The Gay Agenda in Heavy Metal

There is something that is infecting the metal world, and we should come to terms with it. It’s the gay agenda.

Since musicians like Gaahl and the members of Cynic came out as sinful homosexuals, there has been a move, on the part of some radical left wing fans, to paint the whole of the metal scene with the same gay brush. And it’s wrong.

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Stryper: A Masculine, Straight and Christian band that fight for what’s right.

What really bothers me about this is that it completely glosses over the fact that there has never been anything gay about heavy metal. Despite a few bad apples, heavy metal has always been about masculinity and about being straight as an arrow. I am honestly sickened by the idea that anybody would think that a genre shaped by oiled up, leather-covered, strong, vascular, sexy men, could possibly be gay-friendly. And yet, that’s exactly what the liberal gay fascists are doing.

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Judas Priest‘s “Hot Rocking”. Nothing wrong about men exercising to look good. Why would that be gay?

If you look at the history of heavy metal, you’d be hard pressed to find any single example of homosexuality or homoeroticism. It has always been about being yourself, hanging out with your male friends, go to bars that cater to males, drink some beers, have sword fights,  and, you know, have fun. There is something really wrong about looking at any of this and think that this would be a place that caters to homosexuals.

Manowar. Fighting for masculinity.
Manowar. Fighting for masculinity.

As a God-fearing man, I am concerned about the future of my metalhead brothers, who might find themselves targeted by gay propaganda. I fear that if they have not been properly educated, they might think that “gay is OK”, and that heavy metal actually promotes, or at least accepts, that behavior. I assure you, that is not the case, and it’s your responsibility to do your part in stopping it. If any of your friends are considering homosexuality as a valid alternative, it’s your duty to get on top of that, and forcefully thrust straight-thinking deep into him.

Motley Crue's video about a bunch of guys in the boy's room. Nothing wrong with that.
Motley Crue’s video about a bunch of guys in the boys’ room. Nothing wrong with that.

Brothers, we are at a crossroads. Sinful people are attempting to take over heavy metal culture, and they will not stop until it’s all covered in rainbows and sin. It is up to us to stop this from happening, and returning heavy metal to its rightful place in heterosexual culture.

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Paul Stanley gets it.