ve always thought of music as an escape. Regardless of how I feel, or what I’m going through, music has always provided a safe...

Defenders of the Faith: Metal and Religion

There are certain hypocrisies in the metal world when it comes to religion; a double standard that we all apply when it comes to...

No Kerry King, Terrorists Don’t Hate Your Freedom

In a recent interview, Kerry King, guitar player of Slayer and bearded manbaby, joined the collection of imbeciles focusing on the fact that the...

The Evil and (Im)Morality of MP3 Sharing

While staying clear of the vitriolic style of his bandmate, and haemorrhoid in the ass of the world, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley continued the...

The Speech Police Strikes Again

There are a number of people that I find despicable. On a personal level, I would not mind seeing certain categories of people, like...

The Worship of Evil in the Heavy Metal Scene

Michael Kiske, a devout Christian, gives his opinion on what he sees as the glorification of evil in heavy metal and how it affects people.

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