Andrew is of the “Wait & Bleed” nu-metal generation and is not afraid to admit that fact. Although his tastes have become far more eclectic over the years he is still easily and unashamedly won over by the more popular and ‘easy listening’ side of metal. Being based in Aberdeen, he spends his free time avoiding the rain and staring at grey buildings wishing there was something more in life. Andrew spends his days editing films for global conglomerates with dubious ethics then knocks off early to shoot and review gigs which are usually a 6 hour round trip away. He’s also gayer than Rob Halford.

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Top 5 Reasons Why Gene Simmons Is A Piece of Shit

I was huge Kiss fan when I was a kid.  If this had happened in the 70s, I’m sure that it would have been an easier thing,...

Interview with Pär Sundstrom (Sabaton)

"Unfortunately, it's in human nature to be aggressive, destroy each other and make war... I wish this wasn't the case, even though I would have to sacrifice the band." The bassist and founder of the band gives us some insight on the Sabaton army!

The Gay Agenda in Heavy Metal

There is something that is infecting the metal world, and we should come to terms with it. It's the gay agenda. Since musicians like Gaahl...

A Ghost in the Moon: An Interview With Tobias Sammet of Avantasia

Few bands create as much buzz as Avantasia. Unlike many of the so-called "super groups" out there, it never felt like a cash grab....