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[tabs style=”nav-tabs”] [tab title=”Background”]The background image was graciously provided by Cruise Winger, who holds the copyright thereof.[/tab] [tab title=”Icons”]The following Icons are used in compliance with Creative Commons copyright terms.

  • Cassette: Designed by Mathies Janssen from the Noun Project.
  • Pentagram: Designed by Pathfinders from the Noun Project.
  • Microphone: Designed by Dmitry Baranovskiy from the Noun Project.
  • Rock n Roll: Designed by Cengiz SARI from the Noun Project.
  • Music: Designed by Michael Zenaty from the Noun Project.
  • Poop: Designed by Ilias Ismanalijev from the Noun Project.
  • Ipod: Designed by Edward Boatma from the Noun Project
  • Trophy:  Designed by Edward Boatma from the Noun Project
  • Satan: Designed by Karsten Barnet for the Noun Project.[/tab]