We are always looking for new talented people, so if you would like to join Metal Blast and become a writer/interviewer/reviewer/photographer, Then don’t hesitate to contact us through the form below.

If you’re sending us a demo, consider the following points before you message us:

  1. Send access to the promos right away. If you send us an e-mail asking for us to contact you to get your demos, chances are we won’t do it. We love to review new material (hell, Indie Wednesdays are devoted exclusively to that) but we will not do your PR work for you. On that note, if, for any reason, you have our e-mail and send us a bunch of mp3s as attachments, we will not only ignore you, we will also hate you and sign you up for a lot of weird porn spam.
  2. Don’t send old promos. If your album was released more than 2 months ago, we won’t review it.
  3. Production is important. Even if your music is great, if the album sounds like it was recorded by holding a tape recorder next to a ghetto blaster the review will reflect it. The best way to get a good review is by sending us a good product.
  4. Consider a PR firm. We know that this can be an expensive step for some, but if your e-mail comes from a reputable firm (or at least one that looks like it) there are better chances that we will end up reviewing it.
  5. Don’t ask us to interview you. Interviews are not meant to promote your band, but to bring bands close to their fans and get some interesting information from them. If you’re sending us your demo, you probably don’t have that many fans (yet!) and, therefore, nobody would watch (let alone read) your interview. If we think you’re interesting enough, we’ll let you know.
  6. Take the criticism. Despite what you may think, we don’t get off on writing bad reviews. True, sometimes the sarcasm can be a bit too much and your feelings might be hurt, but if you can’t take criticism, then don’t record your music and ask people to review it.